0798 Bernard Malamud

Bernard Malamud

A Choice of Profession1963Short Story
A Confession of Murder1952Short Story
A Lost Grave1985Short Story
A Malamud Reader1967Collection
A New Life (novel)1961Book
A Pimp’s Revenge1968Short Story
A Summer’s Reading1956Short Story
A Wig1980Short Story
Abhorrent Green Slippery City1977Short Story
Alma Redeemed1984Short Story
An Apology1957Short Story
An Exorcism1968Short Story
Angel Levine1955Short Story
Armistice1940Short Story
Behold the Key1958Short Story
Benefit Performance1943Short Story
Black Is My Favorite Color1963Short Story
Dubin’s Lives (novel)1979Book
Glass Blower of Venice1968Short Story
God’s Grace (novel)1982Book
God’s Wrath1972Short Story
Idiots First1961Short Story
Idiots First (short stories)1963Collection
In Kew Gardens1985Short Story
In Retirement1973Short Story
Life Is Better than Death1963Short Story
Man in the Drawer1968Short Story
My Son the Murderer1968Short Story
Naked Nude1963Short Story
Notes from a Lady at a Dinner Party1973Short Story
Pictures of Fidelman (short stories)1969Collection
Pictures of the Artist1968Short Story
Rembrandt’s Hat1973Short Story
Rembrandt’s Hat (short stories)1973Collection
Riding Pants1953Short Story
Spring Rain1942Short Story
Steady Customer1943Short Story
Still Life1962Short Story
Suppose a Wedding1963Short Story
Take Pity1956Short Story
Talking Horse1972Short Story
Talking Horse: Bernard Malamud on Life and Work (essays)1996Collection
Thanks for Nothing1961Short Story
The Assistant (novel)1957Book
The Bill1951Short Story
The Complete Stories1997Collection
The Cost of Living1950Short Story
The Death of Me1951Short Story
The Elevator1989Short Story
The First Seven Years1950Short Story
The Fixer (novel)1966Book
The Flood1982Short Story
The German Refugee1963Short Story
The Girl of My Dreams1953Short Story
The Grocery Store1943Short Story
The Jewbird1963Short Story
The Lady of the Lake1958Short Story
The Last Mohican1958Short Story
The Letter1972Short Story
The Literary Life of Laban Goldman1943Short Story
The Loan1952Short Story
The Magic Barrel1954Short Story
The Magic Barrel (short stories)1958Collection
The Maid’s Shoes1959Short Story
The Model1983Short Story
The Mourners1955Short Story
The Natural (novel)1952Book
The People (unfinished novel)Book
The People and Uncollected Stories Farrar1989Collection
The Place Is Different Now1943Short Story
The Prison1950Short Story
The Refugee1963Short Story
The Silver Crown1972Short Story
The Stories of Bernard Malamud1983Collection
The Tenants (novel)1971Book
Two Fables (short stories)1978Collection
Zora’s Noise1985Short Story


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