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Kurt Vonnegut

2BR02B1962Short Storyhttp://publicliterature.org/books/2BR02B/



A Dream of the Future (Not Excluding Lobsters)1985Short Story
A Man without a Country (essays)2005Collection
A Night for Love1957Short Story
A Political Disease1974Essay
A Present for Big Saint Nick1999Short Story
A Song for SelmaShort Story
Adam1954Short Story
Address at Rededication of Whaton College Library, 19731973Oration
Address to Graduating Class at Bennington College, 19701970Oration
Address to P.E.N. Conference in Stockholm, 19731973Oration
Address to the American Physical Society1974Oration
Address to the National Institute of Arts and Letters, 19711971Oration
All the King’s Horses1951Short Story
Ambitious Sophomore1954Short Story
Any Reasonable Offer1952Short Story
Armageddon in Retrospect2008Short Story
Armageddon in Retrospect (short stories and essays)2008Collection
Bagombo Snuff Box1999Short Story
Bagombo Snuff Box (short stories)1999Collection
Between Time and Timbuktu; or Prometheus-5: A Space Fantasy (play)1972Play
Biafra: A People Betrayed1974Essay
Bluebeard: The Autobiography of Rabo Karabekian (1916-88) (novel)1987Book
Breakfast of Champions; or Goodbye Blue Monday! (novel)1973Book
Brief Encounters on the Inland Waterway1966Essay
Brighten UpShort Story
Canary in a Cathouse (short stories)1961Collection
Cat’s Cradle (novel)1963Book
Coda to My Career as a Writer for Periodicals1999Essay
Cold Turkey2004Essay
ConfidoShort Story
Custom-Made Bride1954Short Story
D.P.1953Short Story
Deadeye Dick (novel)1982Book
Dear Felix (letter)1981Legal Document/Correspondence
Dear Mr. McCarthy (letter)1981Legal Document/Correspondence
Deer in the Works1955Short Story
Der Arme Dolmetscher1999Short Story
Dresden Revisited (introduction)1981Essay
Ed Luby’s Key ClubShort Story
Epicac1950Short Story
Excelsior! We’re Going to the Moon! Excelsior!1974Essay
F U B A RShort Story
Fates Worse than Death1990Essay
Fates Worse than Death: An Autobiographical Collage (essays)1990Collection
Fear and Loathing in Morristown, NJ1981Oration
Find Me a Dream1999Short Story
Fortitude1974Short Story
Fortitude (play)1968Play
Galapagos: A Novel (novel)1985Book
Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son1962Short Story
God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian (short stories)1999Collection
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or Pearls before Swine (novel)1965Book
God’s Law1981Oration
Good Missiles, Good Manners, Good Night1974Essay
Great DayShort Story
Guns before ButterShort Story
Hal Irwin’s Magic Lamp1961Short Story
Hall of MirrorsShort Story
Happy Birthday, 19511951Short Story
Happy Birthday, Wanda June (play)1971Play
Harrison Bergeron1961Short Storyhttp://www.nationalreview.com/nroriginals/?q=MDllNmVmNGU1NDVjY2IzODBlMjYzNDljZTMzNzFlZjc
Hello, RedShort Story
Hello, Star Vega1974Essay
Hocus Pocus (novel)1990Book
How Jokes Work (commencement address)1981Oration
How to Write with Style1981Essay
I Am Embarrassed1981Oration
In a Manner that Must Shame God Himself1974Essay
Invite Rita Rait to America!1974Essay
Jailbird (novel)1979Book
James T. Farrell (funeral speech)1981Oration
Jonathan Swift (introduction)1981Essay
Just You and Me, SammyShort Story
King and Queen of the UniverseShort Story
Last Words for a Century1999Essay
Lavina Lyon (funeral speech)1981Oration
Letter from Kurt Vonnegut Jr., to Walter J. Miller, 19511951Legal Document/Correspondence
Letter from PFC Kurt Vonnegut Jr., to His Family, May 29, 19451945Legal Document/Correspondence
Like Shaking Hands with God: A Conversation about Writing1999Essay
Little Drops of WaterShort Story
Long Walk to Forever1960Short Story
Look at the BirdieShort Storyhttp://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/arts/la-ca-kurt-vonnegut18-2009oct18,0,4530239.story
Look at the Birdie (short stories)2009Collection
Louis-Ferdinand Celine (introduction)1981Essay
Lovers Anonymous1963Short Story
Make Up Your Mind (play)1993Play
Mark Twain1981Oration
Miss Temptation1956Short Story
Miss Temptation (play)1993Play
Mnemonics1951Short Story
More Stately Mansions1951Short Story
Mother Night (novel)1961Book
New Dictionary1966Short Story
Next Door1955Short Story
Nothing Is Lost Save Honor (essays)1984Collection
Oversexed in Indianapolis1974Essay
Palm Sunday (sermon)1981Oration
Palm Sunday (short stories, essays, assorted works)1981Collection
Penelope (play)1960Play
Playboy Interview1974Essay
Player Piano (novel)1952Book
Poor Little Rich Town1952Short Story
Reflections on My Own Death1974Essay
Report on the Barnhouse Effect1950Short Story
Requiem (play)1987Play
Runaways1961Short Story
Science Fiction1974Essay
Shout about It from the HousetopsShort Story
Slapstick; or Lonesome No More! (novel)1976Book
Slaughterhouse-Five; or the Children’s Crusade (novel)1969Book
Something Happened (review)1981Essay
Souvenir1952Short Story
SpoilsShort Story
Sun Moon Star (children)1980Book
Susan Sontag and Arthur Miller2005Essayhttp://www.inthesetimes.com/article/1999/
Teaching the Unteachable1974Essay
Thanasphere1950Short Story
The Best of Bob and Ray (introduction)1981Essay
The Big Space Fuck1981Short Story
The Big Trip Up Yonder1954Short Storyhttp://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/30240


