0948 John Osborne

John Osborne

A Better Class of Person (autobiography, vol. I)1981Book
A Better Class of Person (teleplay)1985Play
A Bond Honoured (play, adaptation)1966Play
A Patriot for Me (play)1965Play
A Place Calling Itself Rome (play)1973Play
A Sense of Detachment (play)1972Play
A Subject of Scandal and Concern (teleplay)1960Play
Almost a Gentleman (autobiography, vol. II)1991Book
Almost a Vision (teleplay)1976Play
Collected PlaysCollection
Damn You, England1994
Deja Vu (play)1992Play
Epitaph for George Dillon (play)1958Play
God Rot Tunbridge Wells (teleplay)1985Play
Hedda Gabler (play, adaptation)1972Play
Inadmissible Evidence (play)1964Play
John Osborne: Plays 1/Look Back in Anger and Other PlaysCollection
John Osborne: Plays 2Collection
John Osborne: Plays 3Collection
Look Back in Anger (play)1956Play
Luther (play)1961Play
Ms, or Jill and Jack (teleplay)1974Play
Osborne: 4 PlaysCollection
Personal Enemy (play)1955Play
Plays for England (play)1962Play
Plays for EnglandCollection
Simplicissimus, the German Adventurer (translation)2008Bookhttp://www.lib.utk.edu/newfoundpress/osborne/
The Blood of the Bambergs (play)1962Play
The Charge of the Light Brigade (screenplay)1968Play
The Devil Inside (play)1950Play
The End of Me Old Cigar (play)1975Play
The Entertainer (play)1957Play
The Father (play, adaptation)1989Play
The Gift of Friendship (teleplay)1972Play
The Great Bear (play)1951Play
The Hotel in Amsterdam (play)1968Play
The Picture of Dorian Gray (play, adaptation)1975Play
The Right Prospectus (teleplay)1970Play
The World of Paul Slickey (play)1959Play
The Writer in His Age1957Essay
Time Present (play)1968Play
Tom Jones (screenplay)1963Play
Try a Little Tenderness (play)1978Play
Under Plain Cover (play)1962Play
Very Like a Whale (teleplay)1980Play
Watch It Come Down (play)1976Play
West of Suez (play)1971Play
You’re Not Watching Me, Mummy (teleplay)1980Play


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