0359 Isak Dinesen-Karen Blixen

Isak Dinesen-Karen Blixen

A Consolatory Tale1942Short Story
A Country Tale1957Short Story
Albondocani (unfinished novel)1957Book
Alkmene1942Short Story
Anecdotes of Destiny1958Collection
Anna1977Short Story
Babette’s Feast1958Short Story
Carnival1977Short Story
Carnival: Entertainments and Posthumous Tales1977Collection
Converse At Night in Copenhagen1957Short Story
Copenhagen Season1957Short Story
Daguerreotypes and Other Essays1979Collection
Echoes1957Short Story
Ehrengard (novella)1963Book
Farah1950Short Story
Isak Dinesen on Hans Christian Andersen1962Essayhttp://www.andersen.sdu.dk/forskning/konference/tekst.html?id=9721
Karen Blixen in Danmark: Breve, 1931-19621996Collection
Last Tales1957Collection
Letters from Africa, 1914-19311981Collection
Night Walk1957Short Story
Of Hidden Thoughts and of Heaven1957Short Story
On Modern Marriage and Other Observations1986Collection
On Mottoes of My Life1960Essay
Out of Africa (memoir)1937Book
Peter and Rosa1942Short Story
Second Meeting1977Short Story
Seven Gothic Tales1934Collection
Shadows on the Grass/Skygger paa Graesset (novel)1960Book
Sorrow-Acre1942Short Story
Tales of Two Old Gentlemen1957Short Story
Tempests1958Short Story
The Angelic Avengers/Gengaeldelsens Veje (novel)1947Book
The Bear and the Kiss1977Short Story
The Blank Page1957Short Storyhttp://www.whiterabbit.net/@port03/Dinesen/BlankPage/blank_page.htm
The Blue Eyes1960Short Story
The Cardinal’s First Tale1957Short Story
The Cardinal’s Third Tale1957Short Story
The Caryatids, an Unfinished Tale1957Short Story
The Cloak of Darkness1957Short Story
The de Cats Family1909Short Story
The Deluge at Norderney1934Short Story
The Diver1958Short Story
The Dreamers1934Short Story
The Dreaming Child1942Short Story
The Fat Man1977Short Story
The Fish1942Short Story
The Ghost Horses1977Short Story
The Hermits1907Short Story
The Heroine1942Short Story
The Iguana1937Short Storyhttp://www.whiterabbit.net/@port03/Dinesen/Iguana/iguana.htm
The Immortal Story (novella)1958Short Story
The Invincible Slave-Owners1942Short Story
The Last Day1977Short Story
The Monkey1934Short Story
The Old Chevalier1934Short Story
The Parrot1961Short Story
The Pearls1942Short Story
The Ploughman1907Short Story
The Poet1934Short Story
The Proud Lady1977Short Story
The Revenge of Truth (play)1926Play
The Ring1958Short Storyhttp://www.readfirst.net/ring.html
The Roads of Life/The Stork1937Short Storyhttp://www.whiterabbit.net/@port03/Dinesen/Stork/roads_of_life.htm
The Roads Round Pisa1934Short Story
The Sailor-Boy’s Tale1942Short Story
The Supper at Elsinore1934Short Story
The Uncertain Heiress1949Short Story
The Young Man with the Carnation1942Short Story
Uncle Seneca1977Short Story
Uncle Theodore1977Short Story
Winter’s Tales1942Collection


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