0111 John Barth

John Barth

99991998Short Story
4-1/2 Lectures: The Stuttgart Seminars on Postmodernism ...1995Oration
A Body of Words1995Essay
A Detective and a Turtle1998Short Story
A Few Words about Minimalism1986Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/books/98/06/21/specials/barth-minimalism.html
A Poet to the Rescue1984Essay
Ad Infinitum: A Short Story1994Short Story
Ad Lib Libraries and the Coastline Measurement Problem1995Essay
Algebra and Fire1984Essay
Ambrose His Mark1963Short Story
An Afterword to Roderick Random1984Essay
And Then One Day ...1994Short Storyhttp://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c22-jb.htm
And Then There’s the One1998Short Story
And Then There’s the One1998BookExcerpt
AnonymiadShort Story
As I Was Saying2005Book
Aspiration, Inspiration, Respiration, Expiration1984Essay
AutobiographyShort Story
Borges and I: A Mini-Memoir1995Essay
Click1998Short Storyhttp://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/barth.htm
Closing Out the Visit1994Short Story
Coming Soon!!!2001BookExcerpts:


Countdown: Once upon a Time1994Short Story
Dead Cat, Floating Boy1998Short Story
Doing the Numbers1984Essay
Don’t Count on It1984Essay
Dunyazadiad1972Short Story
EchoShort Story
End of the Road1964BookExcerpt
Ever After1994Short Story
Extension1998Short Story
Frame-TaleShort Story
Further Fridays: Essays, Lectures and Other Nonfiction, 1984-941995Collection
Getting Oriented1984Essay
Giles Goat-Boy (foreword)1995Essay
Giles Goat-Boy; or the Revised New Syllabus1966Book
GlossolaliaShort Story
Good-Bye to the Fruits1994Short Storyhttp://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c22-jb.htm
Goose Art; or the Aesthetic Ecology of Chesapeake Bay1995Essay
Help!1998Short Story
Historical Fiction, Fictitious History and Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs1984Essay
How to Make a Universe1984Essay
I’ve Been Told2005Book
Inconclusion: The Novel in the Next Century1995Essay
Intelligent Despisal1984Essay
It Goes without Saying1995Essay
It’s a Long Story: Maximalism Reconsidered1995Essay
It’s a Short Story1995Essay
Jack and Jill: An Exegetical Aria1995Essay
Kenosis: I Think It’s Trying to Tell Us Something1995Essay
Landscape: The Eastern Shore1998Short Story
Letters: A Novel1979Book
Life-StoryShort Story
Lost in the Funhouse1995Short Story
Lost in the Funhouse (foreword)1995Essay
Lost in the Funhouse; Fiction for Print, Tape, Live Voice 19681995Collection
Love Explained1994Short Story
MenelaiadShort Story
More on the Same Subject1984Essay
More Troll than Cabbage1984Essay
Muse, Spare Me1984Essay
My Two Muses1984Essay
My Two Problems: 11984Essay
My Two Problems: 21984Essay
My Two Problems: 31984Essay
My Two Uncles1984Essay
Mystery and Tragedy1984Essay
Night-Sea Journey1966Short Story
On with the Story1994Short Story
On with the Story (short stories)1996Collection
Once upon a Time: A Floating Opera1994Collection
Once Upon a Time: Storytelling Explained1995Essay
Petition1968Short Story
Postmodernism Revisited1995Essay
Praying for Everybody1984Essay
Preparing for the Storm1994Short Storyhttp://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c22-jb.htm
Sabbatical: A Romance1982Book
Some Reasons Why I Tell the Stories I Tell the Way I Tell Them1982Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/books/98/06/21/specials/barth-making.html?_r=1
Speaking of Letters1984Essay
Still Farther South: Some Notes on Poe’s Pym1995Essay
Stories of Our Lives1994Short Story
Tales within Tales within Tales1984Essay
Tell Me2005Book
The American New Novel1984Essay
The Bard Award2006Short Story
The Big Shrink1998Short Story
The Book of Ten Nights and a Night1998Book
The Development2008Book
The End: An Introduction1994Short Story
The Floating Opera1956Book
The Floating Opera and The End of the Road (foreword)1995Essay
The Friday Book: Essays and Other Nonfiction1984Collection
The Future of Literature and the Literature of the Future1984Essay
The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor1991Book
The Limits of Imagination1995Essay
The Literature of Exhaustion1984Essay
The Literature of Replenishment1984Essay
The Ocean of Story1984Essay
The Prose and Poetry of It All; or Dippy Verses1984Essay
The Remobilization of Jacob Horner1958Short Story
The Rest of Your Life1998Short Story
The Ring1998Short Story
The Role of the Prosaic in Fiction1984Essay
The Self in Fiction; or That Ain’t No Matter. That Is Nothing1984Essay
The Sot-Weed Factor1967Book
The Sot-Weed Factor (foreword)1995Essay
The Spanish Connection1995Essay
The Spirit of Place1984Essay
The Tidewater Tales: A Novel1987Book
The Tragic View of Literary Prizes1984Essay
The Tragic View of Recognition1984Essay
Three Stories1994Collectionhttp://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c22-jb.htm
TitleShort Story
Two MeditationsShort Story
Very Like an Elephant: Reality versus Realism1995Essay
Water-MessageShort Story
Waves, by Amien Richard1994Short Story
Western Wind, Eastern Shore1984Essay
Where Three Roads Meet2005Book
Writer’s Choice1984Essay
Writing: Can It Be Taught?1985Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/books/98/06/21/specials/barth-writing.html
Wysiwyg?1998Short Story


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