0925 Richard Bruce Nugent

Richard Bruce Nugent

Bastard Song (Since I am neither truly one, nor really true the other)Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Bastard%20Song%20Frameset.htm
Beyond Where the Stars Stood Still1945
Gentleman Jigger2002Short Story
Incest (I have seen the tense length of my mother’s lover)Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Incest%20Frameset.htm
Lunatique1944Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Lunatique%20Frameset.htm
My Love (My love has hair)1926Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/My%20Love%20Frameset.htm
Narcissus (-and as he gazed, there seemed to grow)1933Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Narcissus%20Frameset.htm
On Georgette Harvey1939Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Harvey%20Frameset.htm
On Gloria Swanson1939Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Gloria%20Swanson.htm
On Harlem1939Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/On%20Harlem.htm
Pattern for Future Dirges (That evening when I met you in the rain)1940Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Dirges%20Framset.htm
Pope Pius the Only1937Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Pope%20Pius%20the%20Only%20Frameset.htm
Sadhji1925Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Sahdji%20Frameset.htm
Shadow (Silhouette)1925Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Shadow%20Frameset.htm
Slender Length of Beauty1930Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Slender%20Length%20Frameset.htm
Smoke, Lilies and Jade1926Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Smoke%20Frameset.htm
The Now Discordant Song of Bells1930Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Bells%20Frameset.htm
Tunic with a Thousand Pleats1930Short Storyhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Tunic%20Frameset.htm
Who Asks This Thing? (I walk alone and lone must be)Poemhttp://www.brucenugent.com/Text%20Framesets/Who%20Asks%20Frameset.htm


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