0169 Kay Boyle

Kay Boyle

1939 (novel)1948Book
A Disgrace to the Family (novel)1950Book
A Frenchman Must Die (novel)1946Book
A Glad Day1938Poem
A Poem for February First 19751975Poem
A Statement1932Poem
American Citizen: Naturalized in Leadville, Colorado (long poem)1944Poem
Avalanche (novel)1944Book
Being Geniuses Together, 1920-1930 (essays, collaboration)1968Collection
Big Fiddle (novel)1940Book
Breaking the Silence: Why a Mother Tells Her Son about the Nazi Era1962Book
Carnival of Fear (novel)1954Book
Collected Poems1962Collection
Collected Poems of Kay Boyle1991Collection
Death of a Man (novel)1936Book
Defeat1941Short Story
Diagnosis of a Selfish Lady1952Short Story
Dream Dance1947Short Story
Fifty Stories1980Collection
Fire in the Vineyards1966Short Story
Four Visions of America (nonfiction collaboration)1977Collection
Frenchman’s Ship1942Short Story
Generation without Farewell (novel)1960Book
Gentlemen, I Address You Privately1933Book
Hart Crane1966Legal Document/Correspondencehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/12514
His Human Majesty (novel)1949Book
How Bridie’s Girl Was Won1936Short Story
Keep Your Pity1934Short Story
Let Him Go1977Legal Document/Correspondencehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/8491
Let There Be Honour1941Short Story
Life Being the Best and Other Stories1988Collection
Miracle Goat1947Short Story
Monday Night (novel)1938Book
My Next Bride (novel)1934Book
Nolo Contendere1974Short Story
Nothing Ever Breaks Except the Heart1966Short Story
One Small Diamond, Please1947Short Story
One Sunny Morning1965Short Story
Passport to Doom1948Short Story
Pinky in Persia (children)1968Book
Pinky, the Cat Who Liked to Sleep (children)1966Book
Plagued by the Nightingale (novel)1931Book
Pound in Rapallo1987Legal Document/Correspondencehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/4767
Primer for Combat (novel)1942Book
Process (novel, unpublished until 2001)1925Book
Relations & Complications/Recollections of H.H. (ghostwriter)1929Book
San Francisco State1969Legal Document/Correspondencehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/11381
Short Stories1929Collection
Testament for My Students1970Poem
Testament for My Students and Other Poems1970Collection
The Astronomer’s Wife1936Short Story
The Ballet of Central Park1964Short Story
The Bridegroom’s Body (novel)1940Book
The Crazy Hunter (novel)1940Book
The Daring Impersonation (novel)1953Book
The First Lover1931Short Story
The First Lover and Other Stories1933Collection
The Last Aviator Left Flying1943Short Story
The Last Rim of The World (nonfiction)1966Short Story
The Little Distance1943Short Story
The Long Walk at San Francisco State1970Essay
The Long Walk at San Francisco State and Other Essays1970Collection
The Lost Dogs of Phnom Pehn1968Poem
The Seagull on the Step (novel)1955Book
The Ships Going to Glory1944Short Story
The Smoking Mountain: Stories of Post-War Germany1951Collection
The Soldier Ran Away1953Short Story
The Underground Woman (novel)1975Book
The White Horses of Vienna1935Short Story
The White Horses of Vienna and Other Stories1936Collection
The Wild Horses1966Short Story
The Youngest Camel (children)1939Poem
The Youngest Camel: Reconsidered and Rewritten (children)1959Poem
Thirty Stories1946Collection
This Is Not a Letter and Other Poems1985Poem
Three Short Novels1940Book
Wedding Day1930Short Story
Wedding Day and Other Stories1930Collection
Winter Night (nonfiction)1969Essay
Winter Night (novel)1993Book
Words for the Shah1977Legal Document/Correspondencehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/8320
Words That Must Somehow Be Said: Selected Essays of Kay Boyle1985Collection
Year Before Last (novel)1932Book


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