1140 Terry Southern

Terry Southern

A Change of Style1967Essay
A South Summer Idyll1967Essay
Apartment to Exchange1967Essay
At Home with Larry FlyntEssayExcerpt:
Barbarella (screenplay)1967Play
Blue Movie (novel)1970BookExcerpt:
By Our Mark Shall Ye Know Us!1993Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/t_PPN.htm
Candy (novel)1958Book
Celebrating the Retirement of Jesse HelmsEssayExcerpt:
Dr. Strangelove (screenplay)1964Play
Easy Rider (screenplay)1968Play
End of the Road (screenplay)1969Play
Fair Game1957Short Story
Flash and Filigree (novel)1958Book
G.I.D.O. II - Special-Op Ollie Works up Some Heft1994Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/t_golly.htm
Grooving in Chi1968Essayhttp://www.pbs.org/newshour/convention96/retro/southern.html
Guy Grand’s Magic1960Short Story
I Am Mike Hammer1967Essay
Journal of the Loved One (novel)1965Book
Love Is a Many Splendored1967Essay
Make My Day - Time for der Foreign [Gulf] Adventure! (sketch)1980Playhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/t_reagan.htm
Mother Mischief1994Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/mother.htm
Naked Lunch (review)1964Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/nakedlunch.html
On Bombing and Turkey Shoots1992Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/quote_11.htm
Plums and Prunes (play)1967Play
Putting American Pride to Work...at Something Besides Killing1992Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/t_pride.htm
Randy: The Electric Lady (screenplay)1980Play
Razor Fight1967Essay
Recruiting for the Big Parade1967Essay
Red Dirt Marijuana1967Essay
Red Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes1967Collection
Red Giant on Our Doorstep!1967Essay
Scandale at the Dumpling Shop1967Essay
Sea Change1957Short Story
Stop Thief! (teleplay)1975Play
Terry Southern Interviews a Faggot Male Nurse1967Essay
Texas Summer (novel)1992Book
The Automatic Gate1967Essay
The Blood of a Wig1967Short Story
The Butcher1967Essay
The Cincinnati Kid (screenplay)1966Play
The Collector (screenplay)1965Play
The Face of the Arena1967Short Story
The Loved One (screenplay)1965Play
The Magic Christian (novel)1959Book
The Magic Christian (screenplay)1970Play
The Moon-Shot Scandal1967Essay
The Night the Bird Blew for Doctor Warner1956Short Story
The Road out of Axotle1962Short Story
The Sun and the Still-Born Stars1967Essay
The Telephone (screenplay)1986Play
Trib to Al - Allen Ginsberg and Chicago ’681986Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/trib_al.htm
Twirling at Ole Miss1962Essay
William Gaddis and Henry Miller1962Essayhttp://www.terrysouthern.com/texts/revolt2.htm
Writers in Revolt (novel)1960Book
You Gotta Leave Your Mark1967Essay
You’re Too Hip, Baby1963Short Story


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