1226 Yoshiko Uchida

Yoshiko Uchida

A Jar of Dreams (children)1981Book
Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family (autobiog.)1982Book
Hisako’s Mysteries (children)1969Book
In-Between Maya (children)1967Book
Invisible Thread: An Autobiography1991Book
Journey Home (children)1992Book
Journey to Topaz: ... the Japanese America Evacuation (children)1971Book
Magic Purse (children)1993Book
Makoto, the Smallest Boy (children)1970Book
Mik and the Prowler (children)1960Book
New Friends for Susan (children)1951Book
Picture Bride (novel)1987Book
Rokubei and the Thousand Rice Bowls (children)1962Book
Samurai of Gold Hill (children)1972Book
Sumi and the Goat and the Tokyo Express (children)1969Book
Sumi’s Prize (children)1964Book
Sumi’s Special Happening (children)1966Book
Takao and Grandfather’s Sword (children)1958Book
Tears of Autumn (children)Book
The Best Bad Thing (children)1983Book
The Birthday Visitor (children)1975Book
The Bracelet (children)1976Book
The Dancing Kettle1949Short Story
The Dancing Kettle and Other Japanese Folk Tales1949Collection
The Forever Christmas Tree (children)1963Book
The Full Circle (children)1957Book
The Happiest Ending (children)1985Book
The Magic Listening Cap: More Folk Tales from Japan1955Collection
The Magic Purse (children)1993Book
The Promised Year (children)1959Book
The Rooster Who Understood Japanese (children)1976Book
The Sea of Gold1965Short Story
The Sea of Gold and Other Tales from Japan1965Collection
The Terrible Leak (children)1990Book
The Two Foolish Cats (children)1987Book
The Wise Old Woman (children)1994Book
Write Idea!1993Book


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