1056 Phillip Roth

Phillip Roth

A Bit of Jewish Mischief1993Essay
A Jewish Patient Begins His Analysis1967Short Story
A Man Saved by His Skills. Conversation in Turin with Primo Levi1986Essay
A New Man1967Short Story
A Philip Roth Reader1980Collection
American Fiction1961Essay
American Pastoral (novel)1997Book
An Actor’s Life for Me (novella)1964Short Story
An Exchange with Mary McCarthy1998Essay
Armando and the Fraud1953Short Story
Channel X: Two Plays on the Race Conflict (review)1964Essay
Conversation in Jerusalem with Aharon Appelfeld1988Essay
Conversation in London and Connecticut with Milan Kundera1980Essay
Conversation in London with Edna O’Brien1984Essay
Conversation in New York with Isaac Bashevis Singer ... Bruno Schulz1976Essay
Conversation in Prague with Ivan Klima1990Essay
Coronation on Channel Two (review)1957Essay
Country Report: Czechoslovakia1973Essay
Deception (novel)1990Book
Defender of the Faith1959Short Story
Dialog: Philip Roth1977Essay
Dr. Huvelle: A Biographical Sketch1993Essay
Drenka’s Men1995Short Story
Eli, the Fanatic1959Short Story
Epstein1958Short Story
Everyman (novel)2006Book
Exit Ghost (novel)2007Book
Expect the Vandals1958Short Story
Films as Sociology (review)1957Essay
Goodbye, Columbus (novella)1959Short Story
Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories1959Collection
Heard Melodies Are Sweeter1958Short Story
His Mistress’ Voice1986Short Story
I Couldn’t Restrain Myself1992Essay
I Don’t Want to Embarrass You (review)1957Essay
I Married a Communist (novel)1998Book
Imagining Jews (review)1974Essay
In Search of Kafka and Other Answers1976Essay
Indignation (novel)2008Book
Introduction to Jiri Weil, Two Stories about Nazis and Jews1974Essay
Introduction to Milan Kundera, Edward and God1974Essay
Iowa: A Very Far Country Indeed1962Essay
Jewishness and the Younger Intellectuals (review)1961Essay
Juice or Gravy? How I Met My Fate in a Cafeteria1994Essay
Letting Go (novel)1962Book
Looking at Kafka (review)1973Essay
Mrs. Lindbergh, Mr. Ciardi and the Teeth & Claws ... Civilized World1957Essay
My Life as a Man (novel)1974Book
Nemesis (novel)2010Book
Novotny’s Pain1962Short Story
Oh, Ma, Let Me Join the National Guard1988Essay
Oh, to Be in England1977Short Story
On the Air1970Short Story
Operation Shylock: A Confession (novel)1993Book
Our Gang: Starring Tricky and His Friends (novel)1971Book
Patrimony: A True Story (memoir)1991Book
Philip Roth Talks to Teens1963Essay
Philip Roth Tells about When She Was Good1967Essay
Philosophy, or Something Like That1952Short Story
Pictures of Guston1989Essay
Pictures of Malamud1986Essay
Portnoy’s Complaint (novel)1969Book
Positive Thinking on Pennsylvania Avenue1957Essay
Reading Myself and Others (essays)1975Collection
Recollections from Beyond the Last Rope1959Essay
Rereading Saul Bellow2000Essay
Rescue from Philosophy (review)1957Essay
Sabbath’s Theater (novel)1995Book
Seasons of Discontent (review)1965Essay
Second Dialogue in Israel1963Essay
Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work (essays)2001Collection
Smart Money1981Short Story
Susan1974Short Story
The Anatomy Lesson (novel)1983Book
The Box of Truths1952Short Story
The Breast (novella)1972Short Story
The Collar1983Short Story
The Contest for Aaron Gold1955Short Story
The Conversion of the Jews1958Short Story
The Counterlife (novel)1986Book
The Day It Snowed1954Short Story
The Dying Animal (novel)2001Book
The Facts: A Novelist’s Autobiography1988Book
The Fence1953Short Story
The Final Delivery of Mr. Thorn1954Short Story
The Ghost Writer (novel)1979Book
The Good Girl1960Short Story
The Great American Novel (novel)1973Book
The Human Stain (novel)2000Book
The Humbling (novel)2009Book
The Hurdles of Satire (review)1957Essay
The Kind of Person I Am1958Essay
The Love Vessel1959Short Story
The Mistaken1960Short Story
The National Pastime (play)1965Play
The Plot against America (novel)2004Book
The Prague Orgy (novella)1985Short Story
The Professor of Desire (novel)1977Book
The Proper Study of Show Business (review)1957Essay
The Psychoanalytic Special1963Short Story
The Ultimatum1995Short Story
Very Happy Poems1962Short Story
When She Was Good (novel)1967Book
You Can’t Tell a Man by the Song He Sings1957Short Story
Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy and Epilogue1985Collection
Zuckerman Unbound (novel)1981Book


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