0112 Donald Barthelme

Donald Barthelme

110 West Sixty-First Street1976Short Story
A City of Churches1972Short Story
A Few Moments of Sleeping and Waking1968Short Story
A Film1972Short Story
A Man1972Short Story
A Manual for Sons1975Short Story
A Nation on Wheels1970Short Story
A Picture History of the War1964Short Story
A Shower of Gold1963Short Story
A Woman Seated on a Plain Wooden Chair1983Short Story
Adventure1970Short Story
Affection1983Short Story
Alice1968Short Story
Amateurs (short stories)1976Collection
An Hesitation on the Bank of the Delaware1973Short Story
And Now Let’s Hear It for The Ed Sullivan Show!1969Essay
Aria1979Short Story
At Last, It Is Time ...1978Short Story
At the End of the Mechanical Age1976Short Storyhttp://smartassdesign.com/barthelme.html
At the Tolstoy Museum1970Short Story
Bishop1981Short Story
Bliss1992Short Story
Bluebeard1986Short Story
Bone Bubbles1969Short Story
Brain Damage1970Short Story
Bunny Image, Loss of: The Case of Bitsy S.1974Short Story
Can We Talk1965Short Story
Captain Blood1983Short Story
Chablis1987Short Story
Challenge1981Short Story
City Life1970Short Story
City Life (short stories)1970Collection
City of ChurchesShort Storyhttp://antenna.blogbus.com/logs/2004/02/93065.html
Come Back, Dr. Caligari (short stories)1964Collection
Concerning the Bodyguard1974Short Story
Construction1985Short Story
Conversations with Goethe1983Short Story
Cornell1974Short Story
Cortes and Montezuma1979Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/cortes.html
Critique de la Vie Quotidienne1971Short Story
Daumier1972Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/daumier.html
Departures1972Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/depart.html
Donald Barthelme’s Fine Homemade Soups1981Short Story
Down the Line with the Annual1964Short Story
Edward and Pia1965Short Story
Engineer-Private Paul Klee Misplaces an Aircraft ...1987Short Story
Eugenie Grandet1974Short Story
Financially, the Paper1983Short Story
Florence Green is 811963Short Story
Flying to America (short stories)2008Collection
For I’m the Boy1964Short Story
Forty Stories1987Collection
Games are the Enemies of Beauty, Truth and Sleep, Amanda Said1966Short Story
Grandmother’s House1979Short Story
Great Days1979Short Story
Great Days (play)1983Play
Great Days (short stories)1979Collection
Guilty Pleasures (short stories)1968Collection
Heather2008Short Story
Heliotrope1974Short Story
Henrietta and Alexandra1983Short Story
Heroes1981Short Story
Hiding Man1961Short Story
How I Write My Songs1978Short Story
I Am at the Moment1983Short Story
I Bought a Little City1974Short Story
I Have for Some Time ...1977Short Story
I Put a Name in an Envelope1983Short Story
I Was Gratified This Week ...1974Short Story
I Wrote a Letter...1980Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/letter.html
January1987Short Story
Jaws1987Short Story
Kierkegaard Unfair to Schlegel1970Short Story
Kissing the President1983Short Story
L’Lapse1963Short Story
Languishing, Half-Deep in Summer...1979Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/languish.html
Letters to the Editore1974Short Story
Lightning1983Short Story
Man’s Face1964Short Story
Many Have Remarked...1970Short Story
Margins1964Short Story
Marie, Marie, Hold on Tight1963Short Story
Me and Miss Mandible1964Short Storyhttp://www.coldbacon.com/writing/barthelme-mandible.html

