1167 Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard

A 15-Year Wait for Nureyev’s Mother1979Essay
A Case of Vice Triumphant1967Essay
A Child’s First Concert1958Essay
A Hard-Hitting Thriller (film review: Blind Date)1959Essay
A Paragraph for Mr. Blake (teleplay)1965Play
A Separate Peace (radio play)1965Play
A Separate Peace (teleplay)1966Play
A Slave to a Mural1961Essay
A Student’s Diary (radio play, serial)1966-67Play
A Very Satirical Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Theatre ...1963Essay
A Walk on the Water (play)1964Play
A Walk on the Water (teleplay)1963Play
Act II...in which Tom Stoppard Tries Another Profession1958Essay
Acting out the Oil Game1974Essay
After Magritte (play)1970Play
After Wesker: Is the Horse So Thirsty?1961Essay
Albert’s Bridge (play)1969Play
Albert’s Bridge (radio play)1967Play
Albert’s Bridge and Other Plays1977Collection
And Now a Preposterous New Year1962Essay
Another Moon Called Earth (teleplay)1967Play
Arcadia (play)1993Play
Arcadia (radio play, adaptation)1993Play
Arrests in Prague1986Essay
Article on Arnold Wesker1961Essay
Artist Descending a Staircase (play)1972Play
Artist Descending a Staircase (radio play)1972Play
Billy Bathgate (screenplay)1991Play
Borisov’s Brief Freedom1980Essay
Brazil (screenplay)1985Play
But for the Middle Classes1977Essay
But It’s a Pity It Had to Sag1959Essay
Commentary on Ted Hughes’ Orghast1971Essay
Confessions of a Screenwriter1969Essay
Connery Dispute1990Essay
Critic and His Credo1961Essay
Czech Human Rights1977Essay
Dalliance (play, adaptation)1986Play
Death by Satire1962Essay
Despair (screenplay)1978Play
Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land (two plays performed together)1976Play
Dirty Linen in Prague1977Essay
Disaster in Bangladesh1974Essay
Doctor Masopust, I Presume (radio play, serial)Play
Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth (two plays to be performed together)1979Collection
Dogg’s Our Pet (play)1971Play
Double Focus: The Plight of the Sane Lunatic1961Essay
Drama Reduction on Radio 31992Essay
Empire of the Sun (screenplay)1987Play
Enigma (screenplay)2001Play
Enrico IV/Henry IV (play, translation)2004Play
Enter a Free Man (play)1968Play
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (play)1977Play
Festival of Soap Opera1974Essay
Forwards!: A Phantom Captain Book1977Essay
Four Plays for Radio1984Collection
Freedom, but Thousands Are Still Captive1986Essay
Funny Man (teleplay, unproduced)1963-64Play
Galileo (play, adaptation)Play
Going Back1991Essay
Going to Bat for Britain1987Essay
Grandmother Courage1961Essay
Hapgood (play)1988Play
Harold Pinter: The Poet of No-Man’s-Land1990Essay
Heroes (play, adaptation)Play
Higg and Cogg (play)Play
How Sir Dudley Lost the Empire (teleplay, unproduced)1965Play
Human Rights1987Essay
Human Rights in Prague1977Essay
I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Baby (teleplay, unproduced)1963Play
I’m Not Keen on Experiments1970Essay
If You’re Glad I’ll Be Frank (play)1969Play
If You’re Glad I’ll Be Frank (radio play)1966Play
In Front of the Curtain. Not in the Script: Bristol Old Vic ...1992Book
In Search of Childhood1991Essay
In the Native State (radio play)1991Play
Indian Ink (play)1995Play
Introduction to Glyn Boyd Harte: A Spring Collection1976Essay
Introduction to Mark Bryant: Publish and Be Damned1988Essay
Introduction to the Duchess of Devonshire: Counting My Chickens2002Essay
Introduction to Vaclav Havel: The Memorandum1980Essay
Is It True What They Say about Shakespeare?1982Essay
Ivanov (play, adaptation)Play
Journalists’ Closed Shop1977Essay
Jumpers (play)1972Play
Just Impossible1967Essay
Largo Desolato (play, translation)1987Play
Late to Read, Early to Rise1992Essay
Lech’s Troubles with Chuck, Bruce and Bob1984Essay
Leftover from Travesties1980Essay
Lenny Goes Limey1962Essay
Let Iran Make Amends on Rushdie (speech)1992Oration
Life, Times: Fragment1964Short Story
Looking-Glass World1977Essay
Lord Malquist & Mr. Moon (novel)1966Book
M is for Moon among Other Things (play)Play
M is for Moon amongst Other Things (radio play)1964Play
Making It2001Essay
My Friends Fighting for Freedom1977Essay
Neutral Ground (teleplay)1968Play
New Hero is Spinning Money1961Essay
Night and Day (play)1978Play
Night and Day (radio play, adaptation)1990Play
Nothing in Mind1978Essay
On Dover Beach (radio play)2008Play
On the Beach: A Superb Piece of Film-Making1960Essay
On the Invention of Love: Another Exchange2000Essay
On the Razzle (play, adaptation)1981Play
On Turning Out to Be Jewish1999Essay
Paradise and Purgatory1982Essay
Playing With Science1994Essay
