0888 Judith Sargent Murray

Judith Sargent Murray

A Rebus1803Poem
A Universalist Catechism/Some Deductions from ... Divine Revelation1782Bookhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Catechism.html
An Hypothesis1808Poem
Apology for an Epilogue1790Poem
Birth-Day Invitation1803Poem
Desultory Thoughts upon ... Encouraging ... Self-Complacency1784Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Desultory_Thoughts.html
Life of the Rev. John Murray1816Book
Lines Occasioned by the Death of an Infant (Soft - tread with care, my)1790Poemhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Death_of_an_Infant.html
Lines Written while Rocking a Cradle (My Maria - careful joy)1802Poemhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Rocking_a_Cradle.html
On Blending Spirit with Matter (I wish this mode of speech was given)1803Poemhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Spirit_with_Matter.html
On the Domestic Education of Children1790Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/On_Domestic_Education.html
On the Equality of Sexes1790Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/On_the_Equality.html

The African (lost play)Play
The Gleaner Conclusion: Why she chose a male persona1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_Conclusion.html
The Gleaner No. 01: Mr. Gleaner introduces himself1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_I.html
The Gleaner No. 88: On female abilities, using historical ... examples1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_LXXXVIII.html
The Gleaner No. 89: Essay continued1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_LXXXIX.html
The Gleaner No. 90: Essay continued1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_XC.html
The Gleaner No. 91: Essay continued1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Gleaner_XCI.html
The Gleaner: A Miscellaneous Production (essays)1798Collectionhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009705987
The Medium, or Virtue Triumphant (play)1795Play
The Reaper (essays)1794Collection
The Reaper No. 01: The Reaper introduces herself to her readers1794Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Reaper_1.html
The Reaper No. 02: The Reaper learns a lesson in compassion1794Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Reaper_II.html
The Reaper No. 03: The Reaper describes ... the ideal man1794Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Reaper_III.html
The Reaper No. 04: The Reaper reviews a recent evening1794Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Reaper_IV.html
The Reaper No. 05: The Reaper cautions about the love of fame1794Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Reaper_V.html
The Repository (essays)1792-94Collection
The Repository No. 01: On the power and influence of the written word1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_I.html
The Repository No. 02: On death, dissimulation, and spring1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_II.html
The Repository No. 03: On what the author looks for in a friend1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_III.html
The Repository No. 04: On overcoming criticism1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_IV.html
The Repository No. 05: On God as “the Vine” - a Universalist essay1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_V.html
The Repository No. 06: On friendship ... between women and men1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_VI.html
The Repository No. 07: On the spirit of genuine philanthropy1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_VII.html
The Repository No. 08: Regretting her inability to care for more orphans1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_VIII.html
The Repository No. 09: On not yielding to public criticism1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_IX.html
The Repository No. 10: On the strength of friendship1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_X.html
The Repository No. 11: On maintaining serenity1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XI.html
The Repository No. 12: On the basis of Christianity - Universalist essay1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XII.html
The Repository No. 13: On nature, its ability to expand ... the mind1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XIII.html
The Repository No. 14: On the rights of creatures to be free from harm1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XIV.html
The Repository No. 15: On the freedom of living things and immortality1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XV.html
The Repository No. 16: On women who have given birth out of wedlock1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XVI.html
The Repository No. 17: On condemning violence against Loyalists1775Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XVII.html
The Repository No. 18: On the loneliness caused by an absent husband1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XVIII.html
The Repository No. 19: On the serenity of deep and equal friendship1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XIX.html
The Repository No. 20: On abolishing the practice of dueling1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XX.html
The Repository No. 21: On the death of an infant sister1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXI.html
The Repository No. 22: On the death of a close friend1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXII.html
The Repository No. 23: On convincing a dying friend of God’s salvation1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXIII.html
The Repository No. 24: On the joy of motherhood1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXIV.html
The Repository No. 25: On curiosity, especially in females1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXV.html
The Repository No. 26: On facing death with calmness and faith1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXVI.html
The Repository No. 27: On the dangers of praise and self-love1792-94Essayhttp://www.jsmsociety.com/Repository_XXVII.html
The Story of Margaretta (novel)1792-94Book
The Traveller Returned (play)1796Play


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