1090 George Schuyler

George Schuyler

Black and Conservative (autobiography)1966Book
Black Empire (novel)1937-38Book
Black No More (novel)1931Book
Black WarriorsShort Story
Blessed Are the Sons of Ham1927Essay
Carl Van Vechten (biographical essay)Essay
Devil Town: An Enthralling Story of Tropical Africa (novella)1933Book
Ethiopian Stories1995Collection
Fifty Years of Progress in Negro Journalism1950Book
Golden Gods: A Story of Love, Intrigue and Adventure ... (novella)1933-34Book
Negro-Art Hokum1926Essay
Our Greatest Gift to America1927Essay
Our White Folks1927Essay
Rac(e)ing to the Right: Selected Essays of George S. Schuyler2001Collection
Racial Intermarriage in the United States1928Essay
Revolt in Ethiopia (novella)Book
Slaves Today: A Story of Liberia (novel)1930Book
Strange Valley (novella)1934Book
The Beast of Bradhurst Avenue (novella)1934Book
The Black Internationale (novella)1930Book
The Communist Conspiracy against the Negroes1947Book
The Ethiopian Murder Mystery (novella)Book
The Negro-Art Hokum1926Essay
The Reds and I1968Essay
WoofShort Story


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