Ming1992Short Story
Monumental Folly1976Short Story
More Zero1986Short Story
Morning1979Short Story
Mr. Foolfarm’s Journal1974Short Story
Natural History1971Short Story
Newsletter1970Short Story
Nothing: A Preliminary Account1974Short Story
Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews of Donald Barthelme1997Collection
Now That I Am Older1983Short Story
On Angels1970Short Story
On Our Street1983Short Story
On the Deck1987Short Story
On the Steps of the Conservatory1979Short Story
Opening1987Short Story
Our Work and Why We Do It1973Short Story
Overnight to Many Distant Cities1983Short Story
Overnight to Many Distant Cities (short stories)1983Collection
Pages from the Annual Report1959Short Story
Pandemonium2008Short Story
Paradise (novel)1986Book
Paraguay1969Short Story
Paul Klee1972Short Story
Pepperoni1980Short Story
Porcupines at the University1976Short Story
Rebecca1976Short Story
Report1968Short Story
Return1984Short Story
Rif1987Short Story
Robert Kennedy Saved from Drowning1968Essayhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/kennedy.html
Sadness (short stories)1972Book
Sakrete1983Short Story
Sam’s Bar (short stories)1987Collection
See the Moon?1966Short Story
Sentence1970Short Story
Shower of Gold1983Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/gold.html
Sinbad1984Short Story
Sixty Stories1981CollectionExcerpts
Snap Snap1965Short Story
Snow White (novel)1967Book
Snow White (play)1967Play
Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby1976Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/colby.html
Speaking of the Human Body1983Short Story
Swallowing1972Short Story
Terminus1983Short Story
Thailand1980Short Story
That Cosmopolitan Girl1973Short Story
That Guy in the Back Room1983Short Story
The Abduction from the Seraglio1979Short Story
The Angry Young Man1973Short Story
The Apology1978Short Story
The Art of Baseball1984Short Story
The Author1987Short Story
The Baby1983Short Story
The Balloon1966Short Storyhttp://amb.cult.bg/american/5/barthelme/balloon.htm
The Big Broadcast of 19381962Short Story
The Captured Woman1976Short Storyhttp://amb.cult.bg/american/5/barthelme/woman.htm
The Catechist1972Short Story
The Conservatory (radio script)1992Play
The Crisis1977Short Story
The Dassaud Prize1976Short Story
The Dead Father (novel)1975Book
The Death of Edward Lear1971Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/lear.html
The Devil’s Decalogue (review)1983EssayPDF
The Dolt1966Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/dolt.html
The Dragon1972Short Story
The Educational Experience1973Short Story
The Emerald1981Short Story
The Emperor1981Short Story
The Expedition1974Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/expedition/index.html
The Explanation1970Short Story
The Falling Dog1970Short Story
The Farewell1981Short Story
The Film1987Short Story
The First Thing the Baby Did Wrong1983Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/baby.html
The Flight of Pigeons from the Palace1972Short Story
The Friends of the Family (radio script)1992Play
The Game1965Short Storyhttp://www.latexnet.org/~burnt/Game.html
The Genius1972Short Story
The Glass Mountain1970Short Storyhttp://www.fti.uab.es/sgolden/docencia/glassmountain.htm
The Great Debate1976Short Story
The Great Hug1976Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/greathug.html
The Inauguration1973Short Story
The Indian Uprising1968Short Story
The Joker’s Greatest Triumph1964Short Story
The King (novel)1990BookExcerpt
The King of Jazz1979Short Storyhttp://www2.csusm.edu/profe/441king.htm

The Leap1979Short Story
The Mothball Fleet1971Short Story
The New Member1974Short Story
The New Music1978Short Story
The New Owner1983Short Story
The Ontological Basis of Two (as Michael Houston)Short StoryPDF
The Palace1973Short Story
The Palace at Four A.M.1983Short Story
The Party1972Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/theparty.html
The Phantom of the Opera’s Friend1970Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/phantom.html
The Photographs1974Short Story
The Piano Player1963Short Storyhttp://nbu.bg/webs/amb/american/5/barthelme/player.htm
The Police Band1964Short Story
The Policeman’s Ball1970Short Story
The President1964Short Story
The Question Party1979Short Story
The Rise of Capitalism1970Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/capitalism.html
The Royal Treatment1973Short Story
The Sandman1972Short Story
The School1976Short Storyhttp://www.npr.org/programs/death/readings/stories/bart.html
The Sea of Hesitation1972Short Story
The Sentence1970Short Storyhttp://www.eskimo.com/~jessamyn/barth/sentence.html
The Sergeant1976Short Story
The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine; or the Hithering Thithering Djinn1971Book
The Story Thus Far1971Short Story
The Teachings of Don B. (short stories)1993Collection
The Teachings of Don B.: A Yankee Way of Knowledge1973Short Story
The Temptation of St. Anthony1972Short Story
The Viennese Opera Ball1962Short Story
The Wound1976Short Story
The Young Visitirs1973Short Story
The Zombies1979Short Storyhttp://amb.cult.bg/american/5/barthelme/zombies.htm
They Called for More Structure1983Short Story
This Newspaper Here1965Short Story
Three Great Meals1987Short Story
Tickets1989Short Story
To London and Rome1963Short Story
Traumerei1972Short Story
Two Hours to Curtain1971Short Story
Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts (short stories)1968Collection
Up, Aloft in the Air1964Short Story
Views of My Father Weeping1970Essay
Visitors1983Short Story
Wasteland!1992Short Story
We Dropped in at the Stanhope ...1978Short Story
Well, We All Had Our Willie & Wade Records1979Short Story
When He Came1983Short Story
When I Didn’t Win ...1985Short Story
Will You Tell me?1964Short StoryExcerpt
Wrack1972Short Story


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