1340 Louis Zukofsky

Louis Zukofsky

55 Poems1941Collection
80 Flowers (poems)1978Collection
A (poems, complete)1978Collection
A Song for the Year’s End (Daughter of music)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-song-for-the-year-s-end/http://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=3837207&poet=199233&num=1&total=6
A Test of Poetry (anthology, ed.)1948Collection
A Useful Art: Essays and Radio Scripts on American Design2003Collection
A: 1-12 (poems)1959Collection
A: 13-21 (poems)1969Collection
A: 14 (poems)1967Collection
A: 22 & 23 (poems)1975Collection
A: 24 (poems)1972Collection
After I’s (poems)1964Collection
All: The Collected Short Poems, 1923-19581966Collection
All: The Collected Short Poems, 1956-19641967Collection
An Objectivists Anthology (ed.)1932Collection
An Unearthing1965Poem
Anew (poems)1946Collection
Arise, Arise (play)1962Play
Autobiography (poems)1970Collection
Barely & Widely (poems)1958Collection
Bottom: On Shakespeare (criticism)1963Book
Catullus (translations)1969Collection
Catullus Fragmenta (translations)1968Collection
Collected Fiction1990Collection
Complete Short Poetry1991Collection
Ferdinand (poems)1968Collection
Finally a Valentine: A Poem1965Poem
First Half of A 9 (poems)1940Collection
For Careenagers (novel)1970Book
Found Objects: 1962-1926 (poems)1964Collection
Gai Valeri Catulli Veronensis liber/Catullus (translation)1969Collection
I Sent Thee Late (poems)1965Collection
I’s Pronounced Eyes (poems)1963Collection
Initial (poems)1970Collection
It Was (poems)1959Collection
Iyyob (poems)1965Collection
Louis Zukofsky: 16 Once Published (poems)1962Collection
Mantis (Mantis! praying mantis! since your wings’ leaves)Poemhttp://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=4500619&poet=199233&num=2&total=6
Memory of V.I. Ulianov (Immemorial)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/memory-of-v-i-ulianov/http://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=3837437&poet=199233&num=3&total=6
Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky, 1931-19701993Collection
Poem Beginning ’The’1927Poem
Pound/Zukofsky: Selected Letters of Ezra Pound and Louis Zukofsky1987Collection
Prepositions: The Collected Critical Essays of Louis Zukofsky1968Collection
Selected Letters of Ezra Pound and Louis Zukofsky1987Collection
Selected Poems2006Collection
Some Time: Short Poems1956Collection
Song 21 (Snows’ night’s winds on the window rattling)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/song-21-2/http://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=3837092&poet=199233&num=4&total=6
Statements for Poetry1958Book
The Correspondence of William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky2003Collection
The Gas Age (poems)1969Collection
The Immediate Aim (Other than propaganda)Poemhttp://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=3859655&poet=199233&num=5&total=6
The Laws Can Say for P.Z. (We may not always rate)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-laws-can-say-em-for-em-p-z/http://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=3859908&poet=199233&num=6&total=6
The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire/Le Style Apollinaire (criticism)1934Book


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