0388 Helen Dunmore

Helen Dunmore

A House by the Sea2008Short Story
A Spell of Winter (novel)1995BookExcerpt:
Aliens Don’t Eat Bacon Sandwiches (children)2000Book
All the Things You Are Not Yet (Tonight there’s a crowd in my head)1997Poemhttp://famouspoetsandpoems.com/poets/helen_dunmore/poems/8155


Allie Away2000
Allie’s Apples1995
Allie’s Rabbit1999
Amina’s Blanket (children)1996Book
Annina1997Short Story
Bestiary (poems)1997Collection
Bouncing Boy (poems)1997Collection
Brother Brother, Sister Sister (children)1999Book
Burning Bright (novel)1994Book
Clyde’s Leopard (children)1998Book
Counting the Stars (novel)2008Book
Esther to Fanny2005Short Storyhttp://www.helendunmore.com/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=134
Fatal Error (children)1996Book
Glad of These Times (poems)2006Collection
Go Fox (children)1996Book
Going to Egypt (children)1992Book
Great-Grandma’s Dancing Dress (children)1998Book
House of Orphans (novel)2006Book
Ice Cream (short stories)2001Collection
In the Money (children)1995Book
Ingo (children)2005Book
Love of Fat Men (short stories)1997Collection
Making It UpEssayhttp://www.helendunmore.com/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=154
Mourning Ruby (novel)2003Book
Out of the Blue (poems)2001Collection
Recovering a Body (poems)1994Collection
Rose, 19442005Short Story
Rose, 1944 (short stories)2005Collection
Secrets (poems)1994Collection
Short Days, Long Nights: New and Selected Poems1991Collection
Taken in Shaddowes2008Short Story
Talking to the Dead (novel)1996Book
Tara’s Tree House (children)2003Book
The Allie Books (children)1997-00Book
The Apple Fall (poems)1983Collection
The Betrayal (novel)2010Book
The Crossing of Ingo (teen novel)2008Book
The Deep (teen novel)2007Book
The Lilac Tree/Zillah and Me (teen novel)2004Book
The Mironov Legacy (radio play)2006Play
The Raw Garden (poems)1988Collection
The Sea Skater (poems)1986Collection
The Seal Cove/The Zillah Rebellion (teen novel)2004Book
The Siege (novel)2001Book
The Silver Bead (teen novel)2004Book
The Tide Knot (teen novel)2006Book
The Ugly Duckling (children)2001Book
Walking into the StoryEssayhttp://www.helendunmore.com/articles.asp
Whales and Seals2005Short Storyhttp://www.helendunmore.com/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=151
Wild StrawberriesShort Story
With Your Crooked Heart (novel)1999Book
Writ in WaterShort Storyhttp://www.helendunmore.com/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=155
Your Blue-Eyed Boy (novel)1998Book
Zennor in Darkness (novel)1993Book
Zillah’s Leaving2002


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