1240 Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

1876 (novel)1976Book
A Search for the King: A 12th Century Legend (novel)1950Book
A Star’s Progress/Cry Shame! (novel)1950Book
A Thirsty Evil1956Short Story
A Thirsty Evil (short stories)1956Collection
A View from the Diner’s Club1991Book
An Evening with Richard Nixon (play)1972Play
Armageddon? (essays)1987Collection
At Home, 1982-1988 (essays)1988Collection
Ben Hur (screenplay, uncredited)1959Play
Billy the Kid (screenplay)1989Play
Blood Kin (screenplay)1969Play
Burr (novel)1973Book
Burr: The Historical Novel2001Essay
Caligula (screenplay)1977Play
Climax!: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (teleplay)1954Play
Clouds and Eclipses2006Short Story
Clouds and Eclipses: The Collected Short Stories2006Collection
Collected Essays1974Collection
Creation (novel)1981Book
Dark Green, Bright Red (novel)1950Book
Death Before Bedtime (novel)1953Book
Death in the Fifth Position (novel)1952Book
Death Likes It Hot (novel)1954Book
Decline and Fall of the American Empire1992Book
Dimenticare Palermo (screenplay)1989Play
Drawing Room Comedy (play)1970Play
Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta (essays)2002Collection
Dress Gray (screenplay)1986Play
Duluth (novel)1983Book
Empire (novel)1987Book
Gore Vidal: Snapshots in History’s Glare2009Book
Great American Families (collaboration)1975Collection
Hollywood: A Novel of America in the 1920s (novel)1990Book
Homage to Daniel Shays1972Essay
I Accuse! (screenplay)1958Play
I Hear America Silenced1976Essay
Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia2004Book
In a Yellow Wood (novel)1947Book
Inventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson (essay)2003Essay
Is Paris Burning? (screenplay)1966Play
Julian (novel)1964Book
Kalki (novel)1978Book
Lincoln (novel)1984Book
Live from Golgatha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal (novel)1992Book
Matters of Fact and of Fiction, 1973-1976 (essays)1977Collection
Messiah (novel)1954Bookhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/001187716
Myra Breckinridge (novel)1968Book
Myron (novel)1974Book
On the March to the Sea (play)1960Play
One Nation, under God, Divisible1994Essay
Palimpsest: A Memoir1995Book
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got ... So Hated (essays)2002Collection
Pink Triangle and Yellow Star1982Essay
Point to Point Navigation (memoir)2006Book
Power Play1972Essay
Reflections upon a Sinking Ship1969Book
Rocking the Boat1962Book
Romulus (play)1962Play
Screening History1992Book
Sex and the Law1965Essay
Sex is Politics and Vice Versa1979Essay
Sex, Death and Money1968Book
Sexually Speaking: Collected Sex Writings1999Collection
Snapshots in History’s Glare (essays)2009Collection
Suddenly Last Summer (screenplay)1959Play
The American Presidency1998Book
The Best Man (play)1960Play
The Best Man (screenplay)1964Play
The Catered Affair (screenplay)1956Play
The City and the Pillar (novel)1946Book
The Essential Gore Vidal1999Collection
The Golden Age (novel)2000Book
The Judgment of Paris (novel)1952Bookhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/001187714
The Last Empire: Essays, 1992-20002001Collection
The Last of the Mobile Hot Shots (screenplay)1970Play
The Left-Handed Gun (teleplay)Play
The Scapegoat (screenplay)1959Play
The Season of Comfort1949Book
The Second American Revolution1982Essay
The Second American Revolution and Other Essays, 1976-19821982Collection
The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal2008Collection
The Sicilian (screenplay, uncredited)1987Play
The Smithsonian Institution (novel)1998Book
Thieves Fall Out (novel)1953Book
Two Sisters: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel (novel)1970Book
United States: Essays, 1952-19921993Collection
Views from a Window (ed.)1981Collection
Virgin Islands1997Essay
Visit to a Small Planet (play)1955Play
Washington D.C. (novel)1967Book
Weekend (play)1968Play
West Point and the Third Loyalty1973Essay
Williwaw/Dangerous Voyage (novel)1946Bookhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/001187724



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