0987 Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter

100 Poems by 100 Poets: An Anthology (ed.)1987Collection
99 Poems in Translation: An Anthology (ed.)1994Collection
A Kind of Alaska (play)1982Play
A Night Out (play)1959Play
A Note on Shakespeare1950Essay
A Slight Ache (play)1958Play
A Slight Ache and Other Plays1961Collection
A Speech of Thanks for the David Cohen British Literature Prize1995Oration
Accident (screenplay)1966Play
After Lunch (And after noon the well-dressed creatures come)2002Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/afterlunch.html
All Gone2005Poem
American Football (Hallelujah!)2003Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/harold_pinter/poems/16163



Apart from That (sketch)2006Play
Applicant (sketch)1959Play
Arthur Wellard1981Essay
Ashes to Ashes (play)1996Play
Betrayal (play)1978Play
Betrayal (screenplay)1982Play
Cancer Cells (They have forgotten how to die)2002Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/cancercells.html
Celebration (play)1999Play
Collected Poems and Prose1995Collection
Complete Works1990Collection
Death etc.2005Collection
Death May Be Ageing2005Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/deathmaybeageing.html
Dialogue for Three (sketch)1959Play
Family Voices (play)1980Play
Girls1995Short Story
God’s District1997Short Story
God’s District (sketch)1997Play
I Know the Place (poems)1977Collection
Interview (sketch)1959Play
Kullus1949Short Story
Landscape (play)1967Play
Langrishe, Go Down (screenplay)1970Play
Last to Go (sketch)1959Play
Latest Reports from the Stock Exchange1953Short Story
Lola1977Short Story
Lolita (screenplay)1994Play
Lust (There is a dark sound)2006Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/lust.html
Meeting (It is the dead of night)2002Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/meeting.html
Message (Jill. Fred phoned. He can’t make tonight)Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/harold_pinter/poems/16162



Monologue (play)1972Play
Moonlight (play)1993Play
Mountain Language (play)1988Play
New Poems1997Collection
Night (sketch)1969Play
Night School (play)1960Play
No Man’s Land (play)1974Play
Old Times (play)1970Play
On Being Awarded the German Shakespeare Prize in Hamburg1970Essay
On the Birthday Party I1958Essay
On the Birthday Party II1958Essay
On the Screenplay of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu1978Essay
One for the Road (play)1984Play
One to Another1959
Other Places1982
Party Time (play)1991Play
Party Time (screenplay)1992Play
Pieces of Eight (sketches)1959Collection
Poem (Don’t look)Poemhttp://plagiarist.com/poetry/542/



Poem (I saw Len Hutton in his prime)Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/harold_pinter/poems/16166



Poems and Prose 1949-19771978Collection
Poems by Harold Pinter Chosen by Antonia Fraser2002Collection
Precisely (sketch)1983Play
Press Conference (sketch)2002Play
Problem1976Short Story
Remembrance of Things Past (play)2000Play
Request Stop (sketch)1959Play
Restaurant (No, you’re wrong)Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/harold_pinter/poems/16164



Reunion (screenplay)1989Play
Samuel Beckett (a televised tribute to Beckett)1990Essay
Short Story1995Short Story
Silence (play)1968Play
Six Poems for A. Warwick2007Collection
Sleuth (screenplay)2007Play
Sorry about This1999Short Story
Special Offer (sketch)1959Play
Tea Party1963Short Story
Tea Party (play)1964Play
Tea Party and Other Plays1967Collection
Ten Early Poems1990Collection
Tess2000Short Story
That’s All (sketch)1959Play
That’s Your Trouble (sketch)1959Play
The Basement (play)1966Play
The Big One1983
The Birthday Party (play)1957Play
The Birthday Party (screenplay)1968Play
The Birthday Party and Other Plays1960Collection
The Black and White1954-55Short Story
The Black and White (sketch)1959Play
The Caretaker (play)1959Play
The Caretaker (screenplay)1963Play
The Coast1975Short Story
The Collection (play)1961Play
The Comfort of Strangers (screenplay)1989Play
The Comfort of Strangers and Other Screenplays1990Collection
The Compartment (screenplay)1965Play
The Disappeared2002Poem
The Disappeared and Other Poems2002Collection
The Dreaming Child (screenplay)1997Play
The Dumb Waiter (play)1957Play
The Dwarfs (novel)1952-56Book
The Dwarfs (play)1960Play
The Dwarfs and Eight Review Sketches1965Collection
The Essential Pinter2006Collection
The Examination1955Short Story
The French Lieutenant’s Woman (screenplay)1981Play
The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Other Screenplays1982Collection
The Go-Between (screenplay)1969Play
The Handmaid’s Tale (screenplay)1987Play
The Heat of the Day (screenplay)1988Play
The Homecoming (play)1964Play
The Homecoming (screenplay)1969Play
The Hothouse (play)1958Play
The Last Tycoon (screenplay)1974Play
The Lover (play)1962Play
The Mirror2007Short Story
The New World Order (play)1991Play
The Proust Screenplay (screenplay)1972Play
The Pumpkin Eater (screenplay)1963Play
The Quiller Memorandum (screenplay)1965Play
The Remains of the Day (screenplay)1991Play
The Room (play)1957Play
The Servant (screenplay)1963Play
The Tragedy of King Lear (screenplay)2000Play
The Trial (screenplay)1993Play
The Ventriloquists (I send my voice into your mouth)Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/harold_pinter/poems/16165



To My Wife (I was dead and now I live)2004Poemhttp://www.haroldpinter.org/poetry/tomywife.html
Trouble in the Works (sketch)1959Play
Turtle Diary (screenplay)1984Play
Victoria Station (play)1982Play
Victory (screenplay)1982Play
Voices (radio play)2005Play
Voices in the Tunnel2001Short Story
Writing for the Theatre1962Oration


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