0828 Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers

A Child’s View of Christmas1961Essay
A Domestic Dilemma1941Short Storyhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/DomesticDilemma.html
A Hospital Christmas Eve1967Short Story
A Note from the Author1963Essay
A Personal Preface to the Square Root of Wonderful1958Essay
A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud1942Short Story
Art and Mr. Mahoney1949Short Story
Author’s Note1961Essay
Books I Remember1941Essay
Brooklyn Is My Neighborhood1941Essay
Clock Without Hands (novel)1961Book
Home for Christmas1949Short Story
How I Began to Write1948Essay
Illumination and Night Glare (autobiography)1999Book
Isak Dinesen: In Praise of Radience1963Essay
Loneliness: An American Malady1949Essay
Look Homeward, Americans1940Essay
Love’s Not Time’s Fool (signed by a War Wife)1943Essay
Madame Zilensky and the King of Finland1941Short Story
Night Watch over Freedom1941Essay
Our Heads Are Bowed1945Essay
Playwright Tells of Pangs1957Essay
Reflections in a Golden Eye (novel)1940Book
Saraband (Select your sorrows if you can)1971Poemhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/poetry.htm#saraband
Stone Is Not Stone (There was a time when stone was stone)1971Poemhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/poetry.htm#stone
Sucker1963Short Story
Sweet as a Pickle and Clean as a Pig (poems)1964Collection
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe (novella)1951Short Story
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe (short stories)1951Collection
The Dark Brilliance of Edward Albee1963Essay
The Devil’s Idlers (review)1941Essay
The Discovery of Christmas1953Essay
The Dual Angel: A Meditation on Origin and Choice (Angel disarmed)1971Poemhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/poetry.htm#angel
The Flowering Dream: Notes of Writing1959Essayhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/html/flowering.html
The Haunted Boy1955Short Story
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (novel)1940Book
The Jockey1941Short Story
The March1967Short Story
The Member of the Wedding (novel)1946Book
The Mortgaged Heart (misc. writings)1971Collection
The Mortgaged Heart (The dead demand a double vision. A furthered)1971Poemhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/poetry.htm#mortgage
The Pestle1953Short Story
The Russian Realists and Southern Literature1941Essay
The Sojourner1950Short Storyhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/TheSojourner.html
The Square Root of Wonderful (play)1958Play
The Vision Shared1950Essay
To Bear the Truth Alone1961Essay
We Carried Our Banners - We Were Pacifists, Too1941Essay
When We Are Lost (When we are lost what image tells?)1971Poemhttp://www.carson-mccullers.com/mccullers/poetry.htm#lost
Who Has Seen the Wind?1956Essay
Wunderkind1936Short Story


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