0852 Steven Millhauser

Steven Millhauser

A Change in Fashion2006Short Story
A Day in the Country1986Short Story
A Game of Clue1990Short Story
A Precursor of the Cinema2004Short Story
A Protest against the Sun1981Short Story
A Visit1997Short Story
Alice, Falling1990Short Story
An Adventure of Don Juan2003Short Story
August Eschenburg1986Short Story
Balloon Flight, 18701997Short Story
Behind the Blue Curtain1990Short Story
Beneath the Cellars of Our Town1998Short Story
Cat ’n’ Mouse2004Short Story
Catalogue of the Exhibition: The Art of Edmund Moorash, 1810-18461991Short Story
Cathay1984Short Story
Clair de Lune1998Short Story
Dangerous Laughter2003Short Story
Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories2008Collection
Edwin Mullhouse (novel)1972Book
Eisenheim the Illusionist/The Illusionist1989Short Story
Enchanted Night1999Short Story
Enchanted Night (short stories)1999CollectionExcerpts:
Flying Carpets1997Short Story
From the Realm of Morpheus (novel)1986Book
Here at the Historical Society2008Short Story
History of a Disturbance2007Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2007/03/05/070305fi_fiction_millhauser
In the Penny Arcade1984Short Story
In the Penny Arcade (short stories)1986Collection
In the Reign of Harad IV2006Short Story
Kaspar Hauser Speaks1998Short Story
Klassik Komix #11990Short Story
Little Kingdoms (short stories)1993Collection
Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer (novel)1997Book
Paradise Park1993Short Story
Portrait of a Romantic (novel)1977Book
Rain1988Short Story
Revenge2001Short Story
Snowmen1984Short Story
The Barnum Museum1990Short Story
The Barnum Museum (short stories)1990Collection
The Disappearance of Elaine Coleman1999Short Story
The Dome2006Short Story
The Dream of the Consortium1993Short Story
The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad1990Short Story
The Invasion from Outer Space2009Short Story
The Invention of Robert Herendeen1990Short Story
The King in the Tree2003Short Story
The King in the Tree (short stories)2003Collection
The Knife Thrower1997Short Story
The Knife Thrower and Other Stories (short stories)1998Collection
The Little Kingdom of J. Franklin Payne1993Short Story
The New Automaton Theatre1998Short Story
The Other Town2006Short Story
The Princess, the Dwarf and the Dungeon1993Short Story
The Room in the Attic2004Short Story
The Sepia Postcard1990Short Story
The Sisterhood of Night1994Short Story
The Sledding Party1982Short Story
The Tower2007Short Story
The Way Out1991Short Story
The Wizard of West Orange2007Short Story


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