1011 J.B. Priestley

J.B. Priestley

A Glass of Bitter1954
A Pavilion of Masks (play)1958Play
A Severed Head (play)1964Play
A Smash-Hit Farce1944Essay
A Visit to New Zealand1974
Adam in Moonshine (novel)1927Book
Adventures in English Literature (ed.)1963Collection
Albert Goes Through (novella)1933Book
All about Ourselves1956
All England Listened1968Essay
America Becomes Nation Number One1938Essay
An Arabian Night in Park Lane1932Short Story
An Inspector Calls (play)1945Play
Angel Pavement (novel)1930Book
Anton Chekhov1970Essay
Apes and Angels1928
Bad Companions1931Short Story
Bees on the Boat1936
Benighted (novel)1927Book
Black-Out on Gretley: A Story of - and for - Wartime (novel)1942Book
Brief Diversions1922Collectionhttp://www.archive.org/stream/briefdiversionsb00prieuoft#page/n3/mode/2up

Bright Day (novel)1946Book
Bright Shadow1950
Britain at War1942Essay
Britain Speaks1940Essay
British Women Go to War1943Essay
Charles Dickens1961Essay
Come Wind, Come Weather1950
Coming to London1956Essay
Dangerous Corner (play)1932Play
Daylight on Saturday (novel)1943Book
Desert Highway1944
Dragon’s Mouth (play)1952Play
Duet in Floodlight1935
Eden End (play)1934Play
English Humour1929Essay
English Journey1933Book
Essayist Past and Present (ed.)1925Collection
Essays of Five Decades1968Collection
Ever Since Paradise1946
Faraway (novel)1932Book
Farthing Hall (novel, collaboration)1929Book
Festival at Farbridge (novel)1951Book
Figures in Modern Literature1924Collection
Fools and Philosophers (ed.)1925Collection
Found, Lost, Found; or the English Way of Life (novel)1976Book
Four English Biographies (ed.)1960Collection
Four English Novels (ed.)1960Collection
George Meredith1926Essay
Going Up1950Short Story
His Diary: I’m Managing Director of Me1932Essay
Home Is Tomorrow1949
How They Are at Home?1944
I for One (essays)1923Collectionhttp://www.archive.org/stream/iforonejbp00prieuoft#page/n5/mode/2up

I Have Been Here Before (play)1937Play
I’ll Tell You Everything (novel, collaboration)1932Book
I’ve Been to America1931Essay
I’ve Never Been to America1927Essay
Instead of the Trees1977
It’s a Grand Alliance1951Essay
It’s an Old Country (novel)1967Book
J.B. Priestley1926
Jamaica Inn (screenplay)1939Play
Jenny Villiers (novel)1947Book
Johnson over Jordan1939Short Story
Johnson over Jordan (play)1939Play
Journey Down a Rainbow1955
Laburnum Grove: An Immoral Comedy in Three Acts (play)1933Play
Last Holiday (screenplay)1950Play
Let the People Sing (novel)1939Book
Literature and Western Man1960Essay
Lost Empires (novel)1965Book
Low Notes on a High Level (novel)1954Book
Man and Time1964Essay
Margin Released (autobiography)1962Book
Midnight on the Desert1937
Mother’s Day1953
Music at Night (play)1947Play
Musical Delights1984
Mystery at Greenfingers (play)1937Play
Open House1927Essay
Our Nation’s Heritage (ed.)1939Collection
Out of the People1941
Outcries and Asides1974
Over the Long High Wall1972
Papers from Lilliput (essays)1922Collectionhttp://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924013214535#page/n5/mode/2up

Particular Pleasures1975
People at Sea (play)1937Play
Private Rooms1953
Rain upon Godshill1939
Rainbow in the Desert1939Essay
Remember the Robinsons1940Essay
Russian Journey1946
Salt Is Leaving (novel)1961Book
Saturn over the Water (novel)1961Book
Seeing Stratford1982
Self-Selected Essays1932Collection
Sing as We Go (screenplay)1934Play
Sir Michael and Sir George (novel)1964Book
Snoggle (children)1971Book
Spring Tide1936
Summer Day’s Dream1950
Take the Fool Away (play)1956Play
Talking: An Essay1926Essay
The Art of the Dramatist1957Essay
The Arts under Socialism1947Essay
The Balconninny1921Essay
The Balconninny and Other Essays1921Collection
The Book of Bodley Head Verse (ed.)1926Collection
The Carfitt Crisis1975Short Story
The Carfitt Crisis and Two Other Stories1975Collection
The Chapman of Rhymes1918
The Curtain Rises1951Short Story
The Doomsday Men (novel)1937Book
The Edwardians1970Essay
The English1973Essay
The English Comic Characters1925Essay
The English Novel1927Essay
The Future of the Writer1954Essay
The Glass Cage (play)1957Play
The Golden Fleece1948
The Good Companions (novel)1929Book
The Good Companions (play)1931Play
The Grey Ones (novella)1953Book
The High Toby1948
The Image Men Vol. 1: Out of Town (novel)1968Book
The Image Men Vol. 2: London End (novel)1968Book
The Linden Tree (play)1947Play
The Long Mirror1947
The Magicians (novel)1954Book
The Moments and Other Pieces1966Collection
The Olympians (libretto)1949Play
The Other Place (novella)1953Short Story
The Other Place and Other Stories of the Same Sort1952Collection
The Priestley Companion1951Collection
The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency, 1811-18201969Book
The Real Englishman1940Essay
The Rose and Crown (teleplay)1947Play
The Scandalous Affair of Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon (play)1956Play
The Shapes of Sleep (novel)1962Book
The Story of Theatre1959Book
The Strange Girl1953Short Story
The Thirty-First of June (novel)1961Book
The Thirty-First of June (play)1957Play
The Town Mayor of Miraucourt1930Short Story
The Wonder of the Desert1952Essay
The World of J.B. Priestley1967Collection
Theatre Outlook1947Essay
These Our Actors (play)1956Play
They Came to a City (play)1943Play
They Walk in the City (novel)1936Book
Thomas Love Peacock1927Essay
Thought in the Wilderness1957
Three Men in New Suits (novel)1945Book
Time and the Conways (play)1937Play
Too Many People1928
Treasure on Pelican1953
Trumpets over the Sea1968
Try it Again (play)1953Play
Uncle Phil on TV1953Short Story
Unemotional England1939Essay
Victoria’s Heyday1972
What a Life!1931Short Story
When We Are Married (play)1938Play
Why I Choose This Story1967Essay
William Hazlitt1960Essay
Wonder Hero (novel)1933Book
Writings of J.B. Priestley1951Collection


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