The Blood of Dresden2008Essayhttp://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/book_extracts/article4038905.ece
The Books of Bokonon (from Cat’s Cradle)1963Bookhttp://faculty.cns.uni.edu/~wallingf/personal/bokonon.html
The Boy Who Hated Girls1956Short Story
The Chemistry Professor (treatment for a musical comedy)1981Play
The Commandant’s DeskShort Story
The Cruise of the Jolly Roger1999Short Story
The Euphio Question1951Short Story
The Foster Portfolio1951Short Story
The Good ExplainerShort Story
The Honor of a NewsboyShort Story
The Hyannis Port Story1968Short Story
The Idea Killers1984Essay
The Kid Nobody Could Handle1955Short Story
The Lie1962Short Story
The Manned Missiles1958Short Story
The Mysterious Madame Blavatsky1974Essay
The Nice Little PeopleShort Story
The Noodle Factory1981Oration
The No-Talent Kid1952Short Story
The Package1952Short Story
The Petrified AntsShort Story
The Powder-Blue Dragon1999Short Story
The Rocky Graziano of American Letters1981Oration
The Sirens of Titan (novel)1959Book
The Soldier’s Tale/L’Histoire du Soldat (play)1993Play
The Unicorn TrapShort Story
There’s a Maniac Loose Out There1974Essay
Thinking Unthinkable, Speaking Unspeakable1974Essay
This Son of Mine1956Short Story
Thoughts of a Free Thinker (commencement address)1981Oration
Timequake (novel)1997Book
Tom Edison’s Shaggy Dog1953Short Story
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow1953Short Story
Torture and Blubber1974Essay
Un-American Nonsense1981Essay
Unknown SoldierShort Story
Unpaid Consultant1999Short Story
Unready to Wear1961Short Story
Vonnegut’s Speech at Clowes Hall, Indianapolis, April 20072007Oration
Wailing Shall Be in All StreetsShort Story
Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons (essays, assorted works)1974Collection
Welcome to the Monkey House1968Short Story
Welcome to the Monkey House (short stories)1968Collection
What I Liked About Cornell1981Oration
When I Lost My Innocence1981Essay
Where I Live1964Short Story
While Mortals Sleep (short stories)2011Collection
Who Am I This Time?/My Name Is Everyone1961Short Story
Who in America is Truly Happy?1981Essay
Why They Read Hesse1974Essay
William Ellery Channing1981Oration
Yes, We Have No Nirvanas1974Essay


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