1172 Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges

A Cup of Coffee (play)1954Play
Broadway Melody of 1940 (screenplay, uncredited)1940Play
Carnival in Flanders (musical play)1953Play
Child of Manhattan (play)1932Play
Christmas in July (screenplay/director)1940Play
Christmas in July (teleplay)1954Play
College Swing (screenplay, uncredited)1938Play
Diamond Jim (screenplay)1935Play
Easy Living (screenplay)1937Play
Fast and Loose (dialogue)1930Play
Five ScreenplaysCollection
Four More ScreenplaysCollection
Hail the Conquering Hero (screenplay/director)1944Play
Hotbed (play)1928Play
Hotel Haywire (screenplay)1937Play
I’ll Be Yours (screenplay)1947Play
If I Were King (screenplay)1938Play
Imitation of Life (screenplay, uncredited)1934Play
La Grande Mare (dialogue)1930Play
Love before Breakfast (treatment, uncredited)1936Play
Make a Wish (musical play)1951Play
Never Say Die (screenplay)1939Play
New York Town (screenplay, uncredited)1941Play
Next Time We Love (screenplay, uncredited)1936Play
Port of Seven Seas (screenplay)1938Play
Preston Sturges by Preston Sturges: His Life in His Words1990Book
Recapture (play)1930Play
Remember the Night (screenplay)1940Play
Remember the Night (teleplay)1955Play
Rock-a-Bye Baby (screenplay)1958Play
Safeguarding Military Information (documentary short)1942Play
Strictly Dishonorable (play)1929Play
Sullivan’s Travels (screenplay/director)1941Play
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (screenplay/director)1949Play
The Big Pond (dialogue)1930Play
The Birds and the Bees (screenplay)1956Play
The French, They Are a Funny Race (screenplay/director)1955Play
The Good Fairy (screenplay)1935Play
The Great McGinty (screenplay/director)1940Play
The Great McGinty (teleplay)1955Play
The Great Moment (screenplay/director)1942Play
The Guinea Pig (play)1929Play
The Invisible Man (screenplay, uncredited)1933Play
The Lady Eve (screenplay/director)1941Play
The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (screenplay/director)1942Play
The Palm Beach Story (screenplay/director)1942Play
The Power and the Glory (screenplay)1933Play
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock/Mad Wednesday (screenplay/director)1947Play
The Well of Romance (musical play)1930Play
They Just Had to Get Married (screenplay, uncredited)1932Play
Thirty Day Princess (screenplay)1934Play
Three More ScreenplaysCollection
Twentieth Century (screenplay, uncredited)1934Play
Unfaithfully Yours (screenplay/director)1948Play
Vendetta (play, uncredited)1950Play
We Live Again (screen adaptation)1934Play


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