0834 Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry

A Heroine of the Prairies2001Essay
All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers (novel)1972Book
Anything for Billy1988
Books: A Memoir2008Book
Boone’s Lick (novel)2000Book
Boone’s Lick (screenplay)2010Play
Brokeback Mountain (screenplay)2005Play
Buffalo Girls (novel)1990Book
Buffalo Girls (teleplay)1995Play
By Sorrow’s River (novel)2003Book
Cadillac Jack1982
Chopping Down the Sacred Tree2001Essay
Comanche Moon (novel)1997Book
Cookie Pioneers2001Essay
Crazy Horse1999
Dead Man’s Walk (novel)1995Book
Desert Rose1983
Duane’s Depressed (novel)1999Book
Dunlup Crashes In1975Short Story
Falling from Grace (screenplay, director)1992Play
Film Flam1987
Folly and Glory (novel)2004Book
Horseman, Pass By (novel)1961Book
Hud (screenplay)Play
In a Narrow Grave1968
Inventing the West2001Essay
It’s Always We Rambled1974Essay
Janet Lewis2001Essay
Johnson County War (teleplay, series)2002Play
Leaving Cheyenne (novel)1963Book
Literary Life, A Second Memoir2009Book
Lonesome Dove (novel)1985Book
Loop Group (novel)2005Book
Lovin’ Molly (screenplay)1974Play
Memphis (teleplay)1992Play
Montana (teleplay)1990Play
Moving On (novel)1970Book
Oh What a Slaughter!2005
Old Misery2001Essay
Powell of the Colorado2001Essay
Pretty Boy Floyd (screenplay)1994Play
Rhino Ranch (novel)2009Book
Roads: Driving America’s Great Highways2000Book
Sacagawea’s Nickname2001Essay
Sacagawea’s Nickname (essays)2001Collection
Sin Killer (novel)2002Book
Some Can Whistle (novel)1989Book
Somebody’s Darling (novel)1978Book
Still Wild: A Collection of Western Stories1999Collection
Streets of Laredo (novel)1993Book
Telegraph Days (novel)2006Book
Terms of Endearment (novel)1975Book
Texasville1987Short Story
Texasville (novel)Book
Texasville (screenplay)1987Play
The American Epic2001Essay
The Colonel and Little Missie: Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley & the ...2005Collection
The Evening Star (novel)1992Book
The Last Picture Show (novel)1966Book
The Late Child1995
The Murder of Mary Phagan (teleplay)1988Play
The Wandering Hill (novel)2003Book
The West without Chili2001Essay
Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen1999
When the Light Goes (novel)2007Book
Zeke and Ned (screenplay)1997Play


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