1084 William Saroyan

William Saroyan

$2400 for Kindness1935Short Story
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Short Story
A Decent Birth, a Happy Funeral (play)1949Play
A Favor for a Friend1957Short Story
A Glass of Water1956Short Story
A Native American (short stories)1938Collection
A New Chapter in the Human Comedy1964Short Story
A Nice Old-Fashioned Romance, with Love Lyrics and Everything1940Short Story
A Note on Hilaire Hiler1962Essay
A Number of Writers1939Essay
A Special Announcement (play)1940Play
A Tale about a Wife1940Short Story
A Theme in the Life of the Great American Goof (play)1940Play
A Valentine1966Short Story
A Word to Scoffers1940Short Story
Accident at the County Fair1965Short Story
Across the Board on Tomorrow Morning (play)1941Play
Advice to a Traveller1940Short Story
After Thirty Years: The Daring Young Man ... Flying Trapeze (novel)1964Book
Ah Man (play)1962Play
Alive1964Short Story
An Act or Two of Foolish Kindness (short stories)1976Collection
An Armenian Trilogy (plays)1986Collection
An Ornery Kind of Kid1949Short Story
Armenian (play)1971Play
Assassinations (play)1974Play
Bad Men in the West (play)1942Play
Being Refined1965Short Story
Best Wishes to a Former Mistress and Carl Sandburg, etc.1968Essay
Big Shot1950Short Story
Births (essays)1983Collection
Boys and Girls Together (novel)1963Book
Cat, Mouse, Man, Woman (play)1958Play
Chance Meetings (essays)1978Collection
Chris Sick; or Happy New Year Anyway
Coming through the Rye (play)1942Play
Comma I: A Short Story1998Short Story
Cowards1974Short Story
Crying Man of Paris1965Short Story
Days of Life and Death and Escape to the Moon1970Short Story
Days of Life and Death and Escape to the Moon (short stories)1971Collection
Dear Baby (short stories)1944Collection
Decision on the 19,131st Day1963Short Story
Dentist and Patient (play)1968Play
Don’t Go Away Mad (play)1947Play
Don’t Go Away Mad and Two Other Plays1949Collection
Don’t Laugh Unless It’s Funny1966Short Story
Elmer and Lily (play)1939Play
Ever Been in Love with a Midget? (play)1957Play
Ever Fall in Love with a Midget?1938Short Story
Famous Faces and Other Friends1976
Five Ripe Pears1935Short Story
Follow (unpublished novella)Short Storyhttp://www.fresnobee.com/static/2008/features/wsflash/
For Love of Daisy1958Short Story
Fresno Stories1994Collection
Get Away Old Man (play)1943Play
Growing Up in FresnoEssayhttp://www.williamsaroyansociety.org/growing-up-in-fresno
Gus the Gambler1945Short Story
Hanging around the Wabash (play)1961Play
Harlem as Seen by Hirschfield1939Essay
Harry1958Short Story
He Said He Was Sorry1939Short Story
Hello Out There1959Short Story
Hello Out There (play)1941Play
Help, the Newsboy Hollered1967Short Story
Here Comes, There Goes, You Know Who (autobiography)1961Book
Hero of the World (play)1940Play
High Times along the Wabash (play)1961Play
Hilltop Russians in San Francisco1941
History and the Hollywood Writers1938Essay
Horsey Gorsey and the Frog1968Short Story
Husband and Wife (play)1968Play
I Used to Believe I Had Forever, Now I’m Not So Sure (short stories)1968Collection
In the Land of the Midnight Sun1962Short Story
Inhale and Exhale (short stories)1936Collection
It’s Me O Lord!1964Short Story
Jim Dandy: Fat Man in a Famine (play)1947Play
Laura, Immortal1935Short Story
Letters from 74 Rue Taitbout; or Don’t Go, but if You Must ... (novel)1969Book
Little Children (short stories)1937Collection
Little Miss Universe1973Short Story
Little Moral Tales - East1938Short Story
Locomotive 38, the Ojibway1940Short Story
Look at Us; Let’s See (short stories)1967Collection
Love Here Is My Hat1938Short Story
Love, Here Is My Hat and Other Short Romances1938Collection
Love’s Old Sweet Song (play)1940Play
Lover’s Leap1964Short Story
Madness in the Family1967Short Story
Madness in the Family (short stories)1988Collection
Making Money and Nineteen Other Very Short Plays1969Collection
Mama I Love You (novel)1956Book
Me1963Short Story
Morris Hirschfield1976
My Back to the World1963Short Story
My Cousin Dikran, the Orator1940Short Story
My Heart’s in the Highlands (play)1939Play
My Kind of Crazy, Wonderful People: Seventeen Stories and a Play1964Collection
My Name Is Aram (short stories)1940Collection
My Name Is Saroyan1983
Not Dying (memoir)1963Book
Obituaries (essays)1979Collection
Old Country Advice to the American Traveler1940Short Story
Once around the Block (play)1959Play
One Day in the Afternoon of the World (novel)1964Book
One of our Future Poets, You Might Say1940Short Story
One of the Least Famous of the Great Love Affairs of History1945Short Story
Opera, Opera (play)1950Play
Papa You’re Crazy (novel)1957Book
Paris Is the Place for You1961Short Story
Patient, This I Believe (play)1963Play
Peace, It’s Wonderful (short stories)1939Collection
Pheasant Hunter: About Fathers and Sons1986Short Story
Picnic Time1973Short Story
Places Where I’ve Done Time (essays)1957Collection
Pointy Shoes1965Short Story
Pomegranate TreesShort Story
Razzle Dazzle (short stories)1942Collection
