0973 Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen

A Christmas Sonata (children)1992Book
A Guide for Using Hatchet in the Classroom1994Book
Alida’s Song (children)1999Book
All Aboard: Stories from Big Books1998Book
Amos and the Alien (children)1994Book
Amos and the Chameleon Caper (children)1996Book
Amos and the Vampire (children)1996Book
Amos Binder, Secret Agent (children)1997Book
Amos Gets Famous (children)1993Book
Amos Gets Married (children)1995Book
Amos Goes Bananas (children)1995Book
Amos’ Killer Concert Caper (children)1994Book
Athletics: Focus on Sport1980Book
Beat the System: A Survival Guide1982Book
Brian’s Hunt (children)2003Book
Brian’s Return/Hatchet: The Call (children)1999Book
Brian’s Winter/Hatchet: Winter (children)1996Book
C.B. Jockey (children)1977Book
Call Me Francis Tucket (children)1995Book
Campkill (children)1981Book
Canoe Days (children)1999Book
Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting1979Book
Canyons (children)1990Book
Captive! (children)1995Book
Careers in an Airport1977Book
Caught by the Sea: My Life on Boats2001Book
Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass (children)1992Book
Clutterkill (children)1982Book
Coach Amos (children)1994Book
Communications (play)1974Play
Compkill (children)1981Book
Cowpokes and Desperadoes (children)1994Book
Culpepper’s Cannon (children)1992Book
Curse of the Ruins (children)1998Book
Dancing Carl (children)1983Book
Danger on Midnight River (children)1995Book
Dogsong (children)1985Book
Dogteam (children)1993Book
Downhill, Hotdogging and Cross-Country1979Book
Dribbling, Shooting and Scoring1976Book
Dunc and Amos and the Red Tattoos (children)1993Book
Dunc and Amos Go to the Dogs (children)1996Book
Dunc and Amos Hit the Big Top (children)1993Book
Dunc and Amos Meet the Slasher (children)1994Book
Dunc and Amos on Thin Ice (children)1997Book
Dunc and the Flaming Ghost (children)1992Book
Dunc and the Greased Sticks of Doom (children)1994Book
Dunc and the Haunted Castle (children)1993Book
Dunc and the Scam Artists (children)1993Book
Dunc Breaks the Record (children)1992Book
Dunc Gets Tweaked (children)1992Book
Dunc’s Doll (children)1992Book
Dunc’s Dump (children)1993Book
Dunc’s Halloween (children)1992Book
Dunc’s Undercover Christmas (children)1993Book
Eastern Sun, Winter Moon1993Book
Escape from Fire Mountain (children)1995Book
Facing Off, Checking and Goaltending1979Book
Farm: A History and Celebration of the American Farmer1977Book
Father Water, Mother Woods: Essays on Fishing and Hunting ...1994Collection
Flight of the Hawk (children)1998Book
Forehanding and Backhanding1978Book
Foxman (children)1977Book
Full of Hot Air: Launching, Floating High, And Landing1993Book
Going Very Fast in a Circle-If You Don’t Run Out of Gas1979Book
Grizzly (children)1997Book
Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books2001Book
Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered (children)1993Book
Hatchet (children)1987Book
Hiking and Backpacking1978Book
Hitting, Pitching and Running1976Book
Hook ’Em Snotty! (children)1995Book
How Angel Peterson Got His Name2003Book
Ice Hockey: Focus on Sport1980Book
Ice Race (children)1997Book
Kill Fee (children)1990Book
Launching, Floating High and Landing1979Book
Lawn Boy (children)2007Book
Lawn Boy Returns (children)2010Book
Liar, Liar2011Book
Martin Luther King: The Man Who Climbed the Mountain1976Book
Masters of Disaster (children)2010Book
Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day (children)2004Book
Money-Saving Home Repair Guide1981Book
Motor Cycling: Focus on Sport1980Book
Motor Racing: Focus on Sport1980Book
Mr. Tucket/Chance for Escape (children)1968Book
Mudshark (children)2009Book
Murphy (children)1987Book
