1137 Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag

A Note on Novels and Films1966Essay
A Parsifal (play)1991Play
Afterword: Thirty Years Later1966Essay
Against Interpretation1966Essay
Against Interpretation (essays)1966Collection
AIDS and Its Metaphors1988Book
Alice in Bed (play)1993Play
American Spirits1977Essay
Approaching Artaud1973Essay
At the Same Time: Essays & Speeches2007Collection
Baby1974Short Story
Bergman’s Persona1969Essay
Brother Carl/Broder Carl (screenplay)1971Play
Cage-Cunningham-Johns: Dancers on a Plane, in Memory of Their ...1990
Camus’ Notebooks1966Essay
Death Kit (novel)1967Book
Doctor Jekyll1977Essay
Duet for Cannibals/Duett for kannibaler (screenplay)1969Play
Fascinating Fascism1974Essayhttp://www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/classes/33d/33dTexts/SontagFascinFascism75.htm
Freud: The Mind of the Moralist (collaboration)1959Book
Godard’s Vivre Sa Vie1966Essay
Going to Theater, etc.1966Essay
Happenings: An Art of Radical Juxtaposition1966Essay
Homo Poeticus (essays and interviews, ed.)1995Collection
I, Etcetera (short stories)1977Collection
Illness as Metaphor1978Book
In America (novel)1999Book
Italy: One Hundred Years of Photography1988Book
Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures1966Essay
Lady from the Sea (play, adaptation)1999Play
Michel Leiris’ Manhood1966Essay
Mind as Passion1980Essay
Nathalie Sarraute and the Novel1966Essay
Notes on Camp1964Essayhttp://interglacial.com/~sburke/pub/prose/Susan_Sontag_-_Notes_on_Camp.html
Old Complaints Revisited1977Essay
On Paul Goodman1972Essay
On Photography (essays)1977Collection
On Self (journal entries)1958-67Collectionhttp://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/10/magazine/10sontag.html?_r=3&oref=slogin&pagewanted=all
On Style1966Essay
One Culture and the New Sensibility1966Essay
Piety without Content1966Essay
Project for a Trip to China1977Essay
Promised Lands (screenplay)1974Play
Psychoanalysis and Norman O. Brown’s Life against Death1966Essay
Reborn: Journals and Notebooks 1947-19642008Collection
Reflections on the Deputy1966Essay
Regarding the Pain of Others (essays)2002Collection
Remembering Barthes1980Essay
Resnais’ Muriel1966Essay
Sartre’s Saint Genet1966Essay
Simone Weil1966Essay
Spiritual Style in the Films of Robert Bresson1966Essay
Styles of Radical Will (essays)1969Collection
Syberberg’s Hitler1980Essay
The Aesthetics of Silence1969Essay
The Anthropologist as Hero1966Essay
The Artist as Exemplary Sufferer1966Essay
The Benefactor (novel)1963Book
The Death of Tragedy1966Essay
The Dummy1977Essay
The Friedenspreis Acceptance Speech2003Oration
The Imagination of Disaster1966Essay
The Literary Criticism of Georg Lukacs1966Essay
The Pornographic Imagination1969Essay
The Talk of the Town2001Essayhttp://www.msgr.ca/msgr-3/talk_of_the_town_susan_sontag.htm
The Volcano Lover (novel)1992Book
The Way We Live Now1986Short Story
Theatre and Film1969Essay
Thinking against Oneself: Reflections on Cioran1969Essay
Trip to Hanoi1969Essay
Under the Sign of Saturn1978Essay
Under the Sign of Saturn (essays)1980Collection
Unguided Tour1977Essay
Unguided Tour/Letter from Venice (screenplay)1983Play
Violent Legacies1992Essay
What’s Happening in America1966Essay
Where the Stress Falls (essays)2001Collection
Why Are We in Kosovo?1999Essay


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