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For purposes of this project, “European Literature” is the body of literary works produced by writers in all of the nations comprising the modern continent of Europe, with the exception of England and its imperial territories.

These works include every known literary form and span almost every historical and literary time period from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, reflecting the values, social norms, sentiments, religious and political ideals of their respective nations.


European Literature

The following authors in our database represent the European Literature category of World Literature:

(Where appropriate, some authors or works of this period may be found in the Mythology, Fables and Folktales category of this collection)

Abelard, PeterBook Icon (1079-1142) Kazantzakis, NikosBook Icon (1883-1957)
Alighieri, DanteBook Icon (1265-1321) Kierkegaard, SorenBook Icon (1813-1855)
Aquinas, ThomasBook Icon (1225-1274) Kundera, MilanBook Icon (1929-)
Arendt, HannahBook Icon (1906-1975) Leibniz, Gottfried WilhelmBook Icon (1646-1716)
Balzac, Honore deBook Icon (1799-1850) Lem, StanislawBook Icon (1921-2006)
Barthes, RolandBook Icon (1915-1980) Leroux, GastonBook Icon (1868-1927)
Baudelaire, CharlesBook Icon (1821-1867) Levi, PrimoBook Icon (1919-1987)
BeroulBook Icon (1100s) Lille, Alan ofBook Icon (1128-1202)
Boccaccio, GiovanniBook Icon (1313-1373) Lorca, FedericoBook Icon (1898-1936)
Brecht, BertoltBook Icon (1898-1956) Lorris, Guillaume deBook Icon (1200s)
Buchner, GeorgeBook Icon (1813-1837) Machiavelli, NiccoloBook Icon (1469-1527)
Calvino, ItaloBook Icon (1923-1985) Mann, ThomasBook Icon (1875-1955)
Camus, AlbertBook Icon (1913-1960) Marcuse, HerbertBook Icon (1898-1979)
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel deBook Icon (1547-1616) Marivaux, Pierre deBook Icon (1688-1763)
Chamoiseau, PatrickBook Icon (1953-) Marx, KarlBook Icon (1818-1883)
Collodi, Carlo (Lorenzini)Book Icon (1826-1890) Maupassant, Guy deBook Icon (1850-1893)
Conde, MaryseBook Icon (1934-) Meun, Jean deBook Icon (1250-1305)
d’Argenteuil, HéloïseBook Icon (1101-1164) Moliere, Jean-BaptisteBook Icon (1622-1673)
de Beauvoir, SimoneBook Icon (1908-1986) Montaigne, MichelBook Icon (1533-1592)
de France, MarieBook Icon (1100s) Nietzsche, FriedrichBook Icon (1844-1900)
de Lafayette, MadameBook Icon (1634-1693) Orczy, Emmuska BaronessBook Icon (1865-1947)
de Tocqueville, AlexisBook Icon (1805-1859) Pirandello, LuigiBook Icon (1867-1936)
de Troyes, ChretienBook Icon (d. 1180s) Porete, MargueriteBook Icon (d. 1310)
Descartes, ReneBook Icon (1596-1650) Proust, MarcelBook Icon (1871-1922)
Dinesen, Isak (Karen Blixen)Book Icon (1885-1962) Remarque, Erich MariaBook Icon (1898-1970)
Duerrenmatt, FriedrichBook Icon (1921-1990) Rostand, EdmondBook Icon (1869-1918)
Dumas, Alexandre (pere)Book Icon (1802-1870) Rousseau, Jean-JacquesBook Icon (1712-1778)
Eco, UmbertoBook Icon (1932-2016) Sacher-Masoch, Leopold vonBook Icon (1836-1895)
Engels, FriedrichBook Icon (1820-1895) Saramago, JoseBook Icon (1922-2010)
Erasmus, DesideriusBook Icon (1466-1536) Sartre, Jean-PaulBook Icon (1905-1980)
Flaubert, GustaveBook Icon (1821-1880) Sebald, Winfried GeorgBook Icon (1944-2001)
Fontane, TheodorBook Icon (1819-1898) Spyri, JohannaBook Icon (1827-1901)
Foucault, MichelBook Icon (1926-1984) Strindberg, AugustBook Icon (1849-1912)
Frank, AnneBook Icon (1929-1945) Sturluson, SnorriBook Icon (1179-1241)
Freud, SigmundBook Icon (1856-1938) Suskind, PatrickBook Icon (1949-)
Frisch, MaxBook Icon (1911-1991) Swedenborg, EmanuelBook Icon (1688-1772)
Garvey, MarcusBook Icon (1887-1940) Ten Boom, CorrieBook Icon (1892-1983)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang vonBook Icon (1750-1832) Verlaine, PaulBook Icon (1844-1896)
Hamsun, KnutBook Icon (1859-1952) Verne, JulesBook Icon (1828-1905)
Hesse, HermannBook Icon (1877-1962) VoltaireBook Icon (1694-1778)
Hoffmann, E.T.A.Book Icon (1776-1822) Weber, MaxBook Icon (1864-1920)
Hugo, VictorBook Icon (1802-1885) Wedekind, FrankBook Icon (1864-1918)
Ibsen, HenrikBook Icon (1828-1906) Wiesel, ElieBook Icon (1928-2016)
Ionesco, EugeneBook Icon (1909-1994) Zola, EmileBook Icon (1840-1902)
Kafka, FranzBook Icon (1883-1924)

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