0802 Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann

A Gleam1904Short Story
A Man and His Dog/Herr und Hund; Gesang vom Kindchen (novella)1918Book
A Sketch of My Life/Lebensabrib1930Essay
A Weary Hour1905
Addresses Delivered at the Library of Congress1963Oration
At the Prophet’s1904
Bilse und Ich1908
Buddenbrooks/Buddenbrooks-Verfall einer Familie (novel)1901Book
Children & Fools1928
Complete Works/Gesammelte Werke1974Collection
Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man (unfinished novel)1954Book
Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories1930Collection
Death in Venice/Der Tod in Venedig (novella)1912Bookhttp://white.prohosting.com/mdoege/div/Death%20in%20Venice.html
Disorder and Early Sorrow/Unordnung und fruhes Leid1925
Doctor Faustus/Doktor Faustus (novel)1947Book
Essays of Three Decades1947Collection
Felix Krull/Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull1911Short Story
Fiorenza (play)1904Play
Frederick and the Great Coalition/Friedrich und die grobe Koalition1915
Freud, Goethe, Wagner1937
Gladius Dei1902
Goethe und Tolstoi: Zum Problem der Humanitat1932Essay
Is World Security Possible?1944Oration
Joseph and His Brothers/Joseph und seine Bruder (short stories)1933-43Collection
Joseph in Egypt/Joseph in Agypten1936Short Story
Joseph the Provider/Joseph, der Ernahrer1943Short Story
Last Essays1959Collection
Letters of Thomas Mann/Briefe, 1899-19551961-65Collection
Listen, Germany!/Deutsche Horer!1943Book
Little Herr Friedemann1896Short Story
Little Lizzy1897
Lotte in Weimar: The Beloved Returns (novel)1939Book
Loulou1921Short Storyhttp://etext.lib.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/ManLoul.html
Mario and the Magician/Mario und der Zauberer (novella)1929Book
Michelangelo in His Poems/Michelangelo in Seinen Dichtungen1950
Mose/Das Gesetz, Erzahlung, Auftragswerk (novella)1944Book
New Studies/Neue Studien1948Collection
Nobel Autobiographical Sketch1929Essayhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1929/mann-autobio.html
Nobel Banquet Speech1929Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1929/mann-speech.html
Occult Experiences/Okkulte Erlebnisse1924
Parisian Accountability/Pariser Rechenschaft1926
Past Masters and Other Essays1933Collection
Questions and Answers/Rede und Antwort1922
Railway Accident1907
Reflections of an Unpolitical Man/Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen1918Essay
Royal Highness/Konigliche Hoheit (novel)1909Book
Stories of Three Decades1936Collection
Suffering and Size of the Master/Leiden und Grosse der Meister1935
Suffering from Germany/Leiden an Deutschland1946Essay
The Black Swan/Die Betrogene: Erzahlung (novella)1954Book
The Blood of the Walsungs/Walsungenblut (novella)1905Book
The Call of the Day/Die Forderung des Tages1930
The Child Prodigy/Das Wunderkind (novella)1903Book
The Clown/Der Bajazzo1897Short Story
The Coming Victory of Democracy1938Book
The Dilettante1897
The Fight between Jappe and the Do Escobar1911
The German Republic/Von deutscher Republik1922Essay
The Holy Sinner/Der Erwahlte (novel)1951Book
The Hungry1902Short Story
The Letters of Thomas Mann1970Collection
The Magic Mountain/Der Zauberberg (novel)1924Book
The Majesty of the LawShort Story
The Nobility of the Spirit/Adel des Geistes1945
The Problem of Freedom/Das Problem der Freiheit1937Essay
The Road to the Churchyard/Der Weg zum Friedhof1900
The Story of a Novel: The Genesis of Doctor Faustus1949Essay
The Tables of the Law/Das Gesetz: Erzahlung1944Short Story
The Tales of Jacob/Die Geschichten Jaakobs1933Short Story
The Transposed Heads/Die vertauschten Kopfe (novella)1940Book
The Transposed Heads: A Legend of India/Die Vertauschten Kopfe1940Short Story
The Two Fine Gentlemen1943Short Story
The Wardrobe/Der Kleiderschrank1899
The Young Joseph/Der junge Joseph1934Short Story
This Peace/Dieser Friede1938Essay
This War/Dieser Krieg1940Essay
Three Essays1929Collection
Tobias Mindernickel1897
Tonio Kroger (novella)1903Book
Tristan (novella)1903Book


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