1166 Mary Stolz

Mary Stolz

A Ballad of the Civil War (children)1997Book
A Dog on Barkham Street (children)1960Book
A Lady in Love1955Short Story
A Love, or a Season/Two by Two (children)1964Book
A Wonderful, Terrible Time (children)1967Book
And Love Replied (children)1958Book
Bartholomew Fair (children)1990Book
Because of Madeline (children)1957Book
Belling the Tiger (children)1961Book
By the Highway Home (children)1971Book
Casebook of a Private (Cat’s) Eye (children)1999Book
Cat in the Mirror (children)1974Book
Cat Walk (children)1983Book
Cezanne Pinto (children)1997Book
Chino’s Tale1974Short Story
Cider Days (children)1978Book
Coco Grimes (children)1994Book
Emmett’s Pig (children)1959Book
Ferris Wheel (children)1977Book
Go and Catch a Flying Fish (children)1979Book
Good-By My Shadow (children)1957Book
Hospital Zone (children)1956Book
In a Mirror (children)1953Book
In Their Own Good Time (novel)1963Book
Ivy Larkin (children)1986Book
Juan (children)1970Book
Leap before You Look (children)1972Book
Love’s Season (novel)1964Book
Night of Ghosts and Hermits: Nocturnal Life on the Seashore (children)1985Book
Pangur Ban (children)1988Book
Pray, Love, Remember (children)1954Book
Quentin Corn (children)1985Book
Ready or Not (children)1953Book
Sapphire Mink1960Short Story
Say Something (children)1968Book
Second Nature (children)1958Book
Siri the Conquistador (children)1963Book
Some Merry-Go-Round Music (children)1959Book
Stealing Home (children)1992Book
Storm in the Night (children)1988Book
The Beautiful Friend1956Short Story
The Beautiful Friend and Other Stories1956Collection
The Bride1959Short Story
The Bully of Barkham Street (children)1963Book
The Cuckoo Clock (children)1987Book
The Day and the Way We Met (children)1956Book
The Dragons of the Queen (children)1969Book
The Edge of Next Year (children)1974Book
The Explorer of Barkham Street (children)1985Book
The Leftover Elf (children)1952Book
The Mystery of the Woods (children)1964Book
The Noonday Friends (children)1965Book
The Organdy Cupcakes/Student Nurse (children)1951Book
The Sea Gulls Woke Me (children)1951Book
The Story of a Singular Hen and Her Peculiar Children (children)1969Book
The Sum of the Parts (novel)1961Book
The Wedding and the Wonder1953Short Story
To Tell Your Love (children)1950Book
Truth and Consequence (novel)1953Book
What Time of Night Is It? (children)1981Book
Who Wants Music on Monday? (children)1972Book


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