1243 Gerald Vizenor

Gerald Vizenor

Almost Ashore (poems)2006CollectionPDF, Excerpts:
Almost Browne1988Short Story
Almost Browne: The Twice Told Trickster1990Short Story
An Introduction to Haiku1992Collection
Authored Animals: Creature Tropes in Native American Fiction1995Essay
Bear Island: The War at Sugar Point (poems)2006Collection
Bearheart: The Heirship Chronicles (novel)1990Book
Blue Horses2006Poem
Bone Courts: The Natural Rights of Tribal Remains1991Essay
Chancers (novel)2000Book
Choir of Memory2006Poem
Crossbloods: Bone Courts, Bingo and Other Reports1990Collection
Darkness in Saint Louis Bearheart (novel)1978Book
Dead Voices: Natural Agonies in the New World (novel)1992Book
Depot Graves2006Poem
Earthdivers: Tribal Narratives on Mixed Descent1981Collection
Empty Swings (poems)Collection
Father Meme (novel)Book
Feral Lasers1989Short Story
Four Skin1991Short Story
Fugitive Poses: Native American Indian Scenes of Absence & Presence1998Collection
Gambling on Sovereignty1992Essay
Griever: An American Monkey King in China (novel)1990Book
Guthrie Theater2006Poem
Harold of Orange (screenplay)1982Play
Hiroshima Bugi: Atomu 57 (novel)2004Book
Hotline Healers: An Almost Browne Novel1997Book
Huffy Henry2006Poem
Interior Landscapes: Autobiographical Myths and Metaphors (autobiog.)1990Book
Investigative Narrative in the Trial... of Thomas James Whitehawk1968Book
Landfill Meditation: Crossblood Stories1991Collection
Manifest Manners: Postindian Warriors of Survivance1994Book
Manifest Manners: The Long Gaze of Christopher Columbus1993Essay
Matsushima (poems)1984Collection
Moccasin Games1990Short Story
Monte Cassino Curiosa: Heart Dancers at the Headwaters1994Short Story
Naming of Ishi Court1993Essay
Narrative Chance1989Essay
Narrative Chance: Postmodern Discourse on Native American Lit. (ed.)1989Collection
Native American Dissolve1990Essay
Native American Indian Identities: Autoinscriptions ...1994Essay
Native American Indian Literature: Critical Metaphors ... Ghost Dance1992Essay
Oshkiwiinag: Heartlines on the Trickster Express1994Short Story
Our Land: Anishinaabe, Haiku Poems1993Essay
Paul Celan2006Poem
Poems Born in the Wind1960Collection
Postindian Conversations (autobiography)1999Book
Postmodern Discourse on Native American Literature1990Essay
Raising the Flag2006Poem
Raising the Moon Vines (poems)1964Collection
Reversal of Fortunes: Tribalism in the Nick of Time1993Essay
Santa Maria Casino (play)1993Play
September Light2006Poem
Seventeen Chirps (poems)1964Collection
Shadow Distance: A Gerald Vizenor Reader1994Collection
Slight Abrasions: A Dialogue in Haiku (poems)Collection
South of the Painted Stones (poems)1963Collection
Summer in the Spring: Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories1993Collection
Survivance: Narratives of Native Presence (ed.)2008Collection
The Envoy to Haiku1993Essay
The Everlasting Sky; New Voices from the People Named the ChippewaCollection
The Heirs of Columbus (novel)1991Book
The Moccasin Games (radio play)1992Play
The Old Park Sleepers (poems)1961Collection
The People Named the Chippewa: Narrative Histories1984Collection
The Pink Flamingos1989Short Story
The Stone Babies1999Short Storyhttp://weberstudies.weber.edu/archive/archive%20C%20Vol.%2016.2-18.1/Vol.%2016.2/geraldvizenor.html
The Stone Trickster1991Short Story
The Tragic Wisdom of Salamanders1993Essay
The Trickster of Liberty: Tribal Heirs to a Wild Baronage (novel)1988Book
Touchwood: A Collection of Ojibway Prose1987Collection
Trickster Discourse1989Essay
Trickster Photography: Simulations in the Ethnographic Present1993Essay
Two Wings the Butterfly (poems)1962Collection
Water Striders (poems)Collection
White Earth2006Poem
Wordarrows: Indians and Whites in the New Fur TradeBook


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