0954 Sydney Owenson

Sydney Owenson

Apathy (Thou, whom unknown)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X34
Canzona (Oh! should I fly from the world)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X32
Concrete (Go, balmy zephyr, softly breathe)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X17
Cupid Tipsy (Fairer than Alpine sunless snows)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X43
Dawn (There is a soft and fragrant hour)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X25
Dramatic Scenes from Real Life1833Collection
Effusion (Return, ye fairy dreams of promis’d joy)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X42
Fancy (Oh thou! who late with glowing fingers)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X13
Florence Macarthy (novel)1818Book
Health (Nymph of the mountain, blithsome maid)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X41
Here, Iris, Pr’ythee Take My Lyre1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X29
Home (Silent and sad, deserted and alone)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X18
Joy (Joy a fixt state, a tenure)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X37
L’Amant Mutin (Nay, if you threaten, all is over)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X19
L’Amante Furioso (Is this then the passion)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X28
La Rose Fletrie (Oh! return me the rose)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X02
Le Souhait Dangereux (Go, mind-created phantom, go)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X46
Life and Times of Salvator Rosa (novel)1823Book
Love’s Picture (Hither, Love, thy wild wing bend)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X39
Manor Sackville (play)1833Playhttp://www.letrs.indiana.edu/cgi-bin/eprosed/eprosed-idx?coll=eprosed;idno=P3.0481
O’Donnell: A National Tale (novel)1814Bookhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/ODonnel.html
Oh! No-I Live Not for the Throng1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X24
Passages from My Autobiography1859Bookhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/Autobiography_a.html
Patriotic Sketches and Metrical Fragments1807Collection
Sleep (Come, Sleep, thou transient)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X26
Spleen (Come, Apathy, and o’er me breathe thy spell)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X12
St. Clair (novel)1804Book
Temper (play)1833Playhttp://www.letrs.indiana.edu/cgi-bin/eprosed/eprosed-idx?coll=eprosed;idno=P3.0482
The Book of the Boudoir1829Book
The Book without a Name1841Book
The Boudoir (What need’st thou ask, or I reply?)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X10
The Bride (What form celestial greets my sight)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X44
The Butterfly (Child of a sun-beam, airy minion)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X47
The Castle Lies Low1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X16
The Drawing Room (When midst an idle, senseless, crowd)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X05
The Dream (And did you then so noiseless creep)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X06
The Easter Recess (play)1833Playhttp://www.letrs.indiana.edu/cgi-bin/eprosed/eprosed-idx?coll=eprosed;idno=P3.0483
The Irish Harp (Why sleeps the Harp of Erin’s pride?)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X01
The Irish Jig (Old Scotia’s jocund Highland Reel)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X35
The Lay of an Irish Harp; or Metrical Fragments (poems)1807Collectionhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html

The Minstrel Boy (Thy silent wing, oh Time!)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X30
The Missionary: An Indian Tale/Luxima, the Prophetess (novel)1811Book
The Mohawks: A Satirical Poem with Notes1822Poemhttp://digital.lib.ucdavis.edu/projects/bwrp/Works/MorgSMohaw.htm
The Musical Fly (To-day around my Harp I twin’d)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X15
The Nosegay (I saw the flow’rs, and guess’d for me)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X27
The Novice of St. Dominick (novel)1806Book
The O’Briens and the O’Flaherties (novel)1827Book
The Oath (By the first sigh that o’er thy lip did hover)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X38
The Picture (Dear shade of him)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X23
The Princess (novel)1835Book
The Sensitive Plant (Sweet timid trembling thing, no more)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X21
The Snow-Drop (Snowy gem of the earth)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X33
The Spanish Guitar (Neglected long, and wrapt in idle slumber)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X11
The Swan Quill (The quill that now traces)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X36
The Tomb (And must I, ghastly guest)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X40
The Violet (Oh! say, didst tHocaknow)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X08
The Wild Irish Girl: A National Tale (novel)1806Bookhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/TheWildIrishGirl.html
There Was a Day when Simply but to Be1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X07
To Louisa (How! Love, thus wrapt in soft repose)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X31
To Mrs. Browne (I love the warmth! the genial warmth)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X14
To Mrs. C-n-lle(Whilst over each lay thou didst)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X09
To Mrs. LeFanue (Oh why are not all those close ties)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X03
To-Morrow (Visions of fleeting pleasure, spare)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X20
Twilight (There is a mild, a solemn hour)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X22
Venus and Cupid (As Love’s delightful mother prest)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X48
Vive la Platonique! (If once again thou’dst have me love)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X04
Whim (Gay soul of every picquante charm)1807Poemhttp://www.sydneyowenson.com/IrishHarp.html#X45
Woman and Her Master1840Book


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