Curriculit-Entourage_eDGe_pinch_jeh, LibrariesThere is no literature without the history that inspires it, and there is no history without the literature that records it. That is what we tell students when they complain about the “history lessons” we include in our literature classes: Neither discipline can exist without the other.

With this in mind, the categories and subcategories in CurricuLit’s literature libraries are introduced with a little bit of historical context derived from our own research efforts and lectures. The opinions and perspectives we provide, therefore, are our own and do not presume to be the only ones possible for any given category.

Literature Libraries

Our libraries of online literature are organized as follows:

American Literature

British Literature

World Literature

Drama: Stage and Screen

Click on any of these links to view the main page for that category, which will display all available subcategories for further browsing.

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