0379 Friedrich Duerrenmatt

Friedrich Duerrenmatt

An Angel Comes to Babylon/Ein Engel kommt nach Babylon1954
Automobile and Railroad NationsEssayhttp://www.friedrichdurrenmatt.net/auto_and_railroad.html
Collected Radio Plays/Gesammelte Horspiele1961Collection
Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke1988Collection
Context: Essays on Israel/Zusammenhange: Essay uber Israel1976Collection
Das Dramatische Werk1980Collection
Der Prozess um des Esels Schatten (radio play)1951Play
Dramatisches und Kritisches1972Collection
Evening Hours in Late Fall/Abendstunde im Spatherbst (radio play)1956Play
Frank the Fifth/Frank der Funfte (play)1960Play
Friedrich Schiller: Eine Rede/A Speech1960Oration
Hercules and the Augean Stables/Herkules und der Stall ... (radio play)1954Play
It Is Written/Es steht geschrieben (early version of Die Wiedertaufer)1946
Komodien II und fruhe Stucke1964Collection
Komodien III1972Collection
Konig Johann: Nach Shakespeare (play based on Shakespeare)1968Play
Lunar Eclipse/Mondfinsternis1981Short Story
Monster Lecture on Justice and Law/Monstervortrag (lecture)1969Oration
Nachtliches Gespracht mit einem verachteten Menschen (radio play)1952Play
Once a Greek/Grieche such Griechin1958
Play Strindberg: The Dance of Death Choreographed1969Essay
Plays and Essays1982Collection
Portrait of a Planet/Portrat eines Planeten1970
Rates from America/Satze aus Amerika1970Essay
Role Playing/Rollenspiele1986
Romulus the Great: An Historical Comedy/Romulus der Grosse (play)1949Play
Selected Writings: Volume 1, Plays2006Collection
Selected Writings: Volume 2, Fictions2006Collection
Selected Writings: Volume 3, Essays2006Collection
Ser Struz1971
SmithyShort Storyhttp://www.friedrichdurrenmatt.net/smithy.html
Stoffe I-III. Der Winterkrieg in Tibet. Mondfinsternis. Der Rebell1981Collection
Switzerland, a Prison: A Speech for Vaclav Havel/Die Schweiz1990Oration
The Anabaptists/Die Wiedertaufer1967
The Assignment/Der Auftrag (novella)1986Book
The Blind/Der Blinde1947
The City/Die Stadt: Prosa I-IV1952Collection
The Conformer/Der Mitmacher1976
The Coup/Der Sturz1971Short Story
The Deadline/Die Frist1977
The Double/Der Doppelganger (radio play)1946Play
The Execution of Justice/Justiz1985
The Inspector Barlach MysteriesCollection
The Judge and His Hangman/Der Richter und sein Henker (novella)1952Book
The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi/Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi (play)1952Play
The Meteor/Der Meteor1966
The Physicists: A Comedy in Two Acts/Die Physiker (play)1962Play
The Pledge/Das Vesprechen: Requiem auf den Kriminalroman (novella)1958Book
The Quarry/The Suspicion/Der Verdacht1953Short Story
The Rebel/Der Rebell1981Short Story
The Tunnel/Der Tunnel1952Short Story
The Vega Company/Das Unternehmen der Wega (radio play)1954Play
The Visit/Der Besuch der alten Dame (play)1956Play
The Winter War in Tibet/Der Winterkrieg in Tibet1981Short Story
Theater Problems/Theaterprobleme1954Essay
Titus Andronicus (play based on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus)1970Play
Tower/Turmbau: Stoffe IV-XI1990
Traps/The Dangerous Game/Die Panne1956Short Story
Urfaust (play based on Goethe’s Urfaust)1970Play
Writings on Theatre and Drama/Theater-Schriften und Reden1966Collection


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