0988 Luigi Pirandello

Luigi Pirandello

A Bat in Search of an Author1923Short Story
A Dinner Guest1934Short Story
A Dream (But Perhaps It Isn’t)/Sogno (Ma Forse No) (play)1929Play
A Mere Formality1925Short Story
All for the Best/Tutto per Bene (play)1906Play
Amori Senz’ Amore1894
Arte e Scienza1908
As You Desire Me/Come Tu Mi Vuoi (play)1930Play
At the Gate/All’Uscita (play)1916Play
Bellavita (play)1928Play
Berecche e la Guerra1919Short Story
Better Think Twice about It and Twelve Other Stories1934Collection
Biancha e Nere1904
Candelora1928Short Story
Cap and Bells/Il Berretto a Sonagli (play)1918Play
Cappiddazzu Pays for Everything (play)Play
Cece (play)1913Play
Clothing the Naked/Vestire gli Ignudi1922Short Story
Collected PlaysCollection
Come Prima, Meglio di Prima (play)1919Play
Dal Naso al Cielo1925Short Story
Diana and Tuda/Diana e la Tuda (play)1926Play
Donna Mimma1925Short Story
E Domani, Lunedi?1917
Each in His Own Way and Two Other Plays1924Collection
Each in His Own Way/Ciascuno a Suo Modo (play)1924Play
Easter of Gea/Pasqua di Gea (poems)1891Collection
Eleven Short Stories: Undici Novelle: A Dual-Language BookCollection
Erba del Nostro Orto1915
Erma Bifronte1906
Flower of Key/Fiore di Chiave (poems)1912Collection
Four Tales1939Collection
Giustino Roncella nato Boggiolo (novel)1911Book
Glaucus (play)Play
Grafted (play)Play
Granella’s House (novella)1934Short Story
Her Husband/Suo Marito (novel)1911Book
Il Carnevale dei Morti1919
Il Vecchio Dio1926Short Story
Il Viaggio1928Short Story
In Silenzio1923Short Story
L’Innesto (play)1917Play
L’Uomo Solo1922Short Story
La Favola del Figlio Cambiato1934
La Mosca1923Short Story
La Ragione degli Altri (play)1895Play
La Rallegrata1922Short Story
La Signora Morli una e Due (play)1920Play
La Trappola1915
La Vita Nuda1908Short Story
Lazarus/Lazzaro (play)1929Play
Le Beffe della Vita e della Morte1902
Le Due Maschere1914
Liola (play)1916Play
Lumie di Sicilia (play)1910Play
Ma Non e una Cosa Seria (play)1918Play
Miss Holloway’s Goat1934Short Story
Moments of Selfhood: Three Plays by Luigi PirandelloCollection
Naked Masks/Maschere Nude1920-29Collection
Naked/Vestire gli Ignudi (play)1923Play
Nene and Nini1933Short Story
Night1933Short Story
No One Knows How/Non si sa Come (play)1934Play
Nobel Speech1934Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1934/pirandello-speech.html
Novelle per un Anno1922-37Collection
Novelle per un Anno1937-38Collection
Novelle per un Anno (2 vols.)1956-57Collection
O di Uno o di Nessuno (play)1929Play
On Humor/L’Umorismo1908
One, None and Hundred-Thousand/Uno, Nessuno e Centomila (novel)1925-26Book
Our Lord of the Ship/Sagra del Signore della Nave (play)1924Play
Pirandello: PlaysCollection
Pirandello’s Love Letters to Marta AbbaCollection
Playful Evil/Mal Giocondo (poems)1889Collection
Quand’ Ero Matto1902
Renanian Elegies/Elegie Renane (poems)1895Collection
Right You Are, if You Think You Are/ Cosi E se Vi Pare (play)1917Playhttp://web.archive.org/web/20041023000244/www.eldritchpress.org/lp/itisso.htm

Scamandro (play)1909Play
Scialle Nero1922Short Story
Scienza e Critica EsteticaEssay
Se Non Rosi1916
Serafino Gubbio’s Journals/Quaderni di Serafino Gubbio (novel)1915BookPDF
Shoot!/Si Gira1926Short Storyhttp://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks03/0300391.txt
Short Stories1959Collection
Sicilian Limes (play)1911Playhttp://web.archive.org/web/20041205014655/www.eldritchpress.org/lp/limes.htm

Sicilian Limes/Lumie di Sicilia (plays)1911Collection
Six Characters in Search of an Author/Sei Personaggi ... (play)1921Playhttp://web.archive.org/web/20041031084729/www.eldritchpress.org/lp/six.htm



Tales of SuicideCollection
Tangerines for Teresina1935Short Story
The Bagpipe/La Zampogna (poems)1901Collection
The Balance (play)Play
The Captive1935Short Story
The Cyclops (play)Play
The Doctor’s Duty/Il Dovere del Medico (play)1911Play
The Emperor (Henry IV)/Enrico IV (play)1922Playhttp://web.archive.org/web/20041013031501/www.eldritchpress.org/lp/e4.htm



The Excluded Woman/L’Esclusa/Marta Ajala (novel)1891Book
The House and the Column/L’Altro Figlio (play)1923Play
The Imbecile/L’Imbecille (play)1922Play
The Jar/La Giara1925Short Story
The Jar/La Giara (play)1925Play
The Judgment of Court/La Patente (play)1917Play
The Late Mattia Pascal/Il Fu Mattia Pascal (novel)1904Bookhttp://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks03/0300381.txt

The License (play)Play
The Life I Gave You/La Vita che ti Diedi (play)1923Play
The Man with the Flower in His Mouth/L’Uomo del Fiore Bocca (play)1923Play
The Man, the Beast and the Virtue/L’uomo, la Bestia, a la VirtA¹ (play)1919Play
The Marvels of Science1934Short Story
The Medals and Other Stories1938Collection
The Mountain Giants/I Giganti della Montagna (play)1932Play
The Mountain of Giants and Other Plays1958Collection
The Naked Truth and Eleven Other Stories1934Collection
The New Colony/La Nuova Colonia (play)1928Play
The New Suit1934Short Story
The Oil Jar and Other StoriesCollection
The Old and the Young/I Vecchi e i Giovani (novel)1909-13Bookhttp://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks03/0300321.txt
The One-Act Plays1928Collection
The Other Son (play)Play
The Pleasure of Honesty/Il Piacere dell’ Onesta (play)1917Play
The Reserved Coffin1926Short Story
The Rules of the Game/Il Giuoco delle Parti (play)1918Play
The Sounds of the Girgenti Dialect and Their Development1891
The Turn/The Merry-Go-Round of Love/Il Turno (novel)1902Book
The Vise/La Morsa/L’Epilogo (play)1892Play
The Wives’ Friend/L’Amica delle Mogli (play)1926Play
Think It Over Giaccomino!/Pensaci, Giacomino! (play)1916Play
Three Plays1922Collectionhttp://web.archive.org/web/20041205015404/www.eldritchpress.org/lp/lp3.htm


To Find Onself/Trovarsi (play)1930Play
Tonight we Improvise/Questa Sera si Recita a Soggetto (play)1930Play
Tu Ridi (play)1919Play
Tutt’e Tre1924Short Story
Tutti I Romanzi1957
Un Cavallo nella Luna1918
Una Giornata1937Short Story
When Someone Is Somebody/Quando si e Qualcuno (play)1932Play
Why the Woman Always Wins1934Essay
With Kid Gloves (play)Play
With Other EyesShort Story


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