0170 T.C. Boyle

T.C. Boyle

56-01992Short Story
A Bird in Hand1983Short Story
A Death in Kitchawank2010Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2010/01/18/100118fi_fiction_boyle
A Friend of the Earth (novel)2000Book
A Rake’s Progress1979Short Story
A Women’s Restaurant1976Short Story
Achates McNeil1995Short Story
Acts of God1989Short Story
After the Plague1999Short Story
After the Plague (short stories)2001Collection
All Shook UpShort Story
All the Wrecks I’ve Crawled Out Of1999Short Story
Almost Love1991Short Story
Back in the Eocene1991Short Story
Beat1993Short Story
Big Game1991Short Story
Blinded by the LightShort Story
Bloodfall1985Short Story
Budding Prospects (novel)1984Book
Captured by the Indians1999Short Story
Carnal Knowledge1990Short Story
Caviar1985Short Story
Caye1975Short Story
Champ1978Short Story
Charlie Ossining Goes Downtown - Thanks to Alan Parker 1991Essay
ChicxulubShort Story
Crossings1977Short Story
DadaShort Story
De Rerum Natura1976Short Story
Death of the Cool2000Short Story
Descent of Man1977Short Story
Descent of Man (short stories)1979Collection
Dogology2002Short Story
DoubleTakes (ed.)2004Collection
Drop City/Old Night (novel)2003Book
Drowning1971Short Story
Earth, Moon1979Short Story
Earthmover1979Short Story
East Is East (novel)1990Book
Essay: To the World at Large1998Essayhttp://www.tcboyle.net/favorites.html
Fathers1976Short Story
Filthy with Things1993Short Story
Fondue1999Short Story
Friendly Skies2000Short Story
Full Boyle 1999Essayhttp://www.englisch.schule.de/boyle/boyleaut.htm#Boyle
Going Down1999Short Story
Greasy Lake1982Short Story
Greasy Lake & Other Stories1985Collection
Green Hell1976Short Story
Guppies and the Apocalypse: On the Subject of Children1997Essayhttp://www.tcboyle.net/guppies.html
Hard Sell1987Short Story
Heart of a Champion1975Short Story
Here Comes2002Short Story
Hopes Rise1991Short Story
Hostages1978Short Story
Hunger1978Short Story
I Dated Jane Austen1979Short Story
If I Were President 1998Essayhttp://www.tcboyle.net/president.html
If the River Was Whiskey1988Short Story
If the River Was Whiskey (short stories)1989Collection
Ike and Nina1982Short Story
In Search of the Striped Bass1992Essayhttp://www.tcboyle.net/bass.html
John Barleycorn Lives1979Short Story
Jubilation2003Short Story
Juliana Cloth1998Short Story
Killing Babies1996Short Story
King Bee1989Short Story
Little America1993Short Story
Little Fur People1997Short Story
Marco Drops In2003Short Story
Me Cago en la Leche (Robert Jordan in Nicaragua)1988Short Story
Mexico1998Short Story
Mise en Scene1976Short Story
Modern Love1988Short Story
Mungo among the Moors1980Short Story
My Passion2002Essay
My Suburb: Santa Barbara, California2000Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home/20000409mag-myburb.html
My Widow2001Short Story
Not a Leg to Stand OnShort Story
On for the Long Haul1985Short Story
Peace of Mind1989Short Story
Peep Hall2000Short Story
Poison1978Short Story
Politics and the Novel: A Symposium2000Essayhttp://www.tcboyle.net/politics%26.html
Quetzalcoatl Lite1979Short Story
Rapture of the Deep1996Short Story
Rara AvisShort Story
Rastrow’s Island2004Short Story
Respect1992Short Story
Riven Rock (novel)1998Book
Rock and Roll Heaven1980Short Story
Rock and Roll Star1973Short Story
Rupert Beersley and the Beggar Master of Sivani-Hoota1985Short Story
Rust1998Short Story
San Miguel (novel)Book
She Wasn’t Soft1995Short Story
Sinking House1988Short Story
Sitting on Top of the World1991Short Story
Sorry Fugu1987Short Story
Stones in My Passway, Hellhound on My Trail1979Short Story
Swept Away2002Short Story
T. Rex, Lies and Videotape: Is Virtual Reality the New Backyard?2000Essayhttp://www.forbes.com/asap/2000/1002/066_print.html
T.C. Boyle Stories1998Collection
Talk Talk (novel)2006Book
Termination Dust1996Short Story
Thawing Out1989Short Story
The 100 Faces of Death, Vol. IV1993Short Story
The Ape Lady in Retirement1989Short Story
The Arctic ExplorerShort Story
The Best Books of 19961996Essay
The Big Garage1981Short Story
The Black and White Sisters2000Short Story
The ChampShort Story
The Devil and Irv Cherniske1988Short Story
The Doubtfulness of WaterShort Story
The Extinction TalesShort Story
The Fog Man1990Short Story
The Hat1984Short Story
The Hector Quesadilla Story1984Short Story
The Hit Man1980Short Story
The Human Fly1989Short Story
The Human Fly (short stories)2005Collection
The Inner Circle (novel)2004Book
The Kind Assassin2002Short Story
The Lie2008Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2008/04/14/080414fi_fiction_boyle
The Little Chill1987Short Story
The Love of My Life2000Short Story
The Miracle at Ballinspittle1988Short Story
The Naif1979Short Story
The New Moon Party1990Short Story
The OD & Hepatitis RR or Bust1972Short Story
The Overcoat II1982Short Story
The Road to Wellville (novel)1993Book
The Second Swimming1977Short Story
The See1976Short Story
The Stray-Dog Artist1976Short Story
The Tortilla Curtain (novel)1995Book
The Underground Gardens1998Short Story
The Women (novel)2009Book
The Zoo1978Short Story
Three Minutes or Less1991Essay
Three Quarters of the Way to HellShort Story
Tooth and Claw2003Short Story
Tooth and Claw (short stories)2005Collection
Top of the Food Chain1993Short Story
Two ShipsShort Story
Up Against the WallShort Story
Urban Renewal1988Short Story
Waiting for the Apocalypse2003Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/29/opinion/29BOYL.html?pagewanted=print&position=
Water Music (novel)1982Book
We Are Norsemen1977Short Story
Whales WeepShort Story
What Is This Bee? Reading Lessons1999Essay
When I Woke Up This Morning, Everything I Had Was Gone2003Short Story
When the Killing’s Done (novel)2011Book
Wild Child & Other Stories2010Collection
Without a Hero1991Short Story
Without a Hero (short stories)1994Collection
World’s End (novel)1987Book
Zapatos1988Short Story


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