1271 Frank Wedekind

Frank Wedekind

A Man of Pleasure/Ein Genussmensch (play)1924Play
Bismarck (play)1916Play
Castle Wetterstein/Schloss Wetterstein (play)1909Play
Censorship/Die Zensur (play)1909Play
Children and Fools/Kinder und Narren (play)1891Play
Collected Letters/Gesammelte Briefe1924Collection
Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke1919-20Collection
Company Overview/Selbstdarstellung1954
Diary of an Erotic Life/Die Tagebucher: ein erotisches Leben1986
Dramatic Arts: A Glossary/Schauspielkunst: Eine Glossarium1910
Earth Spirit/Der Erdgeist (play)1895Playhttp://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/29682

Elin’s Revival/Elins Erweckung (play)1919Play
Fear Nothing/Uberfurchtenichts (play)1917Play
Felix und Galathea (play)1914Play
Five Tragedies of Sex1952Collection
Franziska (play)1910Play
Heracles/Herakles (play)1917Play
Hidalla; or Having and Being/Hidalla; oder, Sein und Haben (play)1904Play
I’ve Killed My Aunt: Lute Songs and Poems/Ich hab mein Tante ...1967Collection
Karl Hetmann, the Dwarf-Giant/Karl Hetmann, der Zwergriese (play)1903Play
King Nicolo; or Such is Life/Konig Nicolo oder So ist das Leben (play)1902Play
Lute Songs/Lautenlieder1920Collection
Meeting in All Saddles/In allen Satteln gerecht (play)1910Play
Mine-Haha: The Corporal Education of Young Girls (novella)1901Book
Mit allen Hunden gehetzt (play)1910Play
Music/Musik (play)1906Play
Pandora’s Box/Die Buchse der Pandora (play)1904PlayPDF
Prosa, Dramen, Verse1954Collection
Samson/Simson, oder Scam und Eifersucht (play)1914Play
Selected Works/Ausgewahlte Werke1924Collection
Spring Awakening/Fruhlings Erwachen (play)1891Play
The Court-Singer; or the Tenor/Die Kammersanger (play)1899Play
The Dance of Death/Death and Devil/Totentanz/Tod und Teufel (play)1906Play
The Dance of Death/Totentanz (play)1905Play
The Empress of Newfoundland/Die Kaiserin von Neu... (pantomime)1902Play
The Fast Painter; or Art and Mammon/Der Schnellmaler (play)1889Play
The Four Seasons/Die vier Jahrzeiten1905
The Love Potion/Der Liebestrank (play)1899Play
The Lulu Plays and Other Sex Tragedies1972Collection
The Lulu Plays1967Collection
The Marquis of Keith/Der Marquis von Keith (play)1901Play
The Philosopher’s Stone/Der Stein der Weisen (play)1909Play
The Princess Rusalka/Die Furstin Russalka1897
The Solar Spectrum/Das Sonnen spektrum (play)1922Play
The Vernummte Men/Der vernummte Herr: Briefe 1881-19171967Collection
The Young World/Die junge Welt1900
Till Eulenspiegel/Oaha, die Satire der Satire (play)1908Play
Washed in all the Waters/In allen Wassern gewaschen (play)1910Play


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