1329 Abraham B. Yehoshua

Abraham B. Yehoshua

A Journey to the End of the Millennium/Masah El Tom Ha-Elef (novel)1997Book
A Late Divorce/Gerushim Meuharim (novel)1982Book
A Night in May/Layla Be-May (play)1975Play
A Woman in Jerusalem/The HR Supervisor’s Mission (novel)2004Book
An Attempt to Identify the Root Cause of Antisemitism2008Essayhttp://azure.org.il/article.php?id=18
Between Right and Right/Bein Zechut Le-Zechut1980Essay
Early in the Summer of 1970/Bi-Thilat Kayitz, 19701972Short Story
Facing the Forests1970Short Story
Five Seasons/Molcho (novel)1987Book
Friendly Fire: A Duet/Esh Yedidutit (novel)2007Book
Journey to the End of the Millennium (opera libretto)2005Play
Mr. Mani/Mar Manni (novel)1990Book
Open Heart/The Return from India/Ha-Shiv’a Me-Hodu (novel)1994Book
The Continuing Silence of a Poet1988Short Story
The Liberated Bride/Ha-Kala Ha-Meshachreret (novel)2001Book
The Lover/Ha-Me’ahev (novel)1977Book
The Terrible Power of a Minor Guilt/Kocha ha-Nora Shel Ashma Ktana1998Essay
Three Days and a Child/Shlosha Yamim Ve-Yeled1975Short Story


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