Murphy’s Ambush (children)1995Book
Murphy’s Gold (children)1988Book
Murphy’s Herd (children)1989Book
Murphy’s Stand (children)1993Book
Murphy’s Trail (children)1996Book
Murphy’s War (children)1990Book
My Life in Dog Years1998Book
Night Rituals (children)1989Book
Nightjohn (children)1993Book
Notes from the Dog (children)2009Book
Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride: A Memoir of Men and Motorcycles1997Book
Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights (children)1983Book
Prince Amos (children)1994Book
Project - A Perfect World/Perfect Danger (children)1996Book
Pummeling, Falling and Getting Up-Sometimes1979Book
Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers1996Book
Riding, Roping and Bulldogging1977Book
Rock Jockeys (children)1995Book
Rodomonte’s Revenge (children)1994Book
Running, Jumping and Throwing1978Book
Sailing: From Jibs to Jibing1981Book
Sentries (children)1986Book
Sisters /Hermanas (children)1993Book
Skiing: Focus on Sport1980Book
Skydive! (children)1996Book
Soldier’s Heart (children)1998Book
Some Birds Don’t Fly (children)1968Book
Successful Home Repair: When Not to Call the Contractor1978Book
Super Amos (children)1997Book
T.V. and Movie Animals1980Book
Tackling, Running and Kicking1977Book
Tennis: Focus on Sport1980Book
The Amazing Life of Birds ... (children)2006Book
The Beet Fields (children)2000Book
The Boy Who Owned the School (children)1990Book
The Building a New ... Comprehensive Home and Shelter Book1976Book
The C.B. Radio Caper (children)1977Book
The Captive1967Short Story
The Car (children)1994Book
The Case of the Dirty Bird (children)1992Book
The Cookcamp (children)1991Book
The Creature of Black Water Lake (children)1997Book
The Crossing (children)1987Book
The Curse of the Cobra (children)1977Book
The Death Specialists (children)1976Book
The Foxman (children)1977Book
The Glass Cafe (children)2003Book
The Golden Stick (children)1977Book
The Gorgon Slayer (children)1995Book
The Grass-Eaters: Real Animals1976Book
The Green Recruit (children)1978Book
The Gunfoot1967Short Story
The Haymeadow/The Fourteenth Summer (children)1992Book
The Implosion Effect (children)1976Book
The Island (children)1988Book
The Legend of Bass Reeves (children)2006Book
The Legend of Red Horse Cavern (children)1994Book
The Madonna Stories1988Collection
The Monument (children)1991Book
The Night the White Deer Died (children)1990Book
The Quilt (children)2004Book
The Rifle (children)1995Book
The River/Hatchet: The Return (children)1991Book
The Rock Jockeys/Devil’s Wall (children)1995Book
The Schernoff Discoveries (children)1997Book
The Seventh Crystal (children)1996Book
The Small Ones1976Book
The Special War (children)1966Book
The Spitball Gang (children)1980Book
The Sweeper (children)1981Book
The Tent (children)1995Book
The Time Hackers (children)2005Book
The Tortilla Factory (children)1995Book
The Transall Saga/Blue Light (children)1998Book
The Treasure of El Patron/Treasure Ship (children)1996Book
The Voyage of the Frog (children)1989Book
The White Fox Chronicles (children)2000Book
The Winter Room (children)1989Book
Thunder Valley (children)1998Book
Tiltawhirl John/Tasting the Thunder (children)1977Book
Time Benders (children)1997Book
Together-Apart (play)1976Play
Track, Enduro and Motocross1979Book
Tracker (children)1984Book
Tucket’s Gold (children)1999Book
Tucket’s Home (children)2000Book
Tucket’s Ride (children)1997Book
Wild Culpepper Cruise (children)1993Book
Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod1994Book
Winterkill (children)1977Book
Woods Runner (children)2010Book
Woodsong (children)1990Book
Worksong (children)1997Book
Zero to Sixty: A Motorcycle Journey through Midlife1999Book


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