0488 Jean Craighead George

Jean Craighead George

Acorn Pancakes, Dandelion Salad and 38 Other Wild Recipes1995Book
All upon a Sidewalk (children)1974Book
All upon a Stone (children)1971Book
Animals Who Have Won Our Hearts (children)1994Book
Arctic Son (children)1997Book
Autumn Moon (children)2001Book
Beastly Inventions: ... Just How Smart Animals Really Are (children)1970Book
Bubo, the Great Horned Owl (children)1954Book
Charlie’s Raven (children)2004Book
Cliff Hanger (children)2002Book
Coyote in Manhattan (children)1968Book
Dear Katie, the Volcano is a Girl (children)1998Book
Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here (children)1993Book
Dipper of Copper Creek (children)1956Book
Elephant Walk (children)1998Book
Everglades (children)1995Book
Everglades Wildguide1972Book
Fire Storm (children)2003Book
Frightful’s Daughter (children)2002Book
Frightful’s Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel (children)2007Book
Frightful’s Mountain (children)1999Book
Giraffe Trouble (children)1998Book
Going to the Sun (children)1976Book
Goose and Duck (children)2008Book
Gorilla Gang (children)1998Book
Gull Number 737 (children)1964Book
Hold Zero! (children)1966Book
Hook a Fish, Catch a Mountain (children)1975Book
How to Talk to Your Animals (children)1985Book
How to Talk to Your Cat (children)1986Book
How to Talk to Your Dog (children)1986Book
Incredible Animal Adventures (children)1999Book
Journey Inward (autobiography)1982Book
Julie (children)1994Book
Julie of the Wolves (children)1972Book
Julie’s Wolf Pack (children)1997Book
Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary (children)1997Book
Luck, the Story of a Sandhill Crane (children)2006Book
Marvels and Mysteries of Our Animal World (children)1964Book
Masked Prowler: The Story of a Raccoon (children)1950Book
Meph, the Pet Skunk (children)1952Book
Morning, Noon and Night (children)1999Book
My Side of the Mountain (children)1959Book
My Side of the Mountain Trilogy (children)2000Collection
New York in Maps (children)1969Book
Nutik and Amaroq Play Ball (children)2001Book
Nutik, the Wolf Pup (children)2001Book
On the Far Side of the Mountain (children)1990Book
One Day in the Alpine Tundra (children)1984Book
One Day in the Desert (children)1983Book
One Day in the Prairie (children)1986Book
One Day in the Tropical Rainforest (children)1990Book
One Day in the Woods (children)1988Book
Pocket Guide to the Outdoors: Based on My Side of the Mountain2009Book
Red Robin, Fly Up! (children)1963Book
Rhino Romp (children)1998Book
River Rats, Inc. (children)1979Book
Shark beneath the Reef (children)1989Book
Snow Bear (children)1999Book
Snow Tracks (children)1958Book
Snowboard Twist (children)2004Book
Spring Comes to the Ocean (children)1965Book
Spring Moon (children)2002Book
Summer Moon (children)2002Book
The American Walk Book (children)1978Book
The Big Book for Our Planet1993Book
The Buffalo Are Back (children)2010Book
The Case of the Missing Cutthroats: An Ecological Mystery (children)1996Book
The Cats of Roxville Station (children)2009Book
The Cry of the Crow (children)1980Book
The Eagles Are Back (children)2011Book
The Fire Bug Connection (children)1993Book
The First Thanksgiving (children)1993Book
The Grizzly Bear with the Golden Ears (children)1982Book
The Hole in the Tree (children)1957Book
The Last Polar Bear (children)2009Book
The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo (children)1992Book
The Moon of the Alligators (children)1969Book
The Moon of the Bears (children)1967Book
The Moon of the Chickarees (children)1969Book
The Moon of the Deer (children)1969Book
The Moon of the Fox Pups (children)1968Book
The Moon of the Gray Wolves (children)1969Book
The Moon of the Moles (children)1969Book
The Moon of the Monarch Butterflies (children)1968Book
The Moon of the Mountain Lions (children)1968Book
The Moon of the Owls (children)1967Book
The Moon of the Salamanders (children)1967Book
The Moon of the Wild Pigs (children)1968Book
The Moon of the Winter Bird (children)1969Book
The Summer of the Falcon (children)1962Book
The Talking Earth (children)1983Book
The Tarantula in My Purse and 172 Other Wild Pets (children)1996Book
The Wentletrap Trap (children)1978Book
The Wild, Wild Cookbook1982Book
The Wolves are Back (children)2008Book
The Wounded Wolf (children)1978Book
There’s an Owl in the Shower (children)1995Book
To Climb a Waterfall (children)1995Book
Tree Castle Island (children)2002Book
Vison the Mink (children)1949Book
Vulpes the Red Fox (children)1948Book
Water Sky (children)1987Book
Who Really Killed Cock Robin? (children)1971Book
Winter Moon (children)2001Book


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