1028 Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed

19 Necromancers from Now1970
A Secretary to the Spirits (poems)1978Collection
African-American Literature: A Brief Introduction & Anthology (ed.)Collection
Airing Dirty Laundry (essays)1993Collection
Another Day at the Front: Dispatches from the Race War2003
Asian-American Literature: A Brief Introduction & Anthology (ed.)Collection
Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media (essays)2010Collection
Beware: Do Not Read This Poem (tonite, thriller was)1969Poemhttp://www.math.buffalo.edu/~sww/reed/reed_ishmael_poetry.html#do%20not%20read%20this%20poem
Blues City: A Walk in Oakland (travel)2003Book
Body Parts (play)Play
Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon or D Hexorcism of ... (play)1970Play
Califia: The California Poetry1978Collection
Catechism of D Neoamerican HooDoo Church (poems)1970Collection
Chattanooga (poems)1973Collection
Conjure: Selected Poems, 1963-19701972Collection
Dark ErosBook
Eminent Contrarian2000Essayhttp://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/m_r/reed/contrarian.htm
Flight to Canada (novel)1976Book
Gethsemane Park (libretto)1998Play
God Made Alaska for the Indians: Selected Essays1982Collection
Hispanic-American Literature: A Brief Introduction & Anthology (ed.)Collection
Hubba City (play)Play
I Am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra1989Poemhttp://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/16178
Ishmael Reed: The Plays2009Collection
Jacket Notes (Being a colored poet)Poemhttp://www.math.buffalo.edu/~sww/reed/reed_ishmael_poetry.html#Jacket%20Notes
Japanese by Spring (novel)1993Book
Juice! (novel)2011Book
Keep America from Voting Act2004Essay
Mixing It Up: Taking on the Media Bullies and Other Reflections2008Collection
Mother Hubbard (play)Play
Mother Hubbard (play)1982Play
MultiAmerica: Essays on Cultural Wars and Cultural Peace1997Collection
Mumbo Jumbo (novel)1972Book
Neo-HooDoo Manifesto1972
New and Collected Poems1988Collection
Oakland Rhapsody: The Secret Soul of an American Downtown1995
Poem from Mumbo Jumbo (Look at them! Just look at them!)1972Poemhttp://www.math.buffalo.edu/~sww/reed/reed_ishmael_poetry.html#isre1
Reckless Eyeballing (novel)1986Book
Savage Wilds (play)Play
Shrovetide in Old New Orleans (essays)1978Collection
Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (travel)1990Book
The Ace Boons (play)1980Play
The C above C Above High C (play)Play
The Free-Lance Pallbearers (novel)1967Book
The Last Days of Louisiana Red (novel)1974Book
The New American Diplomacy2008Essay
The Preacher and the Rapper (play)Play
The Reed Reader2000Collection
The Terrible Threes (novel)1989Book
The Terrible Twos (novel)1982Book
The Writer and the Fighter: Two American Stories (nonfiction)2011Collection
Unequal Rights for Haters1999Essayhttp://www.salon.com/news/1999/01/23newsa.html
Writin’ is Fightin’: Thirty-Seven Years of Boxing on Paper (essays)1988Collection
Yardbird Lives!1978
Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down (novel)1969Book


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