1266 Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh

A Handful of Dust (novel)1934Book
A House of Gentlefolks/The Tutor’s Tale1927Short Story
A Little Learning (autobiography)1964Book
A Little Order1977
A Tourist in Africa (travel)1960Book
Adam and Colonel Blount1956Short Story
An Act of Homage and Reparation to P.G. Wodehouse1961Essay
An Englishman’s Home1938Short Story
An Open Letter to the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster1933Essay
Antony, Who Sought Things That Were Lost1923Short Story
Anything Wrong with Priestley?1957Essay
Awake My Soul! It Is a Lord1955Essay
Basil Seal Rides Again1962Short Story
Bella Fleace Gave a Party1932Short Story
Black Mischief (novel)1932Book
Brideshead Revisited: The ... Memories of Capt. Charles Ryder (novel)1945Book
By Special Request1934Short Story
Charles Ryder’s Schooldays1945Short Story
Church and State in Liberated Croatia1945Essay
Come Inside1949Essay
Commando Raid on Bardia1941Essay
Compassion1949Short Story
Conspiracy to Murder1923Short Story
Converted to Rome1930Essay
Cruise1922Short Story
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (biography)1927Book
Death in Hollywood1947Essay
Decline and Fall (novel)1928Book
Edmund Campion (biography)1935Book
Edward of Unique Achievement1923Short Story
Eldorado Revisited1962Essay
Ethiopia Today: Romance and Reality1930Essay
Excursion in Reality/An Entirely New Angle1932Short Story
Fan Fare1946Essay
Fidon’s Confetion1910-14Short Story
Helena (novel)1950Book
I See Nothing but Boredom ... Everywhere1959Essay
I Step off the Map (travel essays)1933Collection
In Defence of Cubism1917Essay
Incident in Azania1932Short Story
Labels: A Mediterranean Journal1930Essay
Love among the Ruins: A Romance of the Near Future (novel)1953Book
Love in the Slump/The Patriotic Honeymoon1932Short Story
Men at Arms (novel)1952Book
Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing and Other Sad Stories1936Collection
Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing/Mr. Crutwell’s Outing1935Short Story
Mr. Waugh Replies1953Essay
Mr. Wu and Mrs. Stich: The Letters of Waugh and Lady Diana Cooper1991Collection
Multa Pecunia1912Short Story
Ninety-Two Days (travel)1934Book
Nobody Asked Me - but I Stayed the Night1933Essay
Officers and Gentlemen (novel)1955Book
On GuardShort Story
Our Guest of Dishonour1952Essay
Out of Depth1933Short Story
Period Piece1934Short Story
Port Said1936Essay
Portrait of Young Man with Career1923Short Story
Put Out More Flags (novel)1942Book
Remote People (travel)1930Book
Robbery under Law1939Book
Scoop (novel)1938Book
Scott-King’s Modern Europe (novella)1946Book
Six Happy Convicts in a Great Green Prison1933Essay
Sword of Honour (trilogy, novels)1965Collection
Tactical Exercise/The Wish1947Short Story
The American Epoch in the Catholic Church1949Essay
The Balance: A Yarn of the Good Old Days of Broad Trousers ...1925Short Story
The Curse of the Horse Race1910Short Story
The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh1976Collection
The End of the Battle1961Short Story
The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh1984Collection
The Holy Places1952Essay
The House: An Anti-Climax1921Short Story
The Letters of Evelyn Waugh1980Collection
The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh1997Collection
The Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox (biography)1959Book
The Loved One: An Anglo-American Tragedy (novel)1945Book
The Man Who Liked Dickens1933Short Story
The Manager of the Kremlin1930Short Story
The National Game1923Short Story
The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold (novel)1957Book
The Same Again, Please1962Essay
The Slaves of Fear1933Essay
The Sympathetic Passenger1939Short Story
The Temple at Thatch (novel)1924-25Book
The War and the Younger Generation1929Essay
The World to Come: A Poem in Three Cantos1916Poem
The World’s Worst Town1933Essay
The Youngest Generation1921Essay
They Dine with the Past1923Short Story
Too Much Tolerance1932Short Story
Unacademic Exercise: A Nature Story1923Short Story
Unconditional Surrender (novel)1961Book
Up the Road to Nowhere1933Essay
Vile Bodies (novel)1930Book
Was it a Miracle which Saved Me?1933Essay
Waugh in Abyssinia (travel)1936Book
What to Do with the Upper Classes1946Essay
When the Going Was Good (essays)1946Collection
Why Glorify Youth?1932Essay
Why Hollywood Is a Term of Disparagement1947Essay
Wine and Piece in War1947Essay
Winner Takes All1936Short Story
Work Suspended (unfinished novel)1942Book
Youth at the Helm and Pleasure at the Prow1955Essay


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