Resurrection of a LifeShort Story
Rock Wagram (novel)1951Book
Sam Ego’s House (play)1949Play
Sam, the Highest Jumper of Them All; or the London Comedy (play)1960Play
Saroyan Memoirs1994Book
Saroyan’s Fables1941Collection
Settled out of Court (play)1960Play
Seventy Thousand Assyrians1935Short Story
Short Drive, Sweet Chariot (novel)1966Book
Snake1944Short Story
Some Day I’ll Be a Millionaire: 34 More Great Stories1944Collection
Sons Come and Go, Mothers Hang in Forever (essays)1976Collection
Subway Circus (play)1940Play
Sweeney in the Trees (play)1940Play
Sweetheart Sweetheart SweetheartShort Story
Take Her to Vegas1961Short Story
Tales from the Vienna Streets (play)1980Play
Talking to You (play)1942Play
Thank You Very Much for Everything, and Don’t Worry1961Short Story
The Accident (play)1958Play
The Actress and the Cop (novella)1957Short Story
The Adventures of Wesley Jackson (novel)1946Book
The Agony of Little Nations (play)1940Play
The Ants1938Short Story
The Art of Superior Inferiority1963Essay
The Ashtree Talkers1977
The Assyrian and Other Stories1950Collection
The Author in Love1939Short Story
The Barber Whose Uncle had His Head Bitten Off by a Circus Tiger1945Short Story
The Beautiful People (play)1941Play
The Bicycle Rider in Beverly Hills (essays)1952Collection
The Biggest Watermelon Anybody Ever Saw1965Short Story
The Bike1953Short Story
The Boy Who Was Different1950Short Story
The California Cap and the New York Hat1964Short Story
The Cave Dwellers (play)1957Play
The Circus1938Short Story
The Crazy Lady in the Red Bikini1965Short Story
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze1935Short Story
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze and Other Stories1934Collection
The Dogs; or the Paris Comedy (play)1968Play
The Dogs; or the Paris Comedy and Two Other Plays1969Collection
The Fifty-Yard Dash1940Short Story
The Filipino and the DrunkardShort Story
The Fiscal Hoboes1949
The Gay and Melancholy Flux (short stories)1937Collection
The Genius1941Short Story
The Girl at the Bar1955Short Story
The Human Comedy (novel)1943Book
The Human Opera1945
The Hummingbird that Lived through WinterShort Story
The Hungerers (play)1939Play
The Insurance Salesman1941Short Story
The Insurance Salesman and Other Stories1946Collection
The Journey to Hanford1940Short Story
The Laughing Matter/A Secret Story (novel)1953Book
The Man with the Heart in the Highlands (play)1938Play
The Man with the Heart in the Highlands and Other Stories1968Collection
The Miraculous Phonograph Record1983Short Story
The MournerShort Story
The New Play (play)1970Play
The Odds Were Always Right1957Short Story
The Oldest Story1963Short Story
The Oranges1936Short Story
The Oyster and the Pearl (teleplay)1953Play
The Paris Comedy; or the Secret of Lily (play)1960Play
The Parsley Garden (play)1992Play
The People with Light Coming out of Them (play)1941Play
The Personal Secretary1962Short Story
The Ping Pong Circus (play)1940Play
The Playwright and the Public (play)1963Play
The Plot1951Short Story
The Poetic Situation in America (play)1942Play
The Pomegranate Trees1940Short Story
The Poor and Burning Arab1940Short Story
The Presbyterian Choir Singers1939Short Story
The Rebirth Celebrations of the Human Race at Artie Zabala’s ... (play)1975Play
The Saroyan Special: Selected Short Stories1948Collection
The Shepherd’s Daughter1934Short Story
The Slaughter of the Innocents (play)1952Play
The Son (play)1950Play
The Stolen Secret (play)1954Play
The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse1938Short Story
The Swimmers1966Short Story
The Three Swimmers and the Grocer from Yale1940Short Story
The Time of Your Life (play)1939Play
The Time of Your Life and Other Plays1942Collection
The Tooth and My Father (novel)1974Book
The Trains1937Short Story
The Trouble with Tigers (short stories)1938Collection
The Twin Adventures (short stories)1950Collection
The Whole Voyald1956Short Story
The Whole Voyald and Other Stories1956Collection
Third Day after Christmas1926Short Story
Those Who Write Them and Those Who Collect Them1934
Three Armenian Stories1940Short Story
Three Fragments and a Story1939
Three Plays by William Saroyan1943Collection
Three Plays1940Collection
Three Tales1967Short Story
Three Times Three (short stories)1936Collection
Tijuana: Tramptown1964Short Story
To Be Courteous to Women1963Short Story
Tracy’s Tiger (novel)1952Book
Trio1957Short Story
Two Short Paris Summertime Plays of Nineteen Seventy-Four1979Collection
Warsaw Visitor (play)1991Play
Warsaw Visitor, Tales from the Vienna Streets: The Last Two Plays1991Collection
We Want a Touchdown1938Essay
Wesley Finds His Girl1947Short Story
What a World, Said the Bicycle Rider1962Short Story
What I Think about Short Stories1964Essay
Where the Bones Go (essays)2002Collection
Why Abstract?Essay
Why I Choose This Story1968Essay
Writer to Writer: Readings on the Craft of Writing1966Book
Writer’s Son1949Short Story


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