1077 Sonia Sanchez

Sonia Sanchez

360 Degrees of Blackness Coming at Ya! (anthology, ed.)Collection
A Blues Book for a Blue Black Magic Woman (poems)1973Collection
A Love Poem Written for Sterling Brown (I’m gonna get me some)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez7.html

A Poem for My Father: 96 Years Old on Feb. 29, 2000 (With exact)2000Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez6.html

A Sound Investment (children)Book
Ash (poems)2001Collection
Autumn Blues: New Poems1994Collection
Ballad (Forgive me if i laugh)2007Poemhttp://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/19520


Black Cats and Uneasy Landings (play)Play
Blues (In the night)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez10.html

Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam2001Collection
Continuous Fire: A Collection of Poetry1994Collection
Does Your House Have Lions (poems)1997Collection
Haiku (we are sudden stars)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez1.html

Homecoming (poems)1969Collection
Homegirls and Handgrenades (poems)1985Collection
I’m Black When I’m Singing, I’m Blue When I Ain’t (play)1982Play
I’m Black when I’m Singing, I’m Blue when I Ain’t and Other Plays2010Collection
I’ve Been a Woman: New and Selected Poems1978Collection
Ima Talken bout the Nation of Islam1972Poem
It’s a New Day (children)Book
It’s a New Day: Poems for Young Brothas and Sistuhs1971Collection
Liberation Poem1970Poem
Like the Singing Coming off of Drums (poems)1998Collection
Love Poems1973Collection
Malcolm Man/Don’t Live Here No More (play)1979Play
Morning Haiku (poems)2010Collection
Personal Letter No. 3 (Nothing will keep)Poemhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/personal-letter-no-3/

Poem No. 3 (I gather up)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez4.html

Poem No. 8 (I’ve been a woman)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez9.html

Shake Down Memory: A Collection of Political Essays and SpeechesCollection
Shake Loose My Skin (poems)1999Collection
Sista Son/Ji (play)1972Play
Sound Investment: Short Stories for Young Readers1980Collection
Tanka (I kneel down like a)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez8.html

The Adventures of Fat Head, Small Head and Square Head (children)1973Book
The Bronx is Next (play)1970Play
To Anita (High/yellow/black/girl)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez3.html

Uh Huh, but How Do It Free Us? (play)1975Play
Under a Soprano Sky (Once i lived on pillars in a green house)1987Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/soniasanchez5.html

Under a Soprano Sky (poems)1987Collection
We a Baddddd People (poems)1970Collection
We Be Word Sorcerers (anthology, ed.)Collection
Wounded in the House of a Friend (poems)1995Collection


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