Playwrights and Professors1972Essay
Poodle Springs (screenplay)1992Play
Poodle Springs (teleplay)1998Play
Pragmatic Theater1999Essay
Prague: The Story of the Chartists1977Essay
Prague’s Wall of Silence1981Essay
Previous Non-Convictions1980Essay
Professional Foul (radio play, adaptation)1979Play
Professional Foul (screenplay)1977Play
Professional Foul (teleplay)1978Play
Reflections on Ernest Hemingway (lecture)1982Oration
Reunion1964Short Story
Review of a Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, Volume I1972Essay
Review of Ben Hur1961Essay
Review of La Dolce Vita1961Essay
Review of No Love for Johnny1961Essay
Rock ’n’ Roll (play)2006Play
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (play)1966Play
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (radio play, adaptation)1978Play
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (screenplay)1990Play
Rough Crossing (play, adaptation)1984Play
Saint Nick: The Facts1957Essay
Salvage (play)2002Play
Shakespeare in Love (screenplay)1998Play
Shipwreck (play)2002Play
Something to Declare1968Essay
Spy Stuff as a Metaphor for the World of Physics1994Essay
Squaring the Circle (teleplay)1984Play
Squaring the Circle and Other Plays1984Collection
Stalking Raymond Chandler’s Spirit1998Essay
Stop the Onslaught1992Essay
Stoppard Stops Off: The Playwright at Play in the Land of Free Time1981Essay
Sugar at Tiffany’s1961Essay
Tango (play, adaptation)1966Play
Teeth (teleplay)1967Play
The (15 Minute) Dogg’s Troup Hamlet (play)1979Play
The Articulate Peasant: A Profile of John Steinbeck1960Essay
The Before and After of a Course of Lifemanship1960Essay
The Boundary (teleplay)1975Play
The Case for Peter Hall and the National1976Essay
The Cherry Orchard (play, adaptation)Play
The Coast of Utopia (trilogy of plays)2002Collection
The Dales (radio play, serial)1964Play
The Definite Maybe1967Essay
The Dissolution of Dominic Boot (radio play)1964Play
The Dog It Was That Died (radio play)1982Play
The Dog It Was That Died (teleplay)1989Play
The Dog It Was That Died and Other Plays1983Collection
The Engagement (teleplay)1970Play
The Event and the Text (lecture)1988Oration
The Face at the Window1977Essay
The Forgotten Revolutionary2002Essay
The Frog Prince (teleplay, unproduced)1976Play
The Gamblers (play)1965Play
The Golden Compass (screenplay)2005Play
The House of Bernarda Alba (play, adaptation)Play
The Human Factor (screenplay)1980Play
The Invention of Love (play)1997Play
The Invention of Love (radio play, adaptation)1999Play
The Love for Three Oranges (libretto)1983Play
The Lovers1960Essay
The Merchant of Venice (play, adaptation)Play
The Merry Widow (play, adaptation)Play
The Miss UK Sales Promotion1974Essay
The Plays for Radio, 1964-19831990Collection
The Plays for Radio, 1964-19911994Collection
The Real Inspector Hound (play)1968Play
The Real Inspector Hound (radio play, adaptation)1979Play
The Real Inspector Hound and Other Plays/Entertainments1993Collection
The Real Thing (play)1982Play
The Real Thing (radio play, adaptation)1992Play
The Romantic Englishwoman (screenplay)1975Play
The Russia House (screenplay)1990Play
The Seagull (play, translation)1997Play
The Servant Problem (teleplay, unproduced)1965Play
The Story1964Short Story
The Television Plays, 1965-19841993Collection
The Tense Present: Harold Pinter1962Essay
The Text’s the Thing1988Essay
The Waiter (teleplay, unproduced)1965Play
The Wrong Door1961Essay
They’re Having a Terrible Time Again1959Essay
This Way Out with Samuel Boot (teleplay, unproduced)1964Play
Three Men in a Boat (radio play, adaptation)1994Play
Three Men in a Boat (teleplay, adaptation)1975Play
To Film or Not to Film1990Essay
To Speak of Two Hamlets1958Essay
Tom Stoppard Doesn’t Know (teleplay)1972Play
Tom Stoppard on a Dazzling New Writer1963Essay
Tom Stoppard on the KGB’s Olympic Trials1980Essay
Tom Stoppard: Plays 11997Collection
Tom Stoppard: Plays 21997Collection
Tom Stoppard: Plays 31998Collection
Tom Stoppard: Plays 41999Collection
Tom Stoppard: Plays 51999Collection
Travesties (play)1974Play
Undiscovered Country (play)1979Play
Undiscovered Country (radio play, adaptation)1991Play
Undiscovered Country (teleplay, unproduced)1982-83Play
Vatel (screenplay)2000Play
Vox Brittanicus, in Another Country1962Essay
Voyage (play)2002Play
Welcome to the World: Presenting a New Arrival at Westminster ...1974Essay
Where Are They Now? (radio play)1968Play
Who’s Talking of Jerusalem?1962Essay
Wildlife Observed: The Galapagos: Paradise and Purgatory1981Essay
Yes, We Have No Bananas1971Essay


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