0378 Daphne du Maurier

Daphne du Maurier

A Border Line Case1971Short Story
And His Letters Grew Colder1920Short Story
Castle d’Or (novel)1961Book
Classics of the Macabre1987Collection
Come Wind, Come Weather (short stories)1940Collection
Daphne du Maurier: Letters from Menabilly1994Collection
Don’t Look Now (novella)1966Short Story
Early Stories, 1927-301954Collection
Echoes from the Macabre1976Collection
Enchanted Cornwall1992Book
Escort1940Short Story
Four Great Cornish Novels1978
Frenchman’s Creek (novel)1942Book
Ganymede1959Short Story
Gerald: A Portrait (biography)1934Book
Golden Lads1975Book
Growing Pains: The Shaping of a Writer/Myself When Young1977Book
Happy Christmas1940Short Story
Hungry Hill (novel)1943Book
Hungry Hill (screenplay)1947Play
I’ll Never Be Young Again (novel)1932Book
Jamaica Inn (novel)1936Book
Kiss Me Again, Stranger1952Short Story
London and Paris1945
Mary Anne (novel)1954Book
Monte Verita1952Short Story
Mousie and Hoosie1935Short Story
My Cousin Rachel (novel)1951Book
My Cousin Rachel (play)1952Play
Not after Midnight1971Short Story
Not after Midnight/Don’t Look Now (short stories)1971Collection
Rebecca (novel)1938Book
Rebecca (play)1940Play
Rendezvous1959Short Story
Rule Britannia (novel)1972Book
September Tide (play)1948Play
Shock of Recognition1971Short Story
Spring Picture1944
The Alibi (novella)1956Short Story
The Apple Tree1952Short Story
The Apple Tree/Kiss Me Again, Stranger (short stories)1952Collection
The Archduchess1959Short Story
The Birds1952Short Story
The Birds and Other Stories1963Collection
The Blue Lenses (novella)1959Short Story
The Breaking Point/The Blue Lenses (short stories)1959Collection
The Breakthrough1971Short Story
The Breakthrough (teleplay)1976Play
The Chamois1959Short Story
The du Mauriers1937Book
The Flight of the Falcon (novel)1965Book
The Glass Blowers1963Book
The Happy Valley1932Short Story
The House on the Strand (novel)1969Book
The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte (biography)1960Book
The King’s General (novel)1946Book
The Limpet1959Short Story
The Little Photographer1952Short Story
The Lordly Ones1959Short Story
The Loving Spirit (novel)1931Book
The Menace1959Short Story
The Old Man1952Short Story
The Parasites (novel)1950Book
The Pool1959Short Story
The Progress of Julius (novel)1933Book
The Rebecca Notebook and Other Memories1981Book
The Rendezvous and Other Stories1980Collection
The Scapegoat (novel)1957Book
The Treasury of du Maurier Short Stories1960Collection
The Way of the Cross1971Short Story
The Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall1976Book
The Years Between (play)1944Play
The Young George du Maurier (ed.)1951Book
Vanishing Cornwall1967Book


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