1111 Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard

4-H Club (play)1965Play
A Lie of the Mind (play)1985Play
A Short Life of Trouble (play)1987Play
Action (play)1975Play
Ages of the Moon (play)2009Play
Angel City & Other Plays1976Collection
Angel City (play)1976Play
Back Bog Beast Bait (play)1971Play
Blue Bitch (play)1973Play
Buried Child (play)1978Play
Chicago (play)1965Play
Cowboy Mouth (play)1971Play
Cowboys #2 (play)1967Play
Cowboys (play)1964Play
Cruising Paradise1996Collection
Curse of the Starving Class (play)1976Play
Day out of Days: Stories2010Collection
Dog (play)1965Play
Don’t Come Knocking (screenplay)2005Play
Eyes for Consuela (play)1998Play
Far North (screenplay/director)1988Play
Five Plays1967Collection
Fool for Love (play)1994Play
Fool for Love (screenplay)1985Play
Fool for Love and Other Plays1984Collection
Forensic and the Navigators (play)1967Play
Fourteen Hundred Thousand (play)1966Play
Geography of a Horse Dreamer (play)1974Play
Great Dream Of Heaven2003Collection
Hawk Moon: A Book of Short Stories, Poems and Monologues1981Collection
Icarus’ Mother (play)1965Play
Inacoma (play)1977Play
Jacaranda (play)1979Play
Kicking a Dead Horse (play)2007Play
Killer’s Head (play)1975Play
La Turista (play)1967Play
Letters and Texts, 1972-19841989Collection
Little Ocean (play)1974Play
Mad Dog Blues & Other Plays1972Collection
Mad Dog Blues (play)1971Play
Maxagasm (play)1970Play
Me and My Brother (screenplay)1968Play
Melodrama Play (play)1967Play
Motel Chronicles1982Collection
Nightwalk (play)1973Play
Operation Sidewinder (play)1970Play
Paris, Texas (play)1984Play
Paris, Texas (screenplay)1984Play
Red Cross (play)1966Play
Rocking Chair (play)1965Play
Rolling Thunder LogbookCollection
Savage Love (play)1979Play
Seduced (play)1978Play
Seven Plays1981Collection
Shaved Splits (play)1970Play
Silent Tongue (play)1994Play
Silent Tongue (screenplay/director)1994Play
Simpatico (play)1994Play
Slave of the Camera (play)1991Play
States of Shock (play)1991Play
Suicide in B Flat (play)1976Play
Superstitions (play)1983Play
The God of Hell (play)2004Play
The Holy Ghostly (play)1969Play
The Late Henry Moss (play)2001Play
The Notebook (play)2004Play
The Rock Garden (play)1964Play
The Sad Lament of Pecos Bill on the Eve of Killing His Wife (play)1976Play
The Tooth of Crime (play)1972Play
The Unseen Hand (play)1969Play
The Unseen Hand and Other Plays1972Collection
The War in Heaven (radio play)1985Play
Tongues (play)1978Play
True West (play)1980Play
Up to Thursday (play)1964Play
When the World Was Green (play)1996Play
When the World Was Green: A Chef’s Fable1991Short Story
Zabriskie Point (screenplay)1970Play


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