0970 Katherine Paterson

Katherine Paterson

A Midnight Clear: Twelve Family Stories for the Christmas Season1995Collection
A Sense of Wonder: On Reading and Writing Books for Children1995Book
Angels & Other Strangers: Family Christmas Stories1979Collection
Blueberries for the Queen (picture book)2004Book
Bread and Roses, Too (children)2006Book
Bridge to Terabithia (children)1977Book
Bridge to Terabithia by Natalia Trauberg (translation)2003Book
Celia and the Sweet, Sweet Water (picture book)1998Book
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo (children)1985Book
Consider the Lilies: Plants of the Bible1986Book
Flip-Flop Girl (children)1994Book
Gates of Excellence: On Reading and Writing Books for Children1981Book
Images of GodBook
Jacob Have I Loved (children)1980Book
Jacob have I loved by Natalia Trauberg (translation)2001Book
Jip, His Story (children)1996Book
Lyddie (children)1991Book
Marvin One Too Many (children)2001Book
Marvin’s Best Christmas Present Ever (children)1997Book
Of Nightingales That Weep (children)1974Book
Park’s Quest (children)1988Book
Parzival: The Quest of the Grail Knight (children)1998Book
Preacher’s Boy (children)1999Book
Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom (children)1983Book
Star of Night: Stories for Christmas1980Collection
The Angel and the Donkey (picture book)1996Book
The Crane Wife by Sumiko Yagawa (translation) 1981Book
The Day of the Pelican (children)2009Book
The Field of the Dogs (children)2001Book
The Great Gilly Hopkins (children)1978Book
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Lur’e (translation)1982Book
The Invisible Child: On Reading and Writing Books for Children2001Book
The King’s Equal (picture book)1996Book
The Light of the World: The Life of Jesus for Children (picture book)Book
The Master Puppeteer (children)1975Book
The Same Stuff as Stars (children)2002Book
The Sign of the Chrysanthemum (children)1973Book
The Smallest Cow in the World (children)1991Book
The Spying Heart: More Thoughts on Reading and Writing Books ...1989Book
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks (picture book)1990Book
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow by Momoko Ishii (translation)1987Book
The Wide-Awake Princess (picture book)2000Book
Who Am I?1992Book


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