0905 Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov

A Bad Day1924-35Short Story
A Busy Man1924-35Short Story
A Dashing Fellow1924-39Short Story
A Day Like Any Other1969Poem
A Discovery1969Poem
A Forgotten Poet1947Short Story
A Guide to Berlin1925Short Story
A Hero of Our Time (translation)1958Book
A Letter That Never Reached Russia1924-35Short Story
A Literary Dinner1969Poem
A Matter of Chance1924Short Story
A Nursery Tale1926Short Story
A Russian Beauty1924-39Short Story
A Russian Beauty and Other Stories1973Collection
A Slice of Life1924-35Short Story
A Song of Igor’s Campaign (translation)1960Poem
Ada1969Short Story
Ada; or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (novel)1969Bookhttp://www.ada.auckland.ac.nz/
An Affair of Honor1924-39Short Story
An Almanac: Two Paths/Al’manakh: Dva Puti (poems)1918Collection
An Evening of Russian Poetry1969Poem
An Unfinished Draft1969Poem
At Sunset1969Poem
Bachmann1924Short Story
Bend Sinister (novel)1947Book
Beneficence1924-39Short Story
Breaking the News1924-39Short Story
Carrousel (two essays and a poem)1987Collection
Christmas1924-35Short Story
Cloud, Castle, Lake (short stories)1958Collection
Cloud, Castle, Lake (translation)1947Short Story
Colette1948Short Story
Conclusive Evidence/Speak, Memory: A Memoir1951Book
Correspondence with the Sister/Perepiska s Sestroi1984Collection
Dear Bunny, Dear Volodya: The Nabokov-Wilson Letters, 1940-19712001Collection
Details of a Sunset1924Short Story
Details of a Sunset and Other Stories1976Collection
Double Talk/Conversation Piece, 19451947Short Story
Evening on Vacant Lot1969Poem
First Love1940-59Short Story
For Happiness the Lovers Cannot Sleep1969Poem
From the Gray North1969Poem
Gods1924-39Short Story
Hotel Room1969Poem
How I Love You1969Poem
I Like That Mountain1969Poem
I Still Keep Mute1969Poem
In Memory of L.I. Shigaev1924-39Short Story
In Paradise1969Poem
Introduction to Bend Sinister1947Essay
Invitation to a Beheading/Priglasheniye Na Kazn1936Book
Irregular Iambics1969Poem
Istreblenie Tiranov1989
King, Queen, Knave/Korol-Dama-Valet1928Book
L’Inconnue de la Sein1969Poem
La Bonne Lorrain1969Poem
La Veneziana1924-39Short Story
Lance1958Short Story
Laughter and Dreams1987Essay
Laughter in the Dark/Camera Obscura1933Book
Lectures on Don Quixote1983Collection
Lectures on Literature1980Collection
Lectures on Russian Literature1981Collection
Lectures on Ulysses1980Collection
Lik1924-39Short Story
Lines Written in Oregon1969Poem
Lips to Lips1931Short Story
Lolita (novel)1955Book
Lolita: A Screenplay1961Play
Look at the Harlequins! (novel)1974Book
Mademoiselle O1936Short Story
Music1924-39Short Story
Nabokov’s Butterflies: Unpublished and Uncollected Writings2000Collection
Nabokov’s Congeries/Portable Nabokov (short stories, essays, poems)1968Collection
Nabokov’s Dozen: A Collection of Thirteen Stories/Vesna v Fial’te1958Collection
Nabokov’s Quartet (short stories)1966Collection
Natasha2008Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2008/06/09/080609fi_fiction_nabokov
Nikolai Gogol (biography/criticism)1944Book
Nine Stories1947Collection
No Matter How1969Poem
Notes on Prosody1963Book
Novels and Memoirs, 1941-19511996Collection
Novels, 1955-19621996Collection
Novels, 1969-19741996Collection
Ode to a Model1969Poem
On a Book Entitled Lolita1955Essay
On Romanticism: The Art of the DuelEssay
On Rulers1969Poem
On Translating Eugene Onegin1969Poem
Orache1924-35Short Story
Other Shores/Drugie Berega (autobiography)1954Book
Painted Wood1987Essay
Pale Fire (novel)1962Book
Perfection1924-39Short Story
Pnin (novel)1957Book
