0358 Joan Didion

Joan Didion

7000 Romaine, Los Angeles 381967Essay
A Book of Common Prayer (novel)1977Book
A Star Is Born (screenplay)1976Play
A Trip to Xanadu1968Essay
After Henry1992Essay
After Henry (essays)1992Collection
Alicia and the Underground Press1968Essay
At the Dam1979Essay
Black Panther1968Essay
Brother Theobold’s Earthquake1968Essay
California Dreaming1967Essay
Coming Home1964Short Story
Comrade Laski, C.P.U.S.A.1967Essay
Democracy (novel)1984Book
Doris Lessing1971Essay
Down at City Hall1992Essay
Farewell to the Enchanted City1967Short Story
Fathers, Sons, Screaming Eagles1968Essay
Fire Season1992Essay
Fixed Ideas: America Since 9.112003Book
Girl of the Golden West1992Essay
Good Citizens1968-70Essay
Goodbye to All That1967Essay
Guaymas, Sonora1965Essay
Hawaii: Taps at Pearl Harbor1966Essay
Holy Water1977Essay
How Can I Tell Them There’s Nothing Left?1966Essay
I Can’t Get That Monster out of My Mind1964Essay
I’m Going to Be a Movie Star1968Essay
In Bed1979Essay
In Bogota1979Essay
In Hollywood1979Essay
In the Islands1979Essay
In the Realm of the Fisher King1992Essay
Insider Baseball1992Essay
James Pike, American1976Essay
John Wayne: A Love Song1965Essay
L.A. Noir1992Essay
Letter from Paradise, 21° 19’ N., 157° 52’ W1966Essay
Los Angeles Days1992Essay
Los Angeles Notebook1965Essay
Many Mansions1977Essay
Marrying Absurd1967Essay
Notes from a Native Daughter1965Essay
Notes toward a Dreampolitik1968-70Essay
On Becoming a Cop Hater1968Essay
On Going Home1967Essay
On Keeping a Notebook1966Essay
On Morality1965Essay
On Self-Respect1961Essayhttp://mallaryjeantenore.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/an-essay-worth-sharing-joan-didions-on-self-respect/
On the Mall1979Essay
On the Morning after the Sixties1979Essay
On the Road1979Essay
Pacific Distances1992Essay
Play it as it Lays (novel)1970Book
Play it as it Lays (screenplay)1972Play
Political Fictions (essays)2001Collection
Quiet Days in Malibu1979Essay
Rock of Ages1967Essay
Run, River (novel)1963Book
Sentimental Journeys1992Essay
Shooters Inc.1992Essay
Slouching towards Bethlehem1967Essay
Slouching towards Bethlehem (essays)1968Collection
Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream1966Essay
Telling Stories1978
The Case of Theresa Schiavo2005Essayhttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2005/jun/09/the-case-of-theresa-schiavo/
The Getty1977Essay
The Hippie Generation1967Essay
The Last Thing He Wanted (novel)1996Book
The Panic in Needle Park (screenplay)1971Play
The Seacoast of Despair1967Essay
The White Album1968-78Essay
The White Album (essays)1979Collection
The Women’s Movement1972Essay
The Year of Magical Thinking (memoir)2005Book
The Year of Magical Thinking (play)2006Play
Times Mirror Square1992Essay
True Confessions (screenplay)1981Play
Up Close & Personal (screenplay)1996Play
Vintage Didion (essays)2004Collection
We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live (essays)2006Collection
Where I Was From (essays)2003Collection
Where the Kissing Never Stops1966Essay
Why I Write1976EssayExcerpts:


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