0889 Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers

145th Street: Short Stories2000Collection
A Place Called Heartbreak: A Story of Vietnam (novel)1993Book
A Time to Love: Stories from the Old Testament2003Collection
Adventure in Granada (novel)1985Book
Ambush in the Amazon (novel)1986Book
Amiri & Odette (novel)2009Book
Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom1997Book
Angel to Angel (novel)1998Book
Antarctica (novel)2004Book
At Her Majesty’s Request: An African Princess in Victorian England1999Book
Autobiography of My Dead Brother (novel)2005Book
Bad Boy: A Memoir2001Book
Blues Journey (novel)2003Book
Brainstorm (novel)1977Book
Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse1993Collection
Constellation (novel)2004Book
Crystal (novel)1987Book
Darnell Rock Reporting (novel)1994Book
Dope Sick (novel)2009Book
Duel in the Desert (novel)1986Book
Fallen Angels (novel)1988Book
Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and Stuff (novel)1975Book
Fly, Jimmy, Fly! (novel)1974Book
Game (novel)2008Book
Glorious Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse1995Collection
Handbook for Boys (novel)2002Book
Harlem Summer (novel)2007Book
Harlem: A Poem1997Poem
Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices2004Collection
Hoops (novel)1981Book
How Mr. Monkey Saw the Whole World (novel)1996Book
I’ve Seen the Promised Land: Martin Luther King (biography)2004Book
Ida B. Wells, Let the Truth Be Told (biography)2008Book
It Ain’t All for Nothin’ (novel)1978Book
Jazz (novel)2006Book
Lockdown (novel)2010Book
Malcolm X: A Fire Burning Brightly (biography)2000Book
Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary (biography)1993Book
Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid (novel)1988Book
Mojo and the Russians (novel)1977Book
Monster (novel)1999Book
Mop, Moondance and the Nagasaki Knights (novel)1992Book
Motown and Didi: A Love Story (novel)1984Book
Mr. Monkey and the Gotcha Bird (novel)1984Book
Now is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom1991Book
One More River to Cross: An African American Photograph Album1996Book
Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam2002Book
Riot (novel)2009Book
Scorpions (novel)1988Book
Shooter (novel)2004Book
Slam! (novel)1996Book
Smiffy Blue, Ace Crime Detective: Case of the Missing Ruby (stories)1996Collection
Social Welfare (novel)1976Book
Somewhere in the Darkness (novel)1992Book
Sort of Sisters (novel)1993Book
Street Love (novel)2006Book
Sunrise over Fallujah (novel)2008Book
Sweet Illusions (novel)1986Book
Tales of a Dead King (novel)1983Book
Thanks & Giving: All Year Long2004Collection
The Beast (novel)2003Book
The Black Pearl and the Ghost; or One Mystery after Another (novel)1980Book
The Blues of Flats Brown (children)2000Book
The Dancers (novel)1972Book
The Dragon Takes a Wife (novel)1972Book
The Dream Bearer (novel)2003Book
The Glory Field (novel)1994Book
The Golden Serpent (novel)1980Book
The Great Migration: An American Story (poems)1993Collection
The Greatest: The Life of Muhammad Ali (biography)2000Book
The Hellfighters: When Pride Met Courage (novel)2006Book
The Hidden Shrine (novel)1985Book
The Journal of Biddy Owens: The Negro Leagues, 1948 (novel)2001Book
The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy, Chisholm Trail (novel)1999Book
The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: World War II (novel)1999Book
The Legend of Tarik (novel)1981Book
The Mouse Rap (novel)1990Book
The Nicholas Factor (novel)1983Book
The Outside Shot (novel)1984Book
The Party (novel)1993Book
The Prince (novel)1993Book
The World of Work: A Guide to Choosing a Career1975Book
The Young Landlords (novel)1979Book
Toussaint l’Overtoure: The Fight for Haiti’s Freedom1996Book
Victory for Jamie1977Short Story
What They Found: Love on 145th Street2007Short Story
Where Does the Night Go?1969Short Story
Won’t Know Till I Get There (novel)1982Book


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