Poems and Problems1969Collection
Poems/Stikhotvoreniia, 1929-511952Collection
Razor1926Short Story
Recruiting1924-39Short Story
Reply to My CriticsEssay
Revenge1924-39Short Story
Russian Spoken Here1924-39Short Story
Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster1958Short Story
Selected Letters, 1940-771989Collection
Signs and Symbols1946Short Storyhttp://www.angelynngrant.com/nabokov.html
Sobranie Sochinenii1990-95Collection
Soft Sound1969Poem
Solus Rex1924-39Short Story
Sounds1924-39Short Story
Speak Memory: An Autobiography Revisited1967Book
Spring in Fialta1936Short Story
Spring in Fialta and Other Stories/Vesna v Fial’te i drugie rasskazy1956Collection
Strong Opinions (interviews, reviews, letters to editors)1973Collection
Terra Incognita1931Short Story
Terror1924-39Short Story
That in Aleppo Once1947Short Story
The (Collected) Stories of Vladimir Nabokov1995Collection
The (Luzhin) Defense/Zashchita Luzina1930Book
The Admiralty Spire1924-39Short Story
The Annotated Lolita1970Book
The Assistant Producer1947Short Story
The Aurelian1930Short Storyhttp://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1941/11/the-aurelian/6224/
The Ballad of Longwood Glen1969Poem
The Blazon1969Poem
The Christmas Story1924-39Short Story
The Circle1924-39Short Story
The Cluster/Grozd (poems)1922Collection
The Doorbell1924-35Short Story
The Dragon1924-39Short Story
The Dream1969Poem
The Empyrean Path/Gornii Put’ (poems)1923Collection
The Enchanter/Volshebnik (unpublished novella)1939Book
The Execution1969Poem
The Eye/Sogliadatai (short stories)1938Collection
The Eye/Soglyadataj (novella)1930Book
The Fight1924-39Short Story
The Formula1969Poem
The Gift/Dar1937-38Book
The Government Specter1944Essay
The Leonardo1933Short Story
The Madman1969Poem
The Man from the USSR (play)Play
The Man from the USSR and Other Plays1984Collection
The Mother1969Poem
The Muse1969Poem
The Nabokov-Wilson Letters, 1940-19711979Collection
The Neartic Members of the Genus Lycaeides Hubner1949Essay
The Original of Laura (unfinished novel)1977Book
The Paris Poem1969Poem
The Passenger1924-35Short Story
The Poem1969Poem
The Poets1969Poem
The Poplar1969Poem
The Potato Elf1929Short Story
The Rain Has Flown1969Poem
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (novel)1941Book
The Refrigerator Awakes1969Poem
The Return of Chorb1925Short Story
The Return of Chorb/Vozvrashchenie Chorba (short stories and poems)1929Collection
The Reunion1924-35Short Story
The Room1969Poem
The Russian Song1987Poem
The Seaport1924-39Short Story
The Snapshot1969Poem
The Thunderstorm1924-35Short Story
The Vane Sisters1951Short Story
The Visit to the Museum1924-39Short Story
The Waltz Invention/Izobretenie Val’sa (play)1938Play
The Wood-Sprite1924-39Short Story
The Word2005Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/archive/2005/12/26/051226fi_fiction2
Three Russian Poets: Pushkin, Lermontov and Tyutchev (translations)1944Collection
Time and Ebb1947Short Story
To Liberty1969Poem
To Prince S.M. Kachurin1969Poem
To Russia1969Poem
Torpid Smoke1924-39Short Story
Transparent Things (novella)1972Book
Tyrants Destroyed1924-39Short Story
Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories1975Collection
Ultima Thule1924-39Short Story
Vasiliy Shishkov1924-39Short Story
Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters, 1940-19771989Collection
Voluptates Tactionum1969Poem
We So Firmly Beheved1969Poem
What Happened Overnight1969Poem
What Is the Evil Deed1969Poem
Wingstroke1924-39Short Story


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