0489 Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons

A Night 2 Remember (comic)2002Book
A1: Book 1Collection
ABC Warriors: Cyboons (comic)1979Book
Attack on Eternium! (comic)1979Book
Batman vs. Predator (script)1991Play
Captain America #17-20 (comic)2003Book
City of the Damned (comic)2004Book
Clash in Doomsday Valley (comic)1981Book
Dan DareCollection
Death on the Orient Express (comic)1978Book
Dogs of Doom (comic)2004Book
Doppelganger (comic)1978Book
Dragon’s Claw (comic)2005Book
Dragon’s Claw2005Collection
Dreamers of Death (comic)2005Book
Dredd and the Mob Blitzers (comic)1979Book
End of the Line (comic)2005Book
For the Man Who Has Everything (comic)1985Book
Garden of Eden (comic)1978Book
Give Me Liberty (comic)1990Book
Glass Zone (comic)1981Book
Gorgon’s Gargoyles (comic)1977Book
Green Lantern #160, 162, 165-167, 173-176, 178-183, 185-186, 1881983-85Collection
Green Lantern Corps (comic)2006Book
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (comic)2006Book
Greenworld (comic)1977Book
Hammerstein’s War Memoirs (comic)1978Book
Happy Birthday, Martha Washington (comic)1995Book
Ice World (comic)1978Book
Judge Dredd Outlaw (comic)1978Book
Kal (graphic novel)1995Book
Kamandi (comic)2009Book
Legion (comic)1977Book
Legion of Super-Heroes (comic)2005Book
Libretto (comic)Book
Martha Washington Dies (comic)2007Book
Martha Washington Goes to War (comic)1994Book
Martha Washington Saves the World (comic)1997Book
Martha Washington Stranded in Space (comic)1995Book
Mutiny! (comic)1978Book
Night of the Were-Bot (comic)1980Book
Nu Paree (comic)1981Book
Raiders (comic)1981Book
Rann-Thanagar War (comic)2005Book
Red Mist Part Two (comic)1978Book
Remembrance Day (comic)1999Book
Return of the Thing (comic)1982Book
Revolt of the Tick Tock Monkey Bomb (comic)1980Book
Rogue Trooper (comic)1981Book
Rogue Trooper: Remembrance Day (comic)1999Book
Ro-Jaws’ Robo-TalesCollection
Scum Sea (comic)1981Book
Servant of Evil! (comic)1979Book
Skirmish (comic)1982Book
Spider-God (comic)2005Book
Spirit of Vengeance (comic)1981Book
Star Slayer (comic)1977-78Book
Stars Fell on Stockbridge (comic)2005Book
Super Soldier (comic)1996Book
Super Soldier: Man of War (comic)1997Book
Survivor (comic)Book
Terror of the Decapitators (comic)1981Book
Tharg the MightyCollection
Tharg’s Head Revisited (comic)1986Book
The Baltimore Bulls (comic)1977Book
The Bushido Blades (comic)1977Book
The Collector (comic)2005Book
The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks2006Collection
The Dating Game (comic)1980Book
The Deal (comic)2005Book
The Disturbed Digestions of Dr. Dibworthy (comic)1982Book
The Dome: Ground Zero (script)1998Play
The Doomsday Machine, Part 7 (comic)1978Book
The Dream Weavers (comic)1982Book
The Flying Scotsmen (comic)1977Book
The Freefall Warriors (comic)2005Book
The Future of War2007Collection
The Incredible Hulk: Double Strike (comic)1979Book
The Iron Legion (comic)2004Book
The Iron Legion, 1979-802004Collection
The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century2009Collection
The Life Bringer (comic)2005Book
The Montezuma Mashers (comic)1977Book
The Neutron Knights (comic)2005Book
The Originals (comic)2004Book
The Rookies (comic)1981Book
The Siberian Wolves (comic)1977Book
The Sport of Tomorrow (comic)1977Book
The Star Beast (comic)2004Book
The Terra-Meks (comic)1979Book
The Tides of Time2005Collection
The Tidy-Up Droid (comic)1980Book
The Time Witch (comic)2004Book
The War Machine Part 1 (script)1989Play
The War Machine Part 2 (script)1990Play
The War Machine Part 3 (script)1990Play
The War of Words (comic)2005Book
The Wild Frontier (comic)1982Book
Tides of Time (comic)2005Book
Time Twisters: Chrono-Cops (comic)1983Book
Tomorrow Brings Doom (comic)1980Book
Traitor! (comic)1979Book
Waterworld (comic)1978Book
World’s Finest (script)1990Play


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