0389 Lawrence Durrell

Lawrence Durrell

A Cavafy Find1956Essay
A Corking Evening1963Short Story
A Girl in Winter1957Essay
A Key to Modern British Poetry1952Essay
A Landmark Gone1946Essay
A Lyric for Nikh1937Poem
A Modern Troubadour1963Essay
A Noctuary1940Poem
A Patch of Dust1974Short Story
A Persian Lady1963
A Private Country (poems)1943Collection
A Small Scripture to Nancy1939Poem
A Smile in the Mind’s Eye1982Essay
A Smircher Smirched1958Short Story
A Water-Colour of Venice1960Poem
Acropolis (The soft quem quam will be Scops the Owl)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/acropolis/

Acte (play)1964Play
Air to Seria1945Poem
Airgraph on Refugee Poets in Africa1944Essay
All to Scale1966Short Story
All to Scale1966Essay
An Irish Faustus: A Morality in Nine Scenes (play)1963Play
Antrobus Complete (short stories)1985Collection
Asylum in the Snow1938
At Epidaurus1942Poem
At Nemea1940Poem
At the Long Bar1955Poem
At the Long Bar1956Poem
Ballad of Psychoanalysis1955Poem
Ballad of Slow Decay1932Poem
Balthazar (novel)1958Book
Bernard Spencer1964Essay
Bitter Lemons1955Poem
Bitter Lemons (travel)1957Book
Blue Thirst (travel)1975Book
Bromo Bombastes (play)1933Play
Caesar’s Vast Ghost (travel)1990Book
Can Dreams Live on when Dreamers Die?1947Essay
Carol in Corfu1938
Case History1960
Cefalu/The Dark Labyrinth (novel)1947Book
Certain Landfalls1974Short Story
Cities, Plains and People1946
Cities, Plains and People (poems)1946Collection
Clea1960Short Story
Clea (novel)1960Book
Collected Poems: 1931-19741980Collection
Conon in Alexandria1946Poem
Constance in Love1979
Constance; or Solitary Practices (novel)1982Book
Constrained by History1991Essay
Coptic Poem1960Poem
Corfu: Isle of Legend1939Essay
Cry Wolf1958Short Story
Daphnis and Chloe1941Poem
Dead City (translation)1954Poem
Delos (On charts they fall like lace)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/delos/

Deus Loci1950Poem
Dounya Gouzeli (translation)1956Poem
Down the Styx in an Air-Conditioned Canoe1937-38
Eight Aspects of Melissa1946
Endpapers and Inklings1988Essay
Esprit de Corps/The Call of the Sea1957Short Story
Father Nicholas His Death1932Poem
Flowers of May (translation)1956Poem
From a Winter Journal1952Essay
From the Elephant’s Back1982
Frying the Flag1990
Ghost Train1958Short Story
Green Coconuts1960Poem
Hamlet, Prince of China1938Essay
Heaven Knows Where1957Essay
Heloise and Abelard1945Poem
Henri Michaux, the Poet of Supreme Solipsism1990Essay
How to Buy a Village House in Cyprus1957Essay
I Wish One Could Be More Like the Birds1960
Image of a Society1957Essay
In a Time of Crisis1941Poem
In Arcadia1960Poem
In Crisis1932Poem
In Praise of Fanatics1962Essay
In the Garden of the Villa Cleobolus1947Poem
Island Fugue to My Wife1939Poem
John Donne1955Poem
Joss Sticks1970
Jots and Tittles1990
Justine (novel)1957Book
L’Amour, Clef du Mystere?1962Essay
La Rouchefoucauld1945Poem
La Valise1958Short Story
La Valise1960Essay
Landscape with Literary Figures1964Essay
Landscape with Olive Trees, Corfu1938Essay
Laura of Avignon1962
Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller: A Private Correspondence1962Collection
Lawrence Durrell PoemsCollectionPDF
Lesbos: Song from a Play1968Poem
Letter (translation)1954Poem
Letter in the Sofa1957
Letter to Seferis the Greek1941
Letters in Darkness1954Poem
Letters to George Katsimbalis 1945-631998Collection
Letters to Jean Fanchette1988Collection
Letters to T.S. Eliot1987Collection
Lifelines (short stories)1974Collection
Literary Lifelines: The Aldington-Durrell Correspondence1981Collection
Livia; or Buried Alive (novel)1978Book
London at Night1997
Mass for the Old Year1935
Monsieur; or the Prince of Darkness (novel)1974Book
Mountolive (novel)1958Book
My Friends, when I Was in Love (translation)1956Poem
Mysticism: The Yellow Peril1940Essay
Mythology: I1943Poem
Mythology: II1943Poem
Near Kyrenia1955Poem
New Poems 1963: Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (ed.)1963Collection
No Clue to Living1961Essay
Nunquam (novel)1970Book
Ode to a Lukewarm Eyebrow1964Poem
On First Looking into the Loeb Horace1944Poem
On George Seferis1975Essay
On Seeming to Presume (poems)1948Collection
Owed to America1968Poem
Panic Spring (novel)1937Book
Persuasions Corfu1966Poem
Picture of Geishas1974Short Story
Pied Piper of Lovers (novel)1935Book
Poem to Gerald1938Poem
Postmark1974Short Story
Powdering Hare-Lips1995
Private Drafts (poems)1955Collection
Prospero’s Cell (travel)1945Book
Pursewarden’s Incorrigibilia1966Essay
Quaint Fragments (poems)1931Collection
Quinx; or the Ripper’s Tale (novel)1985Book
Reflections on a Marine Venus (travel)1953Book
Return to Corfu1966Essay
Ripe Living in Provence1959Essay
Sappho and After1979
Sappho: A Play in Verse1950Play
Sauve Qui Peut1964Short Story
Sea Music/Water Music1945Poem
Sebastian; or Ruling Passions (novel)1983Book
Selected Poems of Lawrence Durrell2006Collection
Selected Poems: 1953-19631964Collection
Self to Not-Self1948Poem
Sermon of One1932Poem
Seven Poems1945Collection
Sicilian Carousel (travel)1977Book
Six Poems from the Greek of Sikelianos and Seferis (translation)1946Collection
Six Poems1939Collection
Smoke, the Embassy Cat1978
Something a La Carte?1993Short Story
Spirit of Place: Letters and Essays on Travel1969Collection
Stiff Upper Lip1958Short Story
Stiff Upper Lip: Life among the Diplomats (short stories)1958Collection
Strip-Tease (Soft toys that make to seem girls)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/strip-tease/

Ten Poems (poems)1932Collection
The Alexandria Quartet (novels)1962Collection
The Avignon Quintet1992Collection
The Best of Antrobus1974
The Best of Henry Miller (ed.)1960Collection
The Black Book: An Agon (novel)1938Book
The Blooper Girls1957
The Booster1937Essay
The Cherries1936Short Story
The Classical River of France: The Rhone/The River Rhone1960
The Curious History of Pope Joan (translation)1954Collection
The Durrell-Miller Letters: 1935-19801988Collection
The Ego’s Own Egg1939Poem
The Feast of Unreason, 19551957Essayhttp://web.archive.org/web/20060808185703/cyprus-conflict.net/durrell.htm
The Gascon Touch/Across Secret Provence1963
The Greek Islands (travel)1978Book
The Grey Penitents1974
The Hanged Man1932Poem
The Happy Rock1945Essay
The Ikons (poems)1966Collection
The Island of the Rose1947Essay
The King of Asine and Other Poems (translation)1948Collection
The Little Affair in Paris1966Short Story
The Meeting1955Poem
The Moonlight of Your Smile1960Essay
The Octagon Room, National Gallery ’551956Poem
The Open Way1939Poem
The Other Eliot1965
The Parthenon1946
The Pilot1945Poem
The Plant-Magic Man1973
The Poet, I1939Poem
The Poetic Obsession of Dublin1972Essay
The Poetry of Elytis1975Essay
The Red Limbo Lingo: A Poetry Notebook1971Book
The Revolt of Aphrodite (novels)1974Collection
The Rhone at Beaucaire1991
The Rival Poet1951Essay
The Shades of Dylan Thomas1957Essay
The Shame of the Morning1937
The Ships (translation)1954Poem
The Suchness of the Old Boy (poems)1972Collection
The Tao and Its Glozes1939Essay
The Telephone1946Essay
The Three Sons to Leslie Gerald, My Brothers1932Poem
The Tree of Idleness1953
The Underworld1940Essay
The Viennese Temper1982Short Story
The Wordly University of Grenoble/Three Roses of Grenoble1959Essay
Theatre: Sense and Sensibility1939Essay
This Unimportant Morning (This unimportant morning)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/this-unimportant-morning/

Three Carols and a Soliloquy from Uncebuncke1932Poem
Transition: Poems1934Collection
Tunc (novel)1968Book
Vampire in Venice1975Short Story
Vega and Other Poems1973Collection
Walls of Nicosia (translation)1954Poem
White Eagles over Serbia (novel)1957Book
Wordsworth; Selected by Lawrence Durrell (ed.)1973Collection
Zero and Asylum in the Snow1946Collection


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