0911 Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

A Spy among the Girls (children)2000Book
A Traitor among the Boys (children)1999Book
A Triangle Has Four Sides (short stories)1984Collection
Achingly Alice (children)1998Book
Alice Alone (children)2001Book
Alice in April (children)1993Book
Alice in Blunderland (children)2003Book
Alice in Charge (children)2010Book
Alice in Lace (children)1996Book
Alice in Rapture, Sort of (children)1989Book
Alice in the Know (children)2006Book
Alice in-Between (children)1994Book
Alice on Her Way (children)2005Book
Alice on the Outside (children)1999Book
Alice the Brave (children)1995Book
All Because I’m Older (children)1981Book
All but Alice (children)1992Book
Almost Alice (children)2008Book
Beetles, Lightly Toasted (children)Book
Being Danny’s Dog (children)Book
Bernie and the Bessledorf Ghost (children)1993Book
Bernie Magruder and the Bats in the Belfry (children)2003Book
Bernie Magruder and the Bus Station Blow-Up (children)1996Book
Bernie Magruder and the Case of the Big Stink (children)2001Book
Bernie Magruder and the Drive-Thru Funeral Parlor (children)1993Book
Bernie Magruder and the Haunted Hotel (children)1990Book
Bernie Magruder and the Parachute Peril (children)1999Book
Bernie Magruder and the Pirate’s Treasure (children)1999Book
Boys against Girls (children)1994Book
Boys in Control (children)2003Book
Boys Rock! (children)2005Book
Carlotta’s Kittens (children)2000Book
Crazy Love: An Autobiographical Account of Marriage and MadnessBook
Cuckoo Feathers (children)2006Book
Dangerously Alice (children)2007Book
Danny’s Desert Rats (children)1998Book
Dark Side of the Moon (short stories)1969Collection
Ducks Disappearing (children)1996Book
Eddie, Incorporated (children)1980Book
Faces in the Water (children)1981Book
Faith, Hope and Ivy June (children)Book
Footprints at the Window (children)1981Book
Girls Rule! (children)2004Book
Grasshoppers in the Soup (short stories)1965Collection
How I Came to Be a WriterEssay
How Lazy Can You Get? (children)1979Book
I Can’t Take You Anywhere! (children)1997Book
Ice (children)1995Book
Including Alice (children)2004Book
Incredibly Alice (children)2011Book
Intensely Alice (children)2009Book
Jade Green: A Ghost Story (children)1999Book
Keeping a Christmas Secret (children)1989Book
King of the Playground (children)1991Book
Knee Deep in Ice Cream (short stories)1967Collection
Lovingly Alice (children)2004Book
Meet Murdock (children)1969Book
Never Born a Hero (short stories)1982Collection
Night Cry (children)Book
Old Sadie and the Christmas Bear (children)1984Book
Outrageously Alice (children)1997Book
Patiently Alice (children)2003Book
Polo’s Mother (children)2005Book
Reluctantly Alice (children)1991Book
Roxie and the Hooligans (children)2006Book
Sang Spell (children)Book
Saving Shiloh (children)1997Book
Shadows on the Wall (children)1980Book
Shiloh (children)1991Book
Shiloh Season (children)1996Book
Ships in the Night (short stories)1970Collection
Simply Alice (children)2002Book
Starting with Alice (children)2002Book
Sweet Strawberries (children)1999Book
The Agony of Alice (children)1985Book
The Baby, the Bed and the Rose (children)1987Book
The Bodies in the Bessledorf Hotel (children)1986Book
The Boy with the Helium Head (children)1982Book
The Boys Return (children)2001Book
The Boys Start the War (children)1992Book
The Fear Place (children)Book
The Galloping Goat (children)Book
The Galloping Goat and Other Stories (short stories)1965Collection
The Girls Get Even (children)1993Book
The Girls Take Over (children)2002Book
The Girls’ Revenge (children)1998Book
The Grand Escape (children)1993Book
The Grooming of Alice (children)2000Book
The Healing of Texas Jake (children)1997Book
The Keeper (children)Book
The Mad Gasser of Bessledorf Street (children)1983Book
The Private I and Other Stories (short stories)1969Collection
The Witch Herself (children)1978Book
The Witch Returns (children)1992Book
The Witch’s Eye (children)1990Book
The Year of the Gopher (children)Book
Walker’s Crossing (children)1987Book
What the Gulls Were Singing (children)Book
Who Won the War? (children)2006Book
Witch Water (children)1977Book
Witch Weed (children)1991Book
Witch’s Sister (children)